Worth a Look: Book Reviews on Evil

00 Remixed Review Lists, Atrocities & Genocide, Banks, Fed, Money, & Concentrated Wealth, Capitalism (Good & Bad), Censorship & Denial of Access, Corruption, Crime (Corporate), Crime (Government), Culture, Research, Power (Pathologies & Utilization), Worth A Look


Review: The Lucifer Principle–A Scientific Expedition into the Forces of History (Paperback)

Review: The Manufacture of Evil–Ethics, Evolution and the Industrial System

Review: The Marketing of Evil–How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised As Freedom (Hardcover)

Review: War, Evil, and the End of History

NOTE:  There are enormous amounts of evil depicted across all of the lists in the negative master list.  This just focuses on the few that have evil (or Lucifer) in the title.

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