Worth a Look: 1989 All-Source Fusion Analytic Workstation–The Four Requirements Documents

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The software chapter in Book: INTELLIGENCE FOR EARTH–Chapter 22 Technical Intelligence Enablers Loaded is being doubled up as our smarter colleagues churn it around, it will probably be extended several pages and have more linked references.

Here are the four requirements documents for the all-source fusion analytic workstation converging in 1989–we do not have this today because no one has ever tried to manage the US Government's approach to IT–distributed chaos and centralized ignorance just will not do.

1989 Webb (US) CATALYST: Computer-Aided Tools for the Analysis of Science & Technology

Reference 1989 Analyst 2000

1988 Generic Intelligence Center Production Requirements

Reference: 1989 USMC Work-Up for JNIDS VI All-Source Fusion Analytic Workstation

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