Reference: Innovation From, By, and For Africa

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Jerri Chou

Jerri Chou

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Posted: December 10, 2010 12:39 PM

Innovation From, By and For Africa

Collaboration is never easy, particularly when dealing with complex issues like development. So imagine an attempt at galvanizing an entire continent to collaborate for societal change and innovation and the task seems daunting, difficult, if not impossible. Well turns out it’s always worth trying and that the results can be greatly inspiring.

I’m talking about The Open Innovation Africa Summit (OIAS) I recently attended, hosted by Nokia, The World Bank and Cap Gemini. Over the course of three days, 200-plus leaders and innovators convened in the Rift Valley of Kenya, Africa to share, connect, and take action toward fostering innovation in and from Africa.

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Facilitated by Cap Gemini’s exploratory process, this remarkable body of people broke out into working groups to focus and dive deep into four specific areas:

  • African Innovation Ecosystem
  • Emerging Business Models for the BoP
  • Human Capital — Education for All
  • Mobile Information Society.

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