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Phi Beta Iota: As 2012, the Year of Awakening, draws near, we can start to see some of the dots connecting.  The most obvious is the convergence of Open Everything.  Above is just one example in which one can see that the combination of Open Governance and Open Source Funding (or Crowdsourcing) eliminates the long-standing unearned privilege of the political class to use the public treasury as a slush fund and foundation for receiving bribes and political contribution.  Here is the key point: taking money out of political campaigns does not fix the insanity of how the public dollar is spent–crowdsourcing and demanding that every single line item be approved by the public does.  There are obvious accommodation that need to be made, include secret programs as a small percentage of national security and natonal security as a small percentage of the total, but the path is clear.  We end corruption with transparency.

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