What Is HAARP? 9:51 Japan Video Reality Check

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Who, Me?

Earthquake caused by HAARP?

Tesla Scalar Wave billion watt generator arrays exist and are used for earthquake generation and weather control. People on the ground, before the earthquake event, see ionization in the sky (like the aurora borealis, but visible in the daytime). Then they see what looks like ball lightning striking the ground, then they experience the earthquake or natural disaster.  Watch 9:51 Video.

Phi Beta Iota: As with 9/11, this is part of a growing body of public information that calls into question the integrity of all named parties, and suggests the need for weapons of mass destruction inspections in depth (not a phony open house).  We regard this video as an earnest personal effort that is very informed but also very incomplete.  We include electromagnetic weaponry and neutralization measures in Advanced Cyber/Information Operations.  It also qualifies for the IO Idiocy label–the lunacy continues.

Watch the Short Video

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