Gold Paper About to Crash–Plus Gold Fraud RECAP

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Phi Beta Iota: Below is circulating among the Gold Warriors in Asia.  We anticipate the nationalization not only of mines, but of land, followed by a rejection of most foreign debt, foreign seed, and foreign vaccines and medications.  We continue to believe 2012 will be a year of awakening and bring a major correction to how power is exercised in the public interest.  Public intelligence will play a huge rule, and will have a marketable value based on transparency, truth, and trust. We reassert our commitment to non-violent truth & reconciliation.  There is money to be made in healing humanity and Earth, unleashing the power of the three billion brains now largely idle for lack of connectivity and back-office exploitation.

This is the email that is going around:

Late word out yesterday that the crackdown of the gold and silver manipulators has begun. Kitco, one of the partners in Gold and Silver Manipulation Scam, is being taken out by the authorities. It your fault if you have any metal in their paper games…

Revenu Quebec Investigates Gold Fraud

There will be a lot more of this as the veil comes off the metal market rigging operations. Kitco was running a gold and silver ponzi scheme that was started by none other than the infamous Jon Nadler.

Nadler was the inventor and promoter of the Pooled Metal Investment accounts. He started this at Bank of America then implemented it at the Perth Mint, Kitco and the Royal Bank of Canada. The idea was that since everyone doesn't cash in their gold and silver certificates at the same time you could sell allocated and unallocated pooled account certificates without buying the actual metal. You then take that money and invest it in some other interest baring account and you get the interest gains.

Like any ponzi scheme it only works when people don't try to withdraw their investment. Once they try to cash in certificates for real metal the game is over.

This is where we are today…BUT WATCH WHAT HAPPENS NOW!

There are many forms of paper metal ponzi schemes including ETF's, certificate programs, pooled accounts and even the COMEX and LME exchanges which are leveraged 100-1 paper metal vs the deliverable ounces.


If you've been on the Road to Roota for long enough you KNOW that the ONLY way to survive this global meltdown is by holding PHYSICAL GOLD AND SILVER IN YOUR OWN POSSESSION!

The time for explaining the reasoning behind this is over. If you still don't get it you should read the Road to Roota ARCHIVES here:

The breakdown of the paper metal infrastructure has begun. With it will come the moonshot for physical metal, the destruction of paper metal to zero, the nationalization of mines and warehouse metal and ultimately the end of un-backed fiat money.

It was always the plan.

Best of luck to us ALL!
Bix Weir

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