Eagle: Living in a World of Lies, Liars, and Fake News…

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300 Million Talons…

We are not living in a ‘post-truth' world, we are living the lies of others

Nigel Farage is not a Nazi and nor is Donald Trump. But what is terrifying – and deeply akin to fascism – is our ability to ‘think’ our way from truth into lies

We handed journalism to social media – and the armed men who control the areas from which these reports came know that they can pull the same trick again next time.

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Phi Beta Iota: All forms of information have lost their integrity. All institutions — from the academy to commerce to governance to non-profits — have lost their integrity. Worse perhaps, than secret agencies telling lies with no evidence and the mainstream media telling lies on command from its financial masters, is the new war on truth, where #GoogleGestapo is leading a RICO-like campaign designed by Eric Schmidt and including Facebook and Twitter, where #GoogleGestapo decides what websites live or die — they are judge and jury and executioner, able to cut Alex Jones Inforwar off from 3.5 million in ad revenue without due process, able to “disappear” Natural News from all Google search results. Add to this the new skill of Zionists in using legions of trolls to label truth-seekers as “spammers,” with lazy inattentive sites offering no recourse as individuals are politically assassinated by a calculated campaing to repress skeptics and those who question the official narrative, and you have a very noisy insane asylum.

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