Robert Steele: Is Zionism Over? From Korea to Syria to the Latest #GoogleGestapo Purge, President Donald Trump’s Divorce from Zionism Appears Increasingly Possible (Trump Revolution 24)

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

Is Zionism Over?

From Korea to Syria to the Latest #GoogleGestapo Purge, President Donald Trump’s Divorce from Zionism Appears Increasingly Possible

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Robert David Steele
American Herald Tribune
6 March 2018

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Before the USS Liberty incident, there was the assassination of John F. Kennedy by a cabal led by Allen Dulles, sanctioned by Lyndon Baines Johnson, and comprised of every element of the Deep State including organized crime and the Zionist state of Israel.  Arnon Milchan and Yitzhak Rabin were the designated observers for the Zionist state.[1] The Zionists have long been over-playing their hand in the USA assisted by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the mass media which have in combination labeled any legitimate criticism of Zionism to be “anti-semitic.” By one count – not counting their role in the assassination of a US President – we are now at Strike 13.[2] It is only recently, however, with the emergence of an independent President, PizzaGate, and an Internet, however flawed, that critical thinking skills have been restored to a significant portion of the US public, notably conservatives and veterans.[3]

Before Strike 13 – more on that in a moment – President Donald Trump broke with the Deep State and its Zionist under-belly to make possible the forthcoming unification of the Koreas, with China accepting responsibility for no “loose nukes” and the US agreeing to withdraw its military forces from the south once unification is achieved. This is according to Princess Kaoru Nakamaru, Chair of the International Affairs Institute for World Peace and a royal family conduit to the North Korean leadership.[4] President Trump has also publicly corrected Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense James Mattis, and informed them that US forces are leaving Syria as soon as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (a joint Saudi-Zionist creation with arms from the Pentagon and training from the CIA) is defeated.[5] These are not stories the “Fake News” mainstream media is reporting on.

FAKE NEWS: Palpably false information intended to manipulate the public into distraction, ignorance, or fear, so as to permit the continuation of policies and actions inimical to the public interest. Avoids actual analysis or evidence, substituting instead the official narrative.

FALSE FLAG: Originating in maritime warfare, where ships would fly the flag of their enemy until they got close enough for a surprise attack, refers to an event that is not what it appears to be. From the Reichstag fire to the Maine boiler explosion to the Tonkin Gulf incident to 9/11, false flag events are used justify very expensive undertakings such as wars and the creation of a police state to include the confiscation of weapons from citizens.

President Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize actions have been complemented by his order to provide National Security Agency (NSA) data to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, which led to the complete destruction of the Deep State and Zionist-backed Wahabbist agenda, and separately to over 10,000 sealed indictments in the USA targeting traitors including dual citizens, elite pedophiles, and white collar criminals. Opposition leaders world-wide have taken note – from Australia to Canada to France and beyond, requests for similar intelligence deliveries are mounting daily. Shadow Governments worldwide could fall in the next few years, as discreet official leaks of NSA collection against sitting politicians and judges are offered.[6]

The announced move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem – what one erudite  British citizen labels a “diplomatic bon-bon”[7] – may have been part of a deeper strategy to finish Benjamin Netanyahu off while uniting the Arab tribes.[8]

And now we have Strike 13, known across the USA as “the purge.” This is not a purge within or by the US Government (USG). This is a purge by #GoogleGestapo, the Zionist-controlled social media network led by Ashkenazi Jew Eric Schmidt, which has created a censorship, crowd-stalking, and digital assassination network of networks so good, so effective, that it has been offered to and is being considered by Communist China.  Made in America, Of, By, and For Zionists. It is comprised of Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, and YouTube.[9]

As with Strike 3 (the US legislative act to make criticism of Israel a felony, never mind the Constitutional right to freedom of speech) and Strike 4 (the requirement by 23 states of loyalty pledges to Israel as a condition for receiving disaster relief assistance or a state contract), with Strike 13 the Zionists have again over-played their hand.[10]

The President’s own Alex Jones, and Infowars, his favorite channel after Sean Hannity on Fox News, was shut down by YouTube.[11] Most tellingly, “the purge” was not only visibly carried out against mostly conservative channels – many of them exclusive to YouTube and losing their entire life’s work overnight without due process – but it was also “ex post facto,” meaning that many of the “strikes” leading to digital assassination were assigned not on the basis of current postings, but retrospectively. In one case that is certain to support a federal lawsuit, Victurus Libertas, with 68,000 subscribers and posts that routinely attracted a half million viewers, was closed down on the basis of three strikes issued in rapid succession for materials posted by them and approved by YouTube in 2016 – two years in the past.[12]

An excellent sign of the growing desperation of the Zionist sub-strata of the Deep State is to be found in the recent and sad full-page Op-Ed of the Zionist Consul General in New York City, as published in Newsweek, never a very discriminating magazine: “Anti-Zionism Is Just Anti-Semitism by Another Name.”[13] No, it is not.

ZIONISM: A concerted endeavor to subvert economies, governments, and societies rooted in the absolute conviction that non-Jews are animals and “do not count.”

JUDAISM: A religion fragmented between Progressive and Reform Jews who desire to reconcile their faith with their adopted countries, and extremist Judaism as defined by the Chabad supremacist group that fosters a genocidal dogma against all non-Jews.

Across the USA, and particularly in conservative and veteran circles, there is growing awareness of both the difference between non-violent Judaism comfortable with assimilation into local cultures and very-violent extremist and supremacist Zionism:

“You are Adam [“man”], but goyim [gentiles] are not called Adam [“man”]. Kerithoth 6b

“The seed of the goyim is like an animal.” Sanhedrin 74b

“All Gentile children are animals.” Yebamoth 98a[14]

My favorite, from the Orthodox Jewish captain of the tennis team at Muhlenberg College in 1974, explaining why he could abuse a different gentile girl every night without having any honorable intent:[15]

“Shiksas don’t count.”

We are all “shiksas” – gentile “bitches” that do not count – to the Zionists and to the Chabad supremacists that do not, in my view, represent the Progressive and Reform Jews who bear no ill-will toward Christians or Muslims or others….the same Progressive and Reform Jews that Benjamin Netanyahu told to “piss off” in relation to access to the Wailing Wall.[16]

There is a larger awakening going on within the American public, which is arguably the center of gravity for creating a prosperous world at peace. Until the American public gets the American government under control, and displaces the control now exercised over that government by the Deep State and its Zionist sub-strata, the USA will continue to be, as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King once said – for which he was assassinated – “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world.”[17] If we are to close all US military bases around the world, end all US taxpayer support to dictators and the Zionist state of Israel (not to be confused with the decent Jews worldwide), and nationalize all central banks through which the Deep State (and its Zionist sub-strata) subverts every economy, then the American public must finish the job Donald Trump started and go beyond “America First” toward the full expulsion of Zionists from the American economy, government, and society.

The American public – not only on the right but also on the left as the Sandernistas come to the realization that Bernie Sanders was Hillary Clinton’s house pet – is beginning to realize that our history is a lie – what we have been taught is simply not true.  From the holocaust (which certainly did occur, but only after the Zionists refused to ransom the Jews in good health from Hitler for $3 million and with death by allied bombing, starvation, and typhus, not gas ovens) to Pearl Harbor, an entirely reasonable response to eight separate acts of war by the USA against Japan prior to Pearl Harbor; from the Spanish-American War to the Mexican-American War to World War I to World War II to the wars on Iraq – all lies.  935 lies in the case of Iraq.[18]

And then there is the matter of Jared Kushner. The President is finally acutely aware that Jared Kushner may have been targeted toward Ivanka Trump after she was profiled by known Mossad officers Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell;[19] the President is acutely aware now that Kushner has been double-dealing behind his back on loans from questionable sources at questionable terms; and the President may be acutely aware that every night when Kushner sleeps with Ivanka, the person actually being “schlonged” on behalf of Zionist Israel is the President himself.[20]

ENOUGH! As they said in Egypt during the Arab Spring.

The final battle has begun. It has two fronts: a financial front, where President Trump, General Secretary Xi Jinping, and President Vladimir Putin appear to have orchestrated a global financial reboot that will become public on 26 March 2018[21] — a financial reboot that leaves China particularly triumphant and Israel particularly alone – and an ideological and communications front, where the Zionists and #GoogleGestapo have until now successfully kept Benjamin Netanyahu in power and Donald Trump disconnected from the larger public across the entire political spectrum that stands to benefit from the demise of the Deep State.

Multiple false flag events – events intended to distract and deceive – could occur in the USA, in Europe, and in the Middle East this spring and into the summer, as the Deep State desperately strives to advance its agenda in the face of increasing public awareness and anger.

The Zionists are also using #GoogleGestapo – in collaboration with the Deep State controlled mainstream media – to make the case for war on Iran and a US invasion of Syria and Lebanon. In years past they succeeded, with the collaboration of Vice President Dick Cheney, in telling 935 lies that led to the invasion of Iraq. Now they are telling more lies to inspire an unjust war against Iran.[22]

#GoogleGestapo is the last line of defense for Zionist power in the USA. False flag attacks and fake news are how the Zionists keep the public afraid and sidelined (Members of Congress they simply bribe and blackmail). False flag attacks – such as the fake Sarin gas attack in Syria – are how the Zionists set the stage for wars that are in no way justified.[23]

I ran a false flag for CIA.  I am on record as stating that most if not all major events from 9/11 onward have been false flag events with either mind-control patsies doing the killing; or alternative shooters doing the killing to include the patsy.[24]

Lacking today, not only in the USA but around the world, is a “truth channel.” In the USA, there is not a single source of reliable holistic reporting able to cover all threats, all policies, all costs – certainly not the CIA, which produces, “at best,” 4% of what the President needs to know.[25]

The BBC, subsidized by the CIA, has lost its integrity completely. RT is a total mess, with a US director for RT America that does not even show up for work. Press TV has its moments but lacks imagination as well as resources. Everyone else is a sideshow, but I do want to recognize C-SPAN, which has for the first time in modern history, aired a full video treatment of the Zionist agenda and how they influence and manipulate US policies and spending.[26]

I believe that President Donald Trump has triumphed on the financial front, in accommodation with General Secretary Xi and President Putin; but he has failed on the ideological and communications front.

There are three solutions that can be implemented in America in the next six months, in time to elect an honest Congress that makes evidence-based decisions and dismisses Zionist influence:

01 Veterans for Congress. The percentage of veterans in Congress is down to 18.8%.[27] We must get that percentage back toward 50%. The veterans, more than most, know as General Smedley Butler, USMC, said so famously, that “war is a racket.”[28] It is veterans that have paid the human cost of war while the taxpayer has paid over $5 trillion dollars[29] that are nothing more of less than a looting of the US treasury for the 1%, along with a gutting of the youth of our Republic.

02 Coalition Voting. In Virginia, working with the state Libertarian party leadership we are pioneering a new alliance.  Across the eleven Congressional Districts we are cutting deals with other small parties (especially Green, Constitution, Reform) and Independents so that after the districts are allocated (4 Libertarian, 3 Green, 1 each Constitution and Reform, 3 Independent) everyone agrees to vote for the ONE challenger to the incumbent or two-party tyranny candidate. If this is done across all 50 states, a sufficiency of new Representatives and a few Senators will be elected that can begin the process of restoring integrity to the US Congress.[30]

03 Truth Channel & Post-Google Internet. It is early days yet, but the “purge” has mobilized the American public in a way that no other atrocity could have.  The censorship, crowd-stalking (by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center, among others as “trusted flaggers for #GoogleGestapo)[31] and obscenely unwarranted and widespread digital assassination are now very personal to tens of millions of conservatives, veterans, and progressive leftists. Many splintered alternatives exist for Amazon, Facebook, Google, MeetUp, Twitter, and YouTube, but there is no one architecture or foundation – PressCoin could possibly be that foundation – so that we can displace all elements of #GoogleGestapo in time to field an educated engaged public to vote in November 2018.[32] KimDotCom – a formidable cyber-power unto himself – is now talking about creating an alternative to Twitter[33] – while Gab might claim to be that alternative, they are both missing the point: there is a need for an alternative to the ENTIRE #GoogleGestapo construct – a need for a complete post-Google Internet that includes honest substitutes for Amazon and MeetUp as well as the social media elements.

Below in two side-by-side graphics is a vision of what a post-Google post-Zion Internet might look like.

A post-Google, post-Zion Internet would provide every individual world-wide with four rights: the rights of anonymity, identity, privacy, and security.[34] Those rights are not provided today by #GoogleGestapo, which is the antithesis – total censorship and surveillance with impunity.

Zionism, the Deep State, and the American Empire that served the Deep State, are over. Not yet clear is whether We the People – the 99% — will consolidate power by 2020 or 2024. This is in some ways up to President Donald Trump. If he takes our hand, we win fast and he gets a second term as well as a properly earned Nobel Peace Prize shared with General Secretary Xi and President Putin.  If he does not, we move to Plan B and it will take slightly longer, cost him his second term, and diminish what could have been a global impact for good not seen since … well, there is no “since.” Trump, Xi, and Putin have a once in history opportunity to create a prosperous world at peace, a world that works for all.  All Trump has to do is say “yes.”[35]



[1] Based on multiple books and one DVD whose summary reviews are available at Robert Steele, “Reviews on Assassination of JFK,” Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 13 December 2014. Updated 29 May 2017. The best single consolidated reference that documents both Arnon Milchan and Yitzhak Rabin as being part of the Zionist team is the extract published by Jeff Rense from Michael Collins Piper, Final Judgment: The missing link in the JFK assassination conspiracy (Wolfe Press, 1995), published as “Israel’s Central Role in JFK Assassination,”, 8 January 2010. Milchan is still active today and could have been the Zionist “producer” of 9/11; he produced two movies prior to 9/11 that perfected the cinematography and special effects of airplanes crashing into skyscrapers. Cf. Mongoose, “Is Arnon Milchan Zionism’s STRIKE SEVEN, Connecting Zionist Complicity in Assassination of John F. Kennedy, 9/11, Pedophilia Entrapment and Blackmail, Gold War, and More? Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 28 November 2017. Most recently see Yoda, “Zionist Motivations for Assassinating JFK – the Archives,” Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 1 March 2018.

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[3] It is also only recently that speculation has arisen in retired Marine Corps circles about the possibility that the truck bomb against the Beirut Barracks was actually done by an unwitting agent of Israel (acting under Mossad control pretending to be Iranian), in retaliation for the “humiliation” of a column of Israeli tanks being stopped by one Marine with integrity – the bombing occurred one month after a single Marine stopped an Israeli tank column. The current US Secretary of Defense, James Mattis, is known to have very strong feelings against Iran for the Barracks Bombing, which even if done by Iran was a reasonable asymmetric response to the US military incursion into Lebanon and its continuing support of Israeli military attacks against everyone around them. From the JFK assassination to the USS Liberty to 9/11, the Zionist willingness to assassinate Americans for their own ends is well documented.  It is time an independent investigation was undertaken to determine if the Beirut Barracks bombing may have been organized by Israel. Cf. Blake Stilwell, “The US Marine stopped 3 Israeli tanks with just a sidearm and anger,”, 25 April year not provided, estimated 1983, accessed 4 March 2018.

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[19] Epstein is well-known as a Mossad officer given a billion dollars to become a fake billionaire and create a Zionist blackmail network centered on pedophilia; his long-time partner Ghislaine Maxwell is the daughter of Robert Maxwell, perhaps the most famous Zionist spy specializing in the compromise of US communications and computing systems in the 1980’s. The marriage of both Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump to Orthodox Jews is not a coincidence. A review of all of Kushner’s communications (emails and calls) now in unprocessed storage at NSA, would quickly settle the question of whether Kushner was targeted toward Ivanka or not and also provide a complete map of his current contacts many of which probably disqualify him from access to top secret information (not that this stops the other 500 dual US-Israeli citizens and sayonim across the US national security community, or the 5,000 or so sayonim in sensitive positions across the USA, but the Kushner case is worth doing as a pilot study – today NSA does not support clandestine operations overseas or counterintelligence operations at home].

[20] There is also the matter of the degree to which Kushner is subject to influence from the Chabad supremacists and – not yet public – whether he has relations with and obligations to a Zionist homosexual billionaire. On the former, see Wayne Madsen, “Jared Kushner: Chabad in the White House,” Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 3 March 2018, reprinted with permission. The latter is being circulated by an alleged officer associated with MI-6.

[21] There are at least three competing narratives with respect to the financial “re-boot.” The first narrative suggests that selected Goldman Sachs leaders have sworn loyalty to the President and executed, in collaboration with China and Russia, a global financial reform that essentially wipes out the ability of the 1% to spend their way out of being held accountable by governments.; this is centered on the trading of oil futures using gold backed yuan and is augmented by Canada and Europe including the United Kingdom agreeing to join the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative which is about fourteen times bigger than the Marshall Plan, per Benjamin Fulford.  The US, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Israel are the four “hold-outs” but both Japan and Saudi Arabia are expected to join soon. Israel will be left all alone once the US “makes the deal” at the direction of President Donald Trump. The second narrative suggests that the two historical “elders” holding hereditary rights to most of the gold on earth have withdrawn their support from the Chabad Jews, the Vatican, and the Rothschilds, and negated vast amounts of wealth illicitly concentrated on the basis of financialization (derivatives). The third and most troubling narrative known, as the RV/NESARA narrative, may be a scam in which millions of individuals have been sold Zimbabwean and other currencies and told they will re-deemable at face value after the financial “re-boot.” A Zimbabwe one trillion dollar note sold for US $300 when issued would, by this account, be worth millions of US dollars if not more under RV/NESARA. It merits comment that there are trillions of dollars of legitimate – but unredeemable – securities issued by the US Treasury during the post-World War II period when it became a major thief – issuing bonds for real gold in billion dollar amounts, bonds that it declares today to be “fake” simply because it cannot redeem them – this as discussed with Benjamin Fulfold in Tokyo the week of 18 February 2018.  Who gets to redeem one of these (e.g. Alexander Haig) is itself an on-going crime.

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[30] The US election process is completely corrupt and easily manipulated by domestic actors. There are twelve specific reforms that are required to assure honest elections, all as outlined at #UNRIG. The growing power of veterans and the emerging coalition among small parties finally realizing they cannot win in a rigged system unless they band together, are potential game-changers in the USA in 2018 and 2020.

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[33] Editors, “Kim Dotcom proposes Twitter alternative over ‘censorship of Seth Rich tweets’,” Russia Today, 4 March 2018.

[34] Kaliya “Identity Woman” Hamlin Young is among those who have labored for a quarter-century to advance these rights within an Internet that even Sir Tim Berners-Lee has abandoned. The original Internet was designed for machine to machine communications in service to the national security state. Google has replaced the NSA as the greatest violator of human rights in cyber-space. The single best conference on the four rights necessary to achieve humanity’s potential will occur in Mountain View, California 3-5 April 2018 – Robert Steele and the key architects for the next Internet will be in attendance: Internet Identity Workshop. See also Olivia Solon, “Tim Berners-Lee on the future of the web: ‘The system is failing”,” The Guardian, 15 November 2017.

[35] To be the greatest president ever, President Donald Trump needs to have a grand strategy, create an Open Source Agency, and sponsor an Election Reform Act.  The three together bury what is left of the Deep State and its Zionist under-belly in the USA.  See Robert Steele, “Concept for Trump Triumph in 3 Moves UPDATE 3 Printable One Pager,” Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog, 26 October 2017. Any leader of any country could benefit from consideration of these three ideas, but particularly that of a national open source agency as described in detail at Robert Steele, For the President of the United States of America Donald Trump: Subject: Eradicating Fake News and False Intelligence with an Open Source Agency That Also Supports Defense, Diplomacy, Development, & Commerce (D3C) Innovation to Stabilize World. Earth Intelligence Network, 2017.


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