Memoranda for the President on Sandy Hook: Is FEMA A False Flag Fake News Terrorist Node? UPDATE 1: Letter to AG DHS Hill

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Letter to AG, DHS, Hill

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We sense a growing movement that will call on President Donald Trump to sign an executive order forbidding all false flag operations by US government elements at taxpayer expense, while demanding that the FBI honestly investigate all false flag operations by private military contractors and agents of a foreign power, Zionist Israel being the primary actor.

We also expect, eventually, legislation that explicitly makes lying to the court or the public a high crime and misdemeanor (treason) — this deceit was legalized by the Obama Administration — it is now LEGAL to lie to the US public and to the Court, a good reason for firing every Member of Congress that voted for the legalization of that unconstitutional behavior. What this means in the Alex Jones case is that the local, state, and federal officials can all be ordered to lie to the Court including the jury about Sandy Hook — while Jones will  still win this case if his lawyers are not being blackmailed or bribed to throw the case, this is a new kind of threat to the average citizen seeking to live by the truth.

Sandy Hook Presidential Memoranda in Final Order (Book Form)

PDF (128 Pages):  A Sandy Hook Collected Memoranda 20180905

DOC (128 Pages):  A Sandy Hook Collected Memoranda 20180905

To replicate the volume delivered to the White House and several of the President's intimates, ask FedEx Office for COLOR, pages 1-5 single-sided, pages 6-128 double-sided, spiral bound clear front black back covers.


Robert Steele: Letter to AG, DHS, Judiciary, HS Committees

LEGAL NOTICE: This volume is now part of official White House records as well as Congressional records, and has also been submitted to two different court cases (one in Texas, one in Connecticutt). Those who are seeking to interfere with the dissemination of this information by filing nuisance copyright claims are out of luck (and also subject to fingerprinting and discovery of their cell calls, emails, and bank account information). The above letter and accompanying documentation are the nail in the coffin of those who have sought to cover up the Sandy Hook false flag. We expect the Fetzer case to go to the Supreme Court and the plaintiff in that case to eventually flee the country once exposed by due diligence and discovery at the federal level.

NOTE: Below are the previously posted full text online (translatable) chapters (those with an A are linked documents not posted online). In the book the chapter titles have been shortened and some small adjustments made. The book version (PDF) is the final version. The original chapter titles are intact at each original post.

A Dedication

A Robert Steele Letter of Transmittal & Questions


Robert Steele: Information Pathologies Active in the USA Today

James Fetzer: Obama Enabled False Flags by by Nullifying the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948

James Fetzer: Sandy Hook was a FEMA Drill  – “Everyone Must Check In”

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Sterling Harwood: The Final Report on Sandy Hook: Complete & Total Forensic Failure


Dr. Eowyn: Sandy Hook Moved to Chalk Hill Months before ‘Massacre’

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Allen William Powell: Connecticut State Police Behind the Scenes at Sandy Hook

Wolfgang Halbig: Conneticut State Police False Affidavits about Entering School

Kelly Watt: Nobody Knows Who Cleaned Up the Blood–No Blood to Clean Up?

Mona Alexis Pressley: Dead Sandy Hook Principal interviewed by The Newtown Bee

Stephanie Sledge: Curious Car Licensed to Dane Country Sheriff’s Department, Madison, WI


Carl Herman: Very Old Mons — Average Age Giving Birth = 36 years old

Mona Alexis Pressley & Dan Cromer: “Lenny Pozner”, and “Noah Pozner”, are Both Fake

Mona Alexis Pressley: “Noah Pozner” Exists But He Did Not Die at Sandy Hook

Mona Alexis Pressley: Charlottesville Crisis Actor made her Debut at Sandy Hook

Mona Alexis Pressley: “Sloppy Sniper” at Sandy Hook — Photoshoping?

James Tracy: Sandy Hook “Mother” was Assistant to Democratic Fund Raiser Maureen White


James Tracy: Media Smears to Point He is Fired — Free Speech is Dead

Louis Leo IV: James Tracy's Wrongful Termination–the End of Free Speech?

John Remington Graham: Litigation Against Alex Jones in Connecticut is Abuse of Process

James Fetzer: Impostors seek Social Media Giants Protection for Their Criminal Acts

Sterling Harwood: Complicit in Cover-Up?

Cinderella Broom: Burying the Undead: Sandy Hook — Stranger Than Fiction

Carl Herman: “Chemtrails” Preventing Satellite Photos on 14 December 2012


Nicholas Kollerstrom: State-Sponsored Terror — Nobody Died  — Exercise with Crisis Actors

James Fetzer: Why did Americans Swallow Sandy Hook, Line and Sinker?

Michael Thomas: Alex Jones’ Internet Crime? Telling The Truth about Sandy Hook

Tony Mead: Sandy Hook Litmus Test — Freedom of Speech versus Internet Censorship

Jack Mullen: Will Alex Take the Fall to Sustain Sandy Hook Lies?


Brian Wright: Banned by Amazon – The Single Most Important Book on Sandy Hook

James Fetzer: Amicus Curiae Sandy Hook Brief to 345th District Travis County, TX in Case of Pozner/Rosa vs. Alex Jones

A Index of Names

A Robert Steele Questions for an Independent Investigation to Answer

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Core Reference (Multiple Authors)

James Fetzer: Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (Free PDF and Individual Chapter PDFs)

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Latest Briefing (Goes with Video)

Sandy Hook Long Briefing January 2018

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