Veterans Today: Israel The ‘Bleeding Wound’ of the US, Bringing about its Downfall

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Israel: The ‘Bleeding Wound’ of the US, Bringing about its Downfall

The extent of Jewish grip on the US Administration and American policies could also be judged from the observation of Mike Stathis who, while quoting Senator William J., writes, “The great majority of the Senate of the United States…somewhere around 80 percent…are completely in support of Israel, anything Israel wants.” And “without the all out support by the US in money and weapons and so on the Israelis could not do what they have been doing.”

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Phi Beta Iota: It is a serious mistake on the part of otherwise brilliant observers to conflate Zionism and Judaism.  They are not the same thing. Zionism is evil to the point of Satanic, and amoral in all respects. It considers lesser Jews as well as Christians and Muslims and others to be “non-human.” Jews are used by the Zionists — they are called sayonim or “helpers,” but they do not realize the degree to which they are betraying every oath they ever took. Zionism evil, Judaism good. It is vital that this distinction be honored. Similarly, Israel — which belongs to the Palestinians — demand a distinction between the land (Palestinian), the state (under the control of criminals), and the people (most of them good Jews trapped in a bad system).

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