Max Igan: New Zealand False Flag Mind Control Walk Through UPDATE: James Fetzer Responds

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Starting at 16:00 minutes, Max Igan walks us step by step through what he believes to be a mind-controlled patsy, thinking in earnest that he was going to participate in a drill, being triggered by red and turquoise cars and a red flag, at which point he turns on his radio and a Serbian war song can be heard.  Igan decomposes the shooter's every move as he passes by red cars, including when he removes the gun safety while driving as on command.  As he gets out of the car, the war music is still on and plays during the entire time he is in the mosque.  He drops his clips, goes back an forth to pick them up and returns to the rooms to shoot live people.  Igan believes people did die, either immediately or very shortly afterwards, hence the lack of blood (dead people do not bleed since the heart no longer pomps).

It is a frame by frame analysis of the forbidden video and Igan demonstrates that there were no actors, the shooter was triggered, he fumbled a lot and red played an enormous part in that carnage.  Igan is of the opinion that Sandy Hook and the Boston bombing, where nobody died, were specifically intended to get people to doubt every single one of the subsequent incidents and scream “False flag! Nobody died!”

Actually, Ole Dammegard is much more measured tan Jim Fetzer in that regard: he never denies right off the bat that anyone died.  Jim Fetzer (bless his heart! He really means well) proved that nobody died at Sandy Hook and has made it his mission in life to prove that nobody EVER dies in false flags.

History proves otherwise.  Fetzer investigation is being used against all of us.


it may sound weird but, look at his car – color markers, turquoise compliance label in that car… they come in all colors but why was his turquoise (right eye)? then the yellow air freshener (left eye) – He is switched on. He drives out, then, red car – red car, click, click – he's primed – on standby… then, all at once, a trailer with a red flag + yellow building on the right + yellow car on the left (same bright yellow – what are the chances?) + yellow air freshener + turquoise label. The color combo. Click. He's switched on. Go! Turns on music – the program is running

This shooter was programmed to react to colors and sounds. Look at the drive there. And I would even be willing to bet that he thought he was just going to a training exercise as part of the drill that was running in Christchurch, and he was recording it to show off to his mates on 4 chan. How the fuck did he know he had been programmed? And Im certain his handlers had no idea he intended to stream the drill to his mates. People don't realize what this video is showing them. This was a Tavistock MK ultra hit with real bullets, real victims and a mind controlled patsy – and for the first time ever. We have the patsy's view of it. And I'm not saying that – the video is saying that….

And for the first time ever. We can see the triggers and see exactly how they do it. The victims would have likely been brought there to be killed, that's why there were no shoes. The controllers were likely getting them into the corners, but they were killed too – no loose ends… The video shows a very real possibility that this guy thought he was simply on a training exercise in one of the drills, and he probably streamed it live to show off to his mates. Remember in the car, he was saying how “I couldn't top my time because I had no ease of access, but if you have ease of access, you will top you time”. If we factor the possibility that he was chatting away to his mates so calmly happily that way after just slaughtering 41 people because he thought he had just run them through the training drill with him, his dialogue even starts to make sense.

ROBERT STEELE:  Max Igan takes issue with Dr. Jim Fetzer over “nobody died.” I ran a false flag for CIA (nobody died) and I also wrote the first public article on hybrid false flags that can be any combination of people do die or don't die, programmed patsies that die or programmed patsies that forget, and so on. All that is required for an event to be labeled a false flag event are for it to be clear that all is not as it appears to be, and the government narrative is clearly false.  That is most certainly the case with the New Zealand event. It was a false flag. The degree of involvement of Zionists, Mossad, complicit Muslim and other members of the community;  the complicity of the police and the extent of Freemason engagement and even direction, these are matters for the investigation that will never be allowed to take place. The government of New Zealand is compromised.


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