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Douglas A. Macgregor
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The Macgregor Briefings: An Information Age Vision for the U.S. Army

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Warrior's Rage: The Great Tank Battle of 73 Easting (2009)

Transformation Under Fire: Revolutionizing How America Fights (2004)

Breaking the Phalanx: A New Design for Landpower in the 21st Century (1997)

2011 OSINT Discovery Toolkit–Reuser’s Repertorium

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This is THE toolbox, available in both long and short versions, we recommend you start with the long and then rapidly migrate to the short.  Arno is THE “dean” of OSINT for government, and the “dean” of the advanced librarian discovery movement.



We strongly endorse Arno Reuser as an individual, and recommend his training offerings available directly from him.  By-pass the external vendor training link at the Repertorium and send him a direct email.

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Worth a Look: Arno Reuser OSINT Wizard

Journal: Seriously Weird, & Then There Is Arno

When InterNET is InterNOT

2006 Reuser (NL) on Virtual Open Source Agency

2003 Reuser (NL) on Intelligence Librarian Tradecraft

Journal: Librarians and The Accessibility Paradox

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Robert Garigue: Truth & Trust as Security Requirements

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This is the first and only time we have seen truth & trust properly identified as fundamental to security.  The only other related works are those of Dr. Col Max Manwaring, whose edited work, The Search for Security–A U.S. Grand Strategy for the Twenty-First Century makes the point that legitimacy is the core value enabling peace and prosperty; and the Nobel Prize awarded in the 1990's to the scholar that demonstrated that trust lowers the cost of doing business.

Cyber-space, if it is to contribute to the evolution of humanity, must be imbued with truth & trust.  THIS is the core focus of any information security program in support of information operations, NOT “mere” “control” of potential data loss or “defeat” of potential enemies.  We sorely miss Robert Garigue–he was illuminating a very righteous path, and to our knowledge, none have stepped forth to fill his shoes.

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Robert Garigue: Carleton University Research Page

Advanced Cyber/IO, Historic Contributions

Below is secured for the future. As of 24 December 2010 it is still online at Carleton University.  Dr. Robert Garigue passed away 10 January 2007 at the age of 55.  He was the only person we knew then or know of today that was deliberately and completely integrating belief systems, knowledge, information, data, security, and technology as a single cyberspace.

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