Mongoose: Back Story on NSA CIA and Crypto Company

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Adult leadership still lacking….

As the U.S. spied on the world, the CIA and NSA bickered

The terms of the transaction were all in place when the NSA abruptly “opted out” of negotiations to acquire the Swiss firm, Crypto AG, in the late 1950s, according to the documents. NSA’s last-minute balk is depicted as a typically misguided move by a code-breaking agency known for risk aversion, raising petty objections and “dithering.”

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Veterans Today: International Criminal Court Opens Inquiry Into US and Taliban War Crimes in Afghanistan

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Guardian: ICC Authorizes War Crimes Inquiry Against Pentagon War on Afghanistan

Earlier rejection overturned

The US military and CIA are accused of widespread use of rape and torture and the murder of thousands of prisoners.  It is believed that thousands of Americans who served in Afghanistan may eventually be under scrutiny including and especially civilian contractors.

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Contribute: Envisioning NATO Operations in 2040

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Join the SciTech Futures Team and the NATO Innovation Hub as we continue our latest exercise, “Envisioning NATO Operations in 2040“. We’re asking key questions about NATO and the world in 20 years. To gain inspiration, we’ve partnered with a leading futurist author to explore this world through three short vignettes. Explore the challenges NATO will face in 2040, and help shape their response with your ideas.

Join us and the S&T foresight community in exploring these questions and more, 19 February to 1 March 2020 online at