Officers Call: A Conversation About Iraq II

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Officers Call on Iraq II
Officers Call on Iraq II


There’s nothing inherently wrong with the analysis of Al Qaeda (I just glanced at it, if you wish I can read in detail today).  The PROBLEM lies not so much in how we analyze support to terrorism (state, crime, other) but rather in the way we analyze (or rather do NOT analyze) EVERYTHING.

Here’s what I have thrown together for you, in six pages with links.

Summary of Contents (OC Iraq II)

  • Why We Missed the Threat
  • Terrorism is Threat Number Nine Out of Ten
  • Terrorism is a Tactic, Al Qaeda an Interest Group
  • Without Legitimacy Forget About Stabilization
  • Rebalancing the Instruments of National Power
  • Three Things Secret Intelligence Cannot Do
  • Advise & Assist Transition to Exit Menu
    • Strategic Communications
    • Inter-Agency Professionals
    • Regional Concordat
    • Faith Brigades
    • Redirect Funds Toward Waging Peace
    • Contain Israel
    • Make Nice with China

Officers Call on Iraq I

Semper Fidelis,  Robert

Journal: How NOT to Decide on Afghanistan

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Failure of HUMINT
Failure of HUMINT

The Real Reason for More Troops in Afghanistan

Michael Gaddy    October 20, 2009Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of our quest for empire over the past six decades realizes that Obama’s contemplation of whether to send additional troops to Afghanistan is simply those who control him providing Obama with the opportunity to look “presidential.” The decision to send additional troops was reached prior to the situational comedy of General McChrystal’s leaked “confidential report” to the Washington Post and Obama’s National Security Advisor’s public admonishment of McChrystal’s failure to follow the chain of command. All of this is nothing but a well-rehearsed, though poorly camouflaged hoax. Additional troops will be sent to Afghanistan within a very short period of time and Obama really has no say in the matter. The question is: why?

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Journal: Iran Bombings–Whu Dun It? Update 1

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Webster Griffin Tarpley
Webster Griffin Tarpley

Phi Beta Iota: The public and Congress–and perhaps even the White House–are not fully informed on the this matter.  In our view, “the Borg” is out of control and Iran could be a nuclear flash-point.  See headlines.  Zbigniew Brzezinski is the common threat, and is doing as much damage as he is because the “Bush Lite” team does not have heavy-weight thinkers willing to speak the truth (two part qualification, most fail on the second).

Webster Griffin Tarpley was interviewed by Russia Today in Washington DC discussing the role of the CIA and British intelligence in yesterday’s terror bombing in Iran’s Baluchistan region claimed by Jundullah which killed several key commanders of the Iranian Pasdaran Revolutionary Guards. Tarpley locates the US-UK strategy in the attempt to break up Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran in favor of the microstates and ministates demanded by Zbigniew Brzezinski, the grey eminence of Obama’s foreign policy. Baluchistan is the location of the strategic port of Gwadar, which could become a key to solving China’s need for imported oil – a perspective the Anglo-Americans are determined to block.   Watch the interview on Russia Today.

Journal: State of the Ummah (Muslims)

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Muslim Distribution
Muslim Distribution

The State of the Ummah is both a re-mixed Internet film for which a non-US citizen has been held at Guantanamo for years, and a concept of community that explicitly includes Jews and pagans.

Wiki Simplified View
Wiki Simplified View

The main graphic shows relative distribution.  This smaller graphic to the right shows the “divide” between East and West in starker terms.

Text reports are available–an Executive Summary and a Full Report.  What they do not properly address are three facts:

1.  Sunnis everywhere, Shi’ites in the minority and severely persecuted to the point of genocide.  Note: the rough estimate of Shi’ites is 10-13% of the total, the bulk of them in Iran and southern Iraq.

2.  Vulernability of Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar) to encroachment.

3.  The lack of religious counterintelligence and security campaign plans in any country, not just in relation to Muslims, but also dual Israeli citizens, Opus Dei, Mormons, etcetera.  As states fail, so do loyalties.  In our view, the terrorist-criminal nexus will be followed by the religious-criminal nexus.    This makes poverty in predominantly Muslim areas the number one flash point for the future of global stability, in our view.