Wayne Jett: Trumpism is Classical Economics

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The Great Depression was contrived by the banks, with the complicity of FDR, to destroy the growing middle class and its claim on both political power and judicial fairness.  Ever since, the banks and the two-party “rigged” system, have been keeping the middle class and the blue collar professionals down.

Now President Donald Trump is leading a determined counterattack against those powerful forces. The president is backed by strong military support for constitutional rights of Americans, and he is returning to the fundamental principles of classical economics to fuel the financial restoration of American prosperity and well being. This historical undertaking deserves and needs our informed understanding and support.


Paul Craig Roberts: President Trump is Fighting Back Against the Deconstuction of the US Economy by Satanic Deep State Globalists…

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Paul Craig Roberts

What Globalism Did Was To Transfer The US Economy To China

We can’t blame this on Trump. He inherited the problem, and he has no advisers who can help him understand the problem and find a solution.  I can only think of four economists who could help Trump, and one of them is a Russian.

Zero Hedge: Chinese “Social Credit” Lock Down Already in USA

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Chinese Social Credit Score Prevents 2.5 Million “Discredited Entities” From Buying Plane Tickets

“Big Tech has already implemented their own “social credit score” system where they punish people for their political views by deplatforming them, censoring their websites and closing their PayPal/bank accounts,” writes Chris Menahan.

Imagine going to buy groceries with your credit card, but then having your payment declined because someone in an office in San Francisco thinks you posted something “hateful” on the Internet.

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Steven Aftergood: CRS US Financial Assistance to Israel

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Steven Aftergood

U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel

Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of U.S. foreign assistance since World War II. To date, the United States has provided Israel $142.3 billion (current, or noninflation-adjusted, dollars) in bilateral assistance and missile defense funding.

PDF (40 Pages): RL33222 US Financial Assistance to Israel

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Ellen Brown: What Donald Trump Does Not Know — Why the Chinese Model is Better and Currency Wars Have No Winners

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Ellen Brown

Neoliberalism Has Met Its Match in China

We cannot win a currency war through the use of competitive currency devaluations that trigger a “race to the bottom,” and we cannot win a trade war by installing competitive trade barriers that simply cut us off from the benefits of cooperative trade. More favorable to our interests and values than warring with our trading partners would be to cooperate in sharing solutions, including banking and credit solutions.

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Millenium Report: 5G gate: Epic War Shaping Up Between the FCC and NOAA/NASA

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5G gate: Epic War Shaping Up Between the FCC and NOAA/NASA

High-stakes dispute turns nasty, pits 5G technology against weather forecasting

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Betty Boop: The Myth of Capitalism Today….

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Capitalism has lifted people from poverty and created widespread wealth for billions of people, most notably in China. Denise Hearn argues that the so-called capitalism that exists today is the antithesis of competitive marketplaces due to monopolies and oligopolies that dominate both the U.S. economy and China’s economy.

Yoda: Free Energy

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Alert Reader sends in:

The Free Energy Revolution

Both zero point energy (for electrical generation) and antigravitic propulsion (for power and transportation) technologies currently sit locked up in the black budget vaults of the corporate, overmilitarized, (inter) national security obsessed state complex.

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SPECIAL: General Mike Flynn, USA (Ret) for Director of National Intelligence (DNI)

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ROBERT STEELE: There is only one person who is both totally committed to President Donald Trump and who has the brains and the balls to be the next Director of National Intelligence. His name is Mike Flynn. The time has come for him to come back into the fight.

Here are the five reforms he can implement in service to the President with results well in time to impact on the 2020 election:

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