Worth a Look: Hacking Politics – How Geeks, Progressives, The Tea Party, Gamers, Anarchists and Suits Teamed Up to Defeat SOPA and Save the Internet

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Hacking Politics: How Geeks, Progressives, the Tea Party, Gamers, Anarchists and Suits Teamed Up to Defeat SOPA and Save the Internet


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Hacking Politics is a firsthand account of how a ragtag band of activists and technologists overcame a $90 million lobbying machine to defeat the most serious threat to Internet freedom in memory. The book is a revealing look at how Washington works today – and how citizens successfully fought back.

Written by the core Internet figures – video gamers, Tea Partiers, tech titans, lefty activists and ordinary Americans among them – who defeated a pair of special interest bills called SOPA (“Stop Online Piracy Act”) and PIPA (“Protect IP Act”), Hacking Politics provides the first detailed account of the glorious, grand chaos that led to the demise of that legislation and helped foster an Internet-based network of amateur activists.

Included are more than thirty original contributions from across the political spectrum, featuring writing by Internet freedom activist Aaron Swartz; Lawrence Lessig of Harvard Law School; novelist Cory Doctorow; Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA.); Jamie Laurie (of the alt-rock/hip-hop group The Flobots); Ron Paul; Mike Masnick, CEO and founder of Techdirt; Tiffiniy Cheng, co-founder and co-director of Fight for the Future; Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit; Nicole Powers of Suicide Girls; Josh Levy, Internet Campaign Director at Free Press, and many more.

Publication March 2013 • 216 pages

Owl: Autonomous Internet First Step – Android Unleashed

Autonomous Internet, Liberation Technology, Mobile
Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

Now owners of Android phones can connect to each other without an internet connection thanks to Serval Mesh app

Serval Mesh, full mesh darknet, quietly released for Android
“You set up your phone, I set up my phone, it connects them directly, so no infrastructure is needed. It can also relay calls, so if you can get a connection to bob and I can get a connection to bob, we can both talk even though we can’t get a connection directly to each other.”

Serval Project
“Serval is revolutionary, free, open-source software under development for mobile telephones, letting them communicate even in the absence of phone towers and other supporting infrastructure.”

Serval Android App page
“So with using your existing number, and not requiring Internet Access, our software is making the best of what you have, whether in a disaster or emergency situation, or where poor economies or regional & location restrictions can mean zero infrastructure, we enable communication using just existing mobile phones. Our software is :

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Owl: Autonomous Internet with Pirate Box

Autonomous Internet, Civil Society, Software
Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

Set Up Your Own Mini-Internet for Free with Pirate Box

The PirateBox is software that can be used to turn your WiFi enabled computer into a local router. It can also be used to make actual “PirateBoxes,” which are stand-alone devices that likewise create a local network. The advantage of a local network, not connected to the Internet, is that you can file share and communicate your way around the draconian restrictions and regulations being increasingly put into place on the Internet.

Tutorial:  The PirateBox and Internet Freedom

Other projects similar to PirateBox: Aram Bartholl’s fantastic Dead Drops. Also visit Jason Griffey’s PirateBox fork LibraryBox.

Pirate Box software download via torrent

Graphic: UN 0 Big Picture View of Global Intelligence with Integrity Supporting Documents Added

#OSE Open Source Everything, Advanced Cyber/IO, Autonomous Internet, Earth Intelligence, Peace Intelligence
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Eagle: US and the ITU Treaty — Competing Truths

Autonomous Internet, Civil Society, Corruption, Ethics, Government
300 Million Talons...
300 Million Talons…

The US claims it does not want to allow foreign intrusion into multi-stakeholder business, including the regulation of spam.  The rest of the world sees the US as ignorant and arrogant, insisting on the rights of its telecommunications stakeholders as opposed to the rights of its own public and the public in the rest of the world.

U.S. announces will not sign ITU treaty, period

Summary: The U.S. has just announced that, “U.S. cannot sign revised telecommunications regulations in their current form.”

US and UK refuse to sign UN’s communications treaty

The US, Canada, Australia and UK have refused to sign an international communications treaty at an conference in Dubai.

Phi Beta Iota:  The US is being duplicitous here.  What is really going on is that the telecommunications providers are using their illicit power over the US Government to block any democratization and coincident draconian reduction in cost of goods and services associated with the Internet.  The real solution lies in Panarchy, in an Autonomous Internet that leverages Open Source Everything — the kind of thing we have proposed that Sir Richard Branson take the lead on with The Virgin Truth.  The rest of the world is not stupid — the US position is not just unsustainable, it will lead, as its SWIFT sanctions against Iran led, to the rest of the world routing around the USA and ignoring the US Government.  The era of imperial mandate is over.  The US will be the last to read the memo.

Berto Jongman: Cybersummit 2012: CYBERSECURITY: A GLOBAL ASSESSMENT

Autonomous Internet, IO Impotency

The world is rapidly deploying ever-new applications and services that make use of ICT. As a result, global connectivity and interdependence are not only enablers for everyone who wants to compete, but also a requirement for basic participation in the global economy. The stakes for trust in cyberspace are as high as ever in the history of international relations. This panel provides unique insights into the most critical trends currently underway that affect the safety, stability and security of cybersecurity.


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Berto Jongman: Article and Book About Deep Web Marketplace

03 Economy, Autonomous Internet
Berto Jongman

Article now, book later.

The good and the bad of the Deep Web

Article Published on The Hacker New Magazine – September Edition “Security in a serious way”


The Deep Web (or Invisible web) is the set of information resources on the World Wide Web not reported by normal search engines, according a raw estimation of some security experts clear web represents only a small portion of the overall web content, the remaining part is unknown to the majority of web users.


Ordinary web users are literally shocked when understand the existence of the Deep Web, a network of interconnected systems, not indexed, having a size hundreds of times higher than the current web, around 500 times.

To explain the Deep Web I use to cite the definition provided by the founder of BrightPlanet, Mike Bergman, that compared searching on the Internet today to dragging a net across the surface of the ocean: a great deal may be caught in the net, but there is a wealth of information that is deep and therefore missed.

Read full description with marketplace data (invisible anonymous trade).

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