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The future of OSINT is M4IS2.

The future of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is Multinational, Multifunctional, Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information-Sharing & Sense-Making (M4IS2).

The following, subject to the approval of Executive and Congressional leadership, are suggested hueristics (rules of thumb):

Rule 1: All Open Source Information (OSIF) goes directly to the high side (multinational top secret) the instant it is received at any level by any civilian or military element responsive to global OSINT grid.  This includes all of the contextual agency and mission specific information from the civilian elements previously stove-piped or disgarded, not only within the US, but ultimately within all 90+ participating nations.

Rule 2: In return for Rule 1, the US IC agrees that the Department of State (and within DoD, Civil Affairs) is the proponent outside the wire, and the sharing of all OSIF originating outside the US IC is at the discretion of State/Civil Affairs without secret world caveat or constraint.  OSIF collected by US IC elements is NOT included in this warrant.

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1988-2009 OSINT-M4IS2 TECHINT Chronology

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Rock ON, Dude
Steele as Wild Card Speaker

Phi Beta Iota: This started as a short list for the various college and university engineering students that have dialed in, but as we got into it, it became more of a “situational awareness” inventory pulling together both technical “solutions” none of which have been integrated yet, and analytic “requirements” none of which have been satisfied yet.

$75 billion a year for secret intelligence, and we still do not have an analytic desktop toolkit, all-source geospatially and historically and cultural astute back office processing, or global reach to all humans, all minds, all the time.  Sucks for us.  Let’s see what the Smart Mob can do….

We specifically invite suggestions in the Comments for removing items from this list, or for adding items from within this website or from any other website.  This is now a work zone.  Steele is available to visit any engineering workshop and especially those working on bottom-up clouds like Swarm DPL (transparently scalable distributed programming language).

See also About the Idea, Articles, Briefs, Handbooks, and Historic Contributions. Use the Menu–everything on this stie responds to “OSINT” that is not a good search term.  Rock on!


2009 Arnold Google: The Digital Gutenberg

2008 Memoranda: Policy-Budget Outreach Tool

2006  USSOCOM Software List and STRONG ANGEL TOOZL

2006 Morville (UK) Ambient Findability Massive Scale Beyond Your Imagination A Recommedned Approach to Creating the World Brain with Instant Recall

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Event Report CORRECTED LINKS: Responding to Real Time Information, Open Systems and the Obama IT Vision [Google-Microsoft Meld]

InfoOps (IO), Methods & Process

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Somat Engineering (8A) CHANGE 2010: Responding to Real Time Information, Open Systems and the Obama IT Vision
Somat Engineering (8A) CHANGE 2010: Responding to Real Time Information, Open Systems and the Obama IT Vision

EVENT REPORT: Have you been wondered just how we are going to implement M4IS2* and add to it Real-Time-Processing (RTP) and Near-Real-Time Processing (NRTP)?  This event introduced to the Washington, D.C. environment, for the first time, the concept of operations and related technologies that will allow Google and Microsoft to play well together within any existing desktop analytic environment that relies on Microsoft for the operating system and functionalities, but needs to or wants to rely on Google for everything else.  This was the first of a quarterly series of briefings organized and moderated by Stephen E. Arnold, the behind-the-scenes architect of FirstGov (now Gov.USA), and author of the three definitive analytic studies of Google as well as multiple studies of Microsoft.

OSS.Net, Real-Time Information (RTI): Injecting Now Information into Decision Systems
OSS.Net, Real-Time Information (RTI): Injecting Now Information into Decision Systems

* Multinational, Multiagency, Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information-Sharing & Sense-Making.  Precursor to the United Nations Open-Source Decision-Support Information Network (UNODIN).

Click on Gorilla to see three briefs in one document with notes, as delivered less several proprietary slides, on 23 September 2009 at the National Press Club. Ram Ramanujam, President of Somat Engineering, and Mark Crawford, Project Manager for Somat Engineering, were also present.  The Washington office of this 8A ICT firm is managed by Arpan Patel.

Adhere Solutions, Leveraging Google for Information Integration and Openness
Adhere Solutions, Leveraging Google for Information Integration and Openness

All briefings can be read in Notes format for selected planned words intended to accompany most slides.

Below are biographies of the four principals.

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2009 23 Sep 09 National Press Club Washington, D.C.

Briefings & Lectures
Real-Time Information
Real-Time Information

Under the direction of maestro Stephen E. Arnold, and in support of two extraordinary companies, Somat Engineering represented by its CEO, G “Ram” Ramanujam and it Washington DC Director Arpan Patel; and Adhere Solutions represented by its co-founder Jim Orris, a 15-slide 8-minute presentation was crafted to address Real Time Information and its injection into decision systems.

YouTube (8:19) CHANGE 2010 (National Press Club) Real-Time Intelligence

PPT: RTI Steele FINAL 15 Slides 8 Minutes

Prior Post of Full Event, Other Speakers: Event Report CORRECTED LINKS: Responding to Real Time Information, Open Systems and the Obama IT Vision [Google-Microsoft Meld]

Journal: Real-Time Everything–the Government is 20 Years Out of Date and May be Sinking Fast. Action is Needed NOW.

Collaboration Zones, Communities of Practice, Policies
Hacker Steele
Hacker Steele

Changes to the Earth that used to take 10,000 years now take three years.  This has led to a very strong interest in “real-time science.”  At the same time, as the information society matures, we are seeing demands for government information (paid for by the taxpayer) to be made available in real-time.  Census results that used to take ten years to process now take two years, and that is major progress.  It is also 20 years behind the art of the possible and some would say, the art of the necessary.   With Rapid SMS where it is today in Africa, there is no reason why census data–and all other forms of data funded by the taxpayer–cannot be made available as collected, as processed, as analyzed–three different levels of value, none now constrained by time and materials, only by old mind-sets unfamiliar with the state of best practices outside the wire.

Similarly, real-time marketing and real-time needs definition and satisfaction are emergent.

Stephen E. Arnold, for over a decade the “virtual CTO” to the multinational multifunctional information-sharing and sense-making community that gathered annually from 1992 to 2006, is at the forefront of this specific emerging convergence of human needs and information communication technologies (ICT). Below are snippets from three of his recent pieces, and contact information.

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Journal: Google digital evil or digital child?

Google Evil--Bad Google
Google Evil--Bad Google

To begin on a positive note: Google has both computational mathematics that are out of this world, an order of magnitude better than anything IBM or the other usual suspects can muster, and it has cracked the cloud storage and heat and throughput issues in a way that is now an almost insurmountable barrier to entry for corporations (China and India are emergent and Brazil and Russia might have some anti-Google surprises in the making).

Google lacks human and intelligence-oriented leadership, and suffers from the usual problems associated with a bureaucracy that grew too fast on the fantasy cash from credulous investors.  “Zooglers” is the term of art now used for Google people that have vested and leave to create new capabilities that “surf” on Google while doing things the Google bureaucracy could not countenance as an internal active.

Then there is evil Google.  Click on the Google Evil-Bad Google logo for a page of links, or choose from among the links below.  We know Larry Page personally, through the Silicon Valley Hackers Conference.  He is a nice person, an engineer, with zero ethics in the sense that dorks do not know anything about etiquette.  Eric Schmidt is the new monopolist in town, and Eric Schmidt has absolutely zero interest in the public interest.

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2009 Arnold Google: The Digital Gutenberg

Historic Contributions, Technologies, Tools
Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Robert Steele, the #1 Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, considers Stephen E. Arnold to be the single most professional analyst of emerging information technologies and their social meaning.  His “Google Triology” may well be the most significant body of work of practical significance not just to the information industry, but to civil liberties, capitalism, civil society, democracy,  digital dictatorship, digital ethics,  governance, intellectual property, privacy,  and all manner of community, budget, policy, and threat as it is impacted by Google, a supranational predator with out of this world computational mathematics and no commitment at all to public intelligence in the public interest.  Below is the cover to his latest offering, with a link to Infonortics UK, the sole source of this e-book that we recommend be printed.


The link within the book cover includes immediate free access to the table of contents and a sample chapter as well as the author’s three-point summary.  At the book’s home page are also links to his first two works, The Google Legacy and Google 2.0: The Calculating Predator, and a special offer for the Google Trilogy.

Below are the printing instructions we use with this kind of work:


Color, double-side, laser paper except last two and first pages which should be on 80 cover stock.  Wire binding, please use closest possible to avoid overage of wire beyond book’s natural thickness.

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