REFERENCE: IBM Advanced Information Operations

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Posted with permission.  Provided by Dr. James Spohrer in response to a request from Phi Beta Iota for a “snap-shot” overview of the “soul” of IBM going into the 21st Century.

1. Cities: here is a short IBM video (YouTube 4:15) on cities as the nodes in the planetary system of systems

Features Mike Wing, Irving Wladawsky-Berger, Julia Grace.  Cities as planetary accupunture points of intervention.  Cities are HUMAN–computers cannot handle the unpredictable.  Dominos analogy–everything is interconnected and knowledge or information are the “energy” being exchanged among individual people, the HUMAN element. It is the mixture of people and hardware, and software that is so elegant and exciting.

2. Universities in Cities: My current job at IBM builds from the notion that universities are the knowledge batteries of city/regions… see slide #34 in this presentation on Service Science: Progress and Directions (64 Slides), connected with Handbook of Service Science (Springer, 2010).  NOTE:  Downloading presentation enables viewing of Notes for each slide.

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Overview of IBM University Programs focusing on 5 R’s (Research, Readiness, Recruiting, Revenue, Responsibilities); Quality of Life balance between local and global optimization; Ecology–study of all things in relation to all life forms; and Holistic Service Systems with cities and within cities, universities, and the fundamental “intelligent” building blocks.  Emphasis on information information exchanges and life-long learning.  Slide #34:

3. Connecting Universities and Cities Locally and Globally: My global team at IBM University Programs is funding connecting the universities locally with their cities, and globally with each other – networked improvement communities in Doug’s language… Really connecting service systems, see Slide #16 in this presentation.

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