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9/11 Time to Indict Dick Cheney

9/11 by Dick Cheney

Phi Beta Iota: It is not possible to be a fully effective professional if you are not able to question official narratives and blatant lies told by official personalities. It is now known that Dick Cheney “took over” the 9/11 plot hatched by the Zionist government of Israel (not to be confused with the sane loyal Jews everywhere including Israel).

It is now known that in the aftermath of 9/11 the US Constitution was trashed and 935 now-documented lies were told to justify elective wars and a swath of destruction running from Afghanistan through the Middle East and North Africa down to Somalia, Niger, and Nigeria, while at the same time extending the military-industrial complex to create a police state that is no longer focused on community needs or peace but rather on mass surveillance, and spending as much money as possible to no good end.

Additional commentary and a structured index of 9/11 coverage by multiple contributing editors are provided below the fold. Here are the categories for the many links below:

  • Top-Level Overviews
  • 9/11 An Inside Job?
  • 9/11 and Gold War Against Russia + Insider Trading
  • 9/11 and Zionist Israel (Absolving All Jews)
  • Saudis Did Not Do 9/11 (and the Last Bin Laden Was a Fake)
  • 9/11 Truth Movement / 9/11 as Wake-Up Call for Public?
  • 9/11 Repression of Truth Movement — Denial, Fear, Lies & Murder
  • Aftermath of 9/11 – Endless War & True Cost
  • Aftermath of 9/11 – False Flags as Routine

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Sep 10

Wayne Madsen: Yes, The USA Created ISIS…Along With….

Categories: IO Deeds of War
Wayne Madsen

Wayne Madsen

ISIS was created by CIA and Mossad with funding from Saudi Arabia and logistics facilitation from Turkey, while drawing on disenfranchised Sunni officers from Iraq. Barack Obama and George Soros are directly responsible for ISIS (along with Hillary Clinton and John Brennan).

Not to be overlooked are Ukrainian puppet Petro Proshenko and UN/Goldman Sachs puppet Peter Sutherland as well as German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

PPT (7 Pages): Islamic State by Wayne Madsen

Seven Slides Below the Fold

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Sep 10

Reference: NATO Strategic Comments + RECAP

NATO ExpansionStrategic Comments Expanded Below: 01 NATO does not know 80% of what it needs to know; 02 NATO does not plan for 60% or more of what it needs to plan for (all  ten high-level threats instead of just war and terrorism); 03 NATO needs to plan for de-Americanization of NATO and Europe; 04 NATO needs to help EU and EU police plan for the de-Nazification of Europe including the retirement of all GLADIO arms, cash, and personalities; 05 NATO could and should shift toward becoming a global peace-building enterprise orchestrating military contributions to Whole of Government and Multinational Multi-Agency programs that apply Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

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Sep 3