Reference (2003): Augmented Social Network

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Venessa Miemis

NEW: Archived & Expanded at P2P Foundation/ASN

this paper covers a lot of the ground we’ve been discussing here [at Google Group Next Net] about what kind of intentions a ‘next net’ would facilitate. worth a read.

Augmented Social Network: Building Identity and Trust into the Next-General Internet by Ken Jordan, Jan Hauser, Steven Foster

as presented at the Planetwork conference on “Networking a Sustainable Future” in San Francisco on June 6, 2003

as published First Monday, Volume 8, Number 8 – 4 August 2003

Phi Beta Iota: The current approaches to “identity” are vestiges of the industrial-era commoditization of humans and the fragmentation of the commons.  In the 1990’s the Hackers Conference (Silicon Valley) discussed trust and identity authentication in combination with anonymnity (or better, invisibility).