Review: Towards a World War III Scenario: The Dangers of Nuclear War

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Michel Chossudovsky

4.0 out of 5 stars Five for Detail, Three for Bias, Solid Four for the Serious Reader / Researcher, October 8, 2012

Michel Chossudovsky is a known researcher and writer who is easily left of center; his greatest value lies in his presentation of truth in detail, something the neo-conservatives (far right of center) are incapable of doing. Anyone who demeans this author or his work is evidently incapable of understanding that Dick Cheney led the telling of 935 now-documented lies in taking the US to war on Iraq and in Afghanistan.

The book is NOT easy to read, with small print and 70 distinct separately titled pieces, all well-organized but reading like an op-ed book. The author also over-states, in my view the threat of a global nuclear war, while very pragmatically outlining the many ways in which the US and NATO are giving all indications of both tolerating an Israeli attack on Iran, perhaps with an Israeli nuclear bomb into Iran so they can pretend that they destroyed a nuclear facility that was no nuclear at all.

This is not a nuanced book in the sense that the author condemns “the US Government” as a monolyth, rather than the more artful distinction among politicians that have been bought, political appointees that have been gifted a job, senior civil servants confusing loyalty to the chain of command with defense of the Constitution, and then a broad cast of traitors and subversives from neo-conservatives to envangelicals, Pentecostalists, Opus Dei, the Mormons, long-term penetrations of the FBI and DEA and CIA by criminal gangs as well as Wall Street financial families, and so on.

Where I differ from the author is in stoutly maintaining that the US Government as a whole consists of good people trapped in a bad system. Where I agree with the author is in his view that policies, actions, and even crimes are being under-taken in our name and at our expense that no ethical sane community should tolerate.

There will not be a nuclear war. Fukushima, and perhaps Fukushima II (another earthquake with all the fuel rods still vulnerable), are all the nuclear we can handle in the Western Hemisphere. What I do expect is an Israeli attack on Iran after the 2012 elections, regardless of who steals the election that disenfranchises 50% of the US voters, and another four years of indiscirminate actions abroad that further disgrace the Republic while doing nothing tangible to improve national security or national competiveness.

It seems to me, looking at US national security policy making from afar, that the US process consists of a handful of politicals bought and paid for by the Israeli Zionists (not to be confused with honest Jews or the people of Israel) and their Wall Street counter-parts, with a patina of policy people that go through the motions but have no real standing, and a very large military-industrial complex that has renounced strategic thinking in favor of strategic decrepitude (see my review of Clausewitz and Contemporary War and really does not care how many Fallujah uranium babies or mutants, how many veteran suicides, how many veteran amputees, as long as they can keep the money flowing and avoid all accountability.

I have written a short piece, 2012 Reflections on Inspectors General, at Phi Beta Iota the Public Intelligence Blog, and it captures my view that the time has come for Inspectors General to return to the intent of George Washington and represent the public in assuring righteous ends, reasonable ways, and affordable means.

Generally speaking, I recommend books by Michael Klare and Ralph Peters to those by this author, but if you are a nuclear bug, or if you want to get into the level of detail that only a highly skilled researcher of the leftist bent will undertake, then I absolutely recommend this book for its detail and its footnotes.

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