Review (Guest): Final Judgment – The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy

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Michael Collins Piper

By Herbert L Calhoun on March 10, 2003

As one who has read over 200 books on the JFK Assassination, and engaged in research both as an individual and as part of various teams, I can say without fear of contradiction that Piper's book is now the definitive work on the JFK Assassination. “Final Judgement” is the most thorough, most honest, most penetrating, most factual, and most analytically complete and systematic of all that I have read so far.

The author builds an upwardly spiralling tapestry of well documented facts that connect the threads of the conspiracy as they ascend level by level from the ground up to the very tip of the pyramid. Along the way, he breaks the conspiracy into easily digestible parts. Otherwise its sheer complexity would be nearly impossible to follow and decipher. At each level, the threads of the puzzle are woven together in such a way that the fog from the labyrinth is slowly but inexorably lifted until eventually it is peeled back completely and the outlines of the conspiracy are laid bare. What is revealed is as convincing as it is scary. Someday America will have to face some unplesant truths about its democracy and about how it has been, and continues to be manipulated, if not completely comandeered by those whose primary loyalties lie elsewhere.

While the links at some of the levels may be tenuous, the author refuses to “fake or fudge the data” or to be “fatally selective” in what is included or left out–as was so clearly the case in Posner's “Case Closed,” or indeed as was the case in the Warren Commission's own flawed report. Piper is intrepid in following his analysis to every logical conclusion–wherever they lead and whatever the implications may be. In short, Piper keeps his eye on the donout (“Big Picture”) and not on the hole (inessential details). he focuses on the “why and how” of the conspiracy and unmistakeably the threads all lead back to Israel, Israeli super-patriots, the Myer Lanskey led “Jewish branch of the mob,” and the Massad and the international “agents of influence” under its control.

While serious researchers may quibble with inessential details in the study, such as tenuous links at some levels, or redundancies at others, those of us who have studied this issue since the days after the assassination always knew that the truth would have its own resonance–like the Garrison investigation did. We knew that the truth would have its own context, its own smell, like Peter Dale Scott's “Deep Politics and the Death of JFK” did. Piper's book has them all and in the grand tradition of Carl Oglesby's “Yankee Cowboy War,” Micheal Piper has struck gold. He has hit the “mother lode,” and in the process has pointed the finger at, if not tightened the proverbial noose around, the necks of the cabal of conspirators responsible for pulling the strings (and triggers) of the JFK assassination.

JFK assassination research has a new standard bearer. It will never be the same again. Because of this book, future research will begin to focus more on the “big picture,” and turn away from constantly grinding, ad nauseam, at inconsistencies in the Warren Commission's Report. Compared to Posner's “Case Closed,” Final Judgement is a masterpiece.

Phi Beta Iota: Daniel P. Sheehan uses  this book to conclude his 2013 university course covering seven theories of who killed JFK. See his online references and videos: Daniel P. Sheehan: Who Killed JFK?.

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