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I'm sticking to my story–there is nothing wrong with America, the government, the department of defense, or the secret intelligence community, that cannot be restored with one word–INTEGRITY.

In no way does this impugn the honor or the good intentions of specific individuals or organizations.  Instead, this addresses the reailty that our industrial-era society has failed to adapt and is on the verge of collapse in the face of complexity.  Only bottom-up Collective Intelligence can cope, but that requires innovative and pervasive education for all.

Graphic: Political Factions 002

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Pau Ray's Depiction of US Interest Groups
Pau Ray's Depiction of US Interest Groups

Used with permission, this was created by Paul Ray, co-author with Sherri Anderson of the brilliant early book, Cultural Creatives, see my review.

Contrast this issue-based factionalization–one that can be drawn together by first focusing on the 80% where we are all in general agreement–in contrast to the ideological divisions represented by the Tyranny of Two.

Reference (1996): The Brown Commission and the Future of Intelligence

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Carmen Medina What to Do When Traditional Models Fail

The Brown Commission and the Future of Intelligence

A Roundtable Discussion

On 1 March 1996, the Commission on the Roles and Capabilities of the United States Intelligence Community (the Brown Commission) issued its report to the President and to Congress. On 26 March, Studies in Intelligence board members Brian Latell, Robert Herd, John Wiant, and Bill Nolte met at the Commission's offices in the New Executive Office Building with Ann Z. Caracristi, a member of the Commission; Staff Director L. Britt Snider; and staff members Douglas Horner, Brendan Melley, Kevin Scheid, and William Kvetkas. What follows is an edited transcript of the discussion with them, reviewed in advance by the participants.

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John Perry Barlow: Why Spy? (2002)

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John Perry Barlow

Why Spy?

John Perry Barlow

Forbes, 10.07.02

If the spooks can't analyze their own data, why call it intelligence?

For more than a year now, there has been a deluge of stories and op-ed pieces about the failure of the American intelligence community to detect or prevent the September 11, 2001, massacre. Nearly all of these accounts have expressed astonishment at the apparent incompetence of America's watchdogs.

I'm astonished that anyone's astonished.

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Winn Schwartau: “Digital Pearl Harbor” Testimony to Congress, 27 June 1991

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Winn Schwartau

Winn Schwartau Congressional Testimony Digital Pearl Harbor, 27 June 1991

Hearing before the Subcommittee on Technology and Competitiveness of the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, U.S. House of Representatives, 102nd Congress, 1st Session, June 27, 1991 [No. 42].

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