2001 Treverton (US) Reshaping National Intelligence in an Age of Information

Historic Contributions, Methods & Process, Strategy
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RAND Bio Page

Dr. Greg Treverton has been a mainstay “in-house” thinker from Harvard and the Council on Foreign Relations to many years at RAND and a brief stint as Vice Chairman of the National Intelligence Council (NIC), in which capacity he heard from us on the need for all analysts to be able to do citation analysis and identify and then interact with the top 100 published and unpublished experts in their respective domains.  He has published several books, one of which, Reshaping National Intelligence for an Age of Information, was part of the 2000-2002 effort by many of us to get the US Intelligence Community refocused to where it could produce intelligence (decision-support)  for the President AND everyone else about ALL topics.  Below is his presentation to OSS '01:

Gregory Treverton
Gregory Treverton

1993 Herring (US) The Role of Intelligence in Formulating Strategy

Commercial Intelligence, Government, Historic Contributions, Strategy, Strategy
Jan Herring
Jan Herring

Jan Herring, as National Intelligence Officer (NIO) for Science & Technology (S&T) at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), tried in the 1970's to adddress the “severe deficiencies” in access to open sources of information.  Historically,  it has been the S&T analysts that understood the availability and value of open source information in all languages.  He failed within government, but did not give up.  He went into the private sector and created the Academy of Competitive Intelligence (click on his photograph to learn more) with Ben Gilad and Leonard Fuld, two of the half dozen “top guns” in the English-seaking competitive intelligence community world-wide.  If Stevan Dedijer is the father of business intelligence (qua decision-support), then Jan Herring is surely the father of business intelligence in the USA, and a global pioneer in training people to use unclassified analytic sources and methods of inestimable value to any group.

Unlike most, Jan Herring also understand the vital relevance of intelligence to the devleopment of strategy.   Below is one of his seminal papers on this topic.  See also his short paper on Business Intelligence.

Intelligence & Strategy
Intelligence & Strategy
Business Intelligence--Or Lack Thereof
Business Intelligence--Or Lack Thereof

Reference: Mapping Hypertext (1989)

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This is the seminal work in what the author has long named “information mapping.”  Posted as a public service with permission of the author, under Creative Commons license.  No commercial exploitation is permitted without documented consent of the author.

Book intended to be read two pages at a time.  The author suggests printing by the chapter, and then reading with even pages to the left and odd pages to the right, two pages at a time.

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