Review (Guest): Zero — an investigation into 9/11

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5.0 out of 5 stars Who You Gonna Believe?, September 13, 2009

Reviewed by Howard M. Kindel

This is the film that makes it impossible to accept the “official” version of the “911” tragedy any longer. It presents no new, startling evidence – no “smoking gun.” What it does, though, is to organize the wealth of available material in such a way as leave no room for doubt.

Front and center, for me anyway, has always been the Video supposedly showing Osama Bin Laden taking credit for the attacks – a Video that just magically turned up almost out of nowhere a couple months after the attacks. This Video has always been suspect precisely because it surfaced just about the time people were beginning to doubt the “official” version.

The other telling piece of evidence is, ironically, something that has no direct bearing on the events of “911.” It's the man from the Underwriters' Laboratory. I recall vividly how he was ridiculed as being merely an underwriter who, as such, could have no valid opinion to offer. What I learned for the first time from this DVD is that he wasn't merely an underwriter who leaped headlong into the “911 truth movement.” In point of fact (which was never mentioned in any of the reports I heard) the agency investigating the collapse of the twin towers (NIST) specifically contracted with Underwriters' Laboratory to run a series of tests to show how the towers could have fallen from the plane crashes. These tests did not show what the NIST expected, so they were watered down. This man was one of the team leaders conducting the tests and all he did was go public with the actual test results – for which he was summarily fired and held up to public ridicule.

Add to this the air traffic controller and FBI agent's testimony, plus the gross inconsistencies of the actual events, and you have quite a full blown picture of something greatly at odds with the “official” version. So the question really comes down to: who's telling the truth – the government or this group of Italian/French/German producers? I would say, go with the one that hasn't lied to you. And that only leaves one choice.

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