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Foster and Kimberly Gamble

5.0 out of 5 stars Free Online and Worth Buying to Support the Endeavor, March 14, 2014

This is a riveting movie with phenomenal visuals. I’d rather it had been an hour long instead of two, but in the spirit of slow food and slow Internet, certainly worth two hours of your time as an inspiration to change how you live for the rest of your life.

The movie is a personal contribution of Foster Gamble of the Proctor & Gamble family, but he grew a soul starting in elementary school and by the time he finished at Princeton, he was on his way to being a full-blown radical thinker with libertarian tendencies.

The first third of the movie is focused on free energy and all the pioneers from Telsa to Trombly to Bedeini to Hutchinson to Mallove who created proven sources of free energy only to suffer raids from the FBI (we do not make this stuff up) and other abuses including in some cases the torching of their labs and murder. I am hugely impressed by this portion of the movie, which includes short interviews, and I strongly recommend the movie for this part alone if you lack patience for what follows.

The second third of the movie gets into “who benefits” from the suppression of free energy, natural cures for cancer, and morphs over into the suppression of healthy food and the manipulation of education. This section is less balanced but quite good, and ends with two key points: that we are in a top down hierarchy that should not exist, and the free energy at the local level is the key to breaking the back of that tyranny.

The second third of the movie gets into the specifics of who controls us all by leveraging money, control of energy and food and health care, and how they use norms and organizational hierarchies to fit everyone into a slot within which they are held by peer pressure. There is a discussion of eugenics as part of the plan for reducing the stress on the Earth to benefit the 1%, and direct discussion of how the US Government has experimented on its own citizens over 30 times with toxins that produces results among which are found insterility.

The final third of the movie moves into solutions and begins on the positive note that we outnumber the 1% roughly 1 million to 1. A compelling case is made by Foster Gamble himself with respect for how we are in a struggle for the soul of humanity, and we must begin with an embrace of a world view that places humanity as central to benign innovation — non-violation should be our core principle.

A number of solutions are outlined in a concluding segment that is introduced by Kimberly Gamble and has her voice through-out. The top ten actions are:

1. Get informed, speak up, & connect with others
2. Bank locally
3. Buy and invest responsibily
4. Join the movement to audit and end the Federal Reserve (which is neither Federal nor a Reserve)
5. Keep the Internet Fair & Open
6. Support Independent Media
7. Support Organic, Non-GMO Farming
8. Require Election & Campaign Finance Reform
9. Advocate for Renewable and “Free”Energy
10. Take Part in Critical Mass Actions

On balance I would like to see the movie done again, this time on the basis of a one year study that creates a sunshine citizen’s government able to create a coalition cabinet, a balanced budget, and a citizens network creating an autonomous Internet (one that cannot be shut down), a distributed school of future-oriented hybrid governance, and a development plan for creating free energy and unlimited distilled and desalinated water one county at a time.

What stays with me most strongly is the emphasis on how each have a worldview and that worldview is what makes possible our going forward. This is a whole other movie all its own. I was very impressed by Danny Sheehan’s focus on worldview as making facts irrelevant (see my review of The People’s Advocate: The Life and Legal History of America’s Most Fearless Public Interest Lawyer, and also the worldview section at the website That makes this point VERY complicated because it really means that we have ahead of us a three part challenge: raising the next generation to have the libertarian or individual-centered worldview; adapting and evolving our own worldview to be all we can and should be; and finally, the hardest, learning how to deal with, in a constructive fashion, the very large numbers of people who havce worldviews that are toxic for humanity.

I was going to link to my ten link limit, but this movie is so broad and meaningful in relation to our shared future, I am going to point instead to the book section at Phi Beta Iota the Public Intelligence Blog, where access to my 1900+ non-fiction reviews is possible via any of the 98 categories in which I read. But for this review, I want to point to four lists of lists of Amazon reviews, all leading to their respective Amazon pages, and both easily found by searching for the text:

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I recommend the DVD be bought here at Amazon, even though it is free online, as a means of both supporting the endeavor with revenue, and helping the Amazon ranking of the DVD.

Best wishes to all,
Robert David STEELE Vivas
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