Review: The Grand Self-Deception – A Libertarian Manifesto Against the Deep State – The Failed Welfare-Taxation Model of Norway

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5 Stars — Destroys the Deep State in 479 Pages

I met the author of this book in Norway, when he interviewed me for Ny Tid (Modern Times) in relation to my nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, an interview that is on YouTube in multiple channels. I absolutely respect his combination of intelligence and integrity, and in any hearing that pits him against the Deep State, I would absolutely believe him and challenge the Deep State. This is his manifesto.

At 479 pages, with a fourteen page table of contents (Kindle users will love this, it is the deepest most specific table of contents I have ever seen in a business, economics, ethics, libertarian, or political book), this book is both a bargain at cost per page and a brilliant provocation with brain-bombs left and right.

God Bless Donald Trump — for all of Trump's failings as he rolls over and plays dead for the Deep State (with a reported promise of no less than $20B for playing his role) — we are indebted to Donald Trump for doing in 120 days what so many of us, including the Libertarian Party of which I am a member, have failed to do in a quarter century: made the Deep State a topic of common conversation. The mainstream “fake news” media can no longer repress this topic, it is mainstream.

I found this book riveting.  It took me eight hours to read and the best thing I can say about this book is that it is the most detailed account I have ever seen of every lie, every crime, every deception, every abuse, every atrocity, associated with the power of the Deep State (bankers controlling political parties that screw the public in tandem with secret intelligence services that are now like a secret police).

While rooted in the author's personal experience across multiple industries including banking, media, and shipping, and in the specific experience of Norway as a state that is now bankrupt because it has failed to tax the rich while extending too many benefits to keep the poor quiet, I consider this book a fundamental reference for all those who wish to challenge what Matt Taibbi calls “Griftopia,” the merger of banking and political crime at all levels (federal, state, and local). As the author points out, the Deep State is getting away with all forms of crime — pervasive crime — that if we as individuals or small business owners were the perpetrators, would see us all promptly hanged.

The author is an intellectual and ethical heavy-weight, and he demolishes in passing Paul Krugman and other Nobel prize winning economics (both Norway and the Nobel Peace Prize are totally controlled by the global Deep State led by the Rothschilds and the City of London — the fastest way to win the Nobel Peace Prize these days is to either be a serial war criminal, or a CIA-sponsored covert action political publicity stunt or false flag group).

The level of thoughtful detail in this book is astonishing.  Every topic from banking to corruption to inflation to taxation to welfare is treated with intellectual rigor.  The English is first class. Originally published in Norwegian, I find the English across this volume to be perfect.

The author's bottom line is compelling: Norway is bankrupt, the West is bankrupt, corrupt Western “capitalism” has in fact been a form of fascism and communism merged — bankers controlling and looting the economy while keeping the public quiet with socialist benefits a bankrupt state cannot afford.

CreateSpace has done a first rate job of allowing the author to self-publish, and I for one urge one and all who read this review to buy the book. It is in some ways the first shot in the new world war between the bankers and the political  tyrannies that they own from the UK-US across the Nordics and the EU and of course including the 40+ dictators that the US supports against the best interests of the public — and the 99%, we deplorables rising. Want to put the Deep State to death?  Start here.

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