Mikael Cromsjo: Fractal Democracy

Civil Society, Collective Intelligence, Ethics

PBI: Video interview coming soon.

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Crowd resource mining and decision-making with fractal structures

A dynamic fractal organization is a system for crowd-based information gathering, decision making, and project management. It is a way of organizing and creating group decisions that optimize efficiency and where all members are involved in the decision-making process. The system is designed to pick up the best ideas from the larger group and bring forth the most trusted people to assist and oversee the process of making the ideas become reality. With this type of structure, we can redefine the way to co-operate and create fast and efficient actions in larger organizations, corporations as well as in spontaneous groups. It can be used as a complement to current systems and eventually replace them.

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Ed Jewett: Pandemic Integrity 101 – USA Fails Big Time – Memo for POTUS

03 Economy, 07 Health, 11 Society, Civil Society, Collective Intelligence, Ethics, Government, Lessons, Officers Call

Coalescing Effective Community Disaster Response: Simulation and Virtual Communities of Practice

Decisions and information flow back and forth, and up and down, the tapestry of response. Inaccurate perceptions, ineffective and inefficient communications and other factors may combine to generate instability or breakdown in systems responsible for crisis management and communal safety and well-being.

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John Petersen’s Mind-Expanding Reading List

Collective Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Extraterrestial Intelligence, Peace Intelligence, Worth A Look

These are the books behind John Petersen’s epic half day lecture series that we have received permission to post here  — three videos.  The videos are a master class with integrated graphics — we recommend the videos be watched before deciding to purchase any particular books. He is the most unconventional and expansive among perhaps 200 serious futurists alive.

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