Review: The Seventh Sense: Power, Fortune, and Survival in the Age of Networks

3 Star, Information Operations, Information Society, Information Technology
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Joshua Cooper Ramo

3.0 out of 5 stars Over-Sold, Dated, Shallow, Not At All Inspiring

Do not trust jacket blurbs from celebrities — most of these blurbs are written without ever reading the book, a form of corruption.

See Instead (a 6 Star Book): Connectography: Mapping the Future of Global Civilization

Ramo’s intent is to sensitize us to changes we are living through as highly connected networks come to dominate nearly every aspect of society. He does not presume to tell us how it will all turn out, only that institutions will be thoroughly reshaped under relentless pressures. He offers hints of the posture one might develop to make the most of the situation we are in, but there are no guarantees. So while the reader might enjoy the reassurance of a conclusive diagnosis and a sure-fire strategy for success, as so many business books offer, Ramos feels that it would be unwise to offer that sort of satisfaction. His premise is correct, but the alternative satisfaction — of wisdom — sets a high bar. Does he deliver?

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Review: The Story – A Reporter’s Journey

3 Star, Media
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Judith Miller

3.0 out of 5 stars From the Person Who Helped Cheney Lie Us Into a $4 Trillion War, April 7, 2015

The author of this book almost single-handedly helped Dick Cheney lie the US public into a $4 trillion dollar war, the New York Times managers then lacking in integrity — these are the same people that covered up rendition and torture and mass surveillance by NSA at opportune times, so as to “help” a favored President living by Henry Kissinger’s motto, “The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little longer.”

I certainly recommend the book, at the very low price that is consistent with this book’s lack of depth — like looking insider the mind of a worm, everyone should do this at least once.

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Review (Guest): Unstoppable – The Emerging Left-Right Alliance to Dismantle the Corporate State

3 Star, America (Founders, Current Situation), Congress (Failure, Reform), Crime (Corporate), Politics, Power (Pathologies & Utilization)
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Ralph Nader

3.0 out of 5 stars This is Both an Accurate and a Useful Treatise, But …?, October 25, 2014

By Herbert L Calhoun “paulocal”

… the accurate part is not very useful and the useful part is not very accurate. Allow me to explain by beginning with the accurate part of the book first.

Using his considerable experiences and his legal skills as an activist, the reader will discover here that Mr. Nader is a walking encyclopedia of details on the activist ways of organizing. Here, to our great benefit, he has shared with us his invaluable multi-talented and multilayered experiences, which arguably, as useful as they may be to a properly constructed theory, in practice, were largely failures during his generation (and spectacularly so in the case of his presidential runs).

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