Bin Laden Show 60: Balanced Muslim Perspective

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The bin Laden wedge

Uthman Badar, ABC Australia, 13 May 2011

Uthman Badar My phone ran hot last week with calls from media. After giving numerous interviews to TV, radio, and print media, there was a discernable pattern as to what journalists were after.


The reality of what most Muslims thought was, of course, far more nuanced and, dare I say it, reasonable. On our part, we had issued a statement on the killing of bin Laden in which we highlighted the substantive points on the matter.

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One, Western Governments have committed far greater acts of terrorism than any individual. Two, the issue is not the person of bin Laden but the context of his struggle being a struggle of resistance against Western imperialism in the Muslim World – a resistance which Muslims globally relate to. Third, the killing of bin Laden was no real victory, it would make little difference on the ground, and the ‘War on Terror’, on the whole, was in fact a resounding failure.

These assertions confounded, apparently, most of the journalists.

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Bin Laden Show 59: Waterboarding for Morons Part II–Senator John McCain Gets Explicit “NO–N, O”

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Former Attorney General: McCain ‘simply incorrect’ on interrogations that led to key Bin Laden intel

Phi Beta Iota: This individual means well and probably remembers what he was told, but CIA has a history of lying to Presidents, Attorney Generals, and Congress and we professionals know for a FACT that waterboarding does not work, it creates false leads, and only morons support the concept in their ignorance.

John McCain to Bush apologists: Stop lying about Bin Laden and torture

Sen. John McCain: Osama Bin Laden was not killed because of information obtained by torture

McCain: Harsh Interrogations Didn’t Help Track Down bin Laden

Bin Laden Show 58: Bin Laden Journal No Arab Spring

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The Arab Spring began on 30 January 2011.  Bin Laden was allegedly killed on 1 May 2011.  90 days.  One of many truth-tellers is the absence of any reference to the Arab Spring in the Bin Laden “Journal.”

CIA can of course invent something after the fact, but forensic analysis of the actual documents–if they are ever made available–will probably show nothing to suggest that Bin Laden was alive during the Arab Spring.

Phi Beta Iota: Obama appears unwitting of the fact that the real Arab Spring and the real Bin Laden had the same objectives: an end to corruption, including dictatorships and including US imperial privileges in Arabia.

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Bin Laden Show 57: Senators are Gullible, Journal is Dubious–the Bin Laden Show Poised to Displace All Reasonable Thinking for Next Year

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Senator James Inhofe

Osama bin Laden pictures leave no doubt he is dead, Senator claims

The pictures of Osama bin Laden are definitely him and leave no doubt the al-Qaeda leader is dead, according to a Republican Senator.

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Phi Beta Iota: We have mixed feelings.  There is a 20% possibility that Bin Laden was actually there and killed, and a 20% possibility that the journals and other recovered materials are real.  What we find troubling are two things: 1) the gullibility of Senators who are not forensic experts and have not had access of any sort to the actual body (unless he was captured but this is a stretch as well); and 2) the likelihood that the high-school gibberish in these journals, whether real or concocted, will over-shadow all reasonable thought in the next year.  This is THEATER.  Terrorism is a TRAFFIC ACCIDENT.  What is being done (and not done) in our name is a million times more important than this ridiculous abuse of US power for the wrong reasons.

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Bin Laden Show 56: Taliban on a Roll, BL Irrelevant

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Afghanistan-Taliban: On the death of bin Laden. The Afghan Taliban issued a lengthy statement praising bin Laden, but decoupling his jihad from the current struggle in Afghanistan.

“…The martyr (may God the Exalted have mercy on him) was among the protectors of the Islamic Afghan jihad against the enemy Soviet Union, and he participated with complete loyalty and courage in jihad alongside the Afghans until the Soviet invader forces departed Afghanistan. He offered great sacrifices in jihad in the cause of God, which the history of the ummah of Islam will always take pride in. In addition to this, the martyr shaykh (may God the Exalted have mercy on him) was among the strongest of defenders on the issue of the first qiblah [direction of prayer] of the Muslims: the issue of Al-Aqsa in occupied Islamic Palestine. Likewise, he was the greatest mujahid, and knew not laziness in his struggle against the Crusader-Zionist aggressors all over the Islamic world…”

“… If the occupying Americans and their allies think that the ranks and fighting spirit of the mujahidin in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the occupied lands will weaken with the killing of Shaykh Usama Bin Ladin (may God have mercy on him), this points toward the naïve thinking of the Americans and their lack of understanding of the meanings of jihad and martyrdom. The tree of jihad has been watered, and it is flourishing. It will always do so from the pure blood of the martyrs. With the martyrdom of each martyr, a hundred others will advance to the fields of sacrifice and devotion.”

‘Let America know that the jihadist movement present now in Afghanistan was established from within the Afghan people. It is an expression of the sentiments and hopes of this proud people, and every strike from the occupiers in this country will engender a more powerful response than the strike. The people are in solidarity with the mujahedin.’

‘Indeed, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers that the martyrdom of Shaykh Usama (may God have mercy on him) at this sensitive stage of jihad will give birth to a new spirit of jihad against the occupiers, and will incite the jihadist waves further and further. Time will prove, to friend and enemy alike, the will of God the Exalted. What we have said is sincere.’

‘The Shura Command of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan ”

Comment: The statement represents guidance to the commanders in Afghanistan that bin Laden was important in the fight against the Soviets and his death is an inspiration for the future. The Shura Command, however, does not extol him as a hero of Afghanistan today. Rather it stresses the point that his struggle moved in a different direction. The Afghan fight is home grown so that bin Laden’s death is not a blow to the Taliban struggle or morale.

The statement makes clear that the Taliban think that bin Laden had nothing to do with the struggle of the Taliban.  The Afghans always despised the Arabs as much as the Arabs looked down on the Afghans. Mullah Omar extended hospitality to bin Laden and his Arabs and they paid him rent and abused Afghan hospitality.  Omar lived to regret the arrangement because he lost his country in 2001 to US forces and northern tribal allies because of those Arabs.  The Shura members apparently have not let Omar forget his bad judgment and thus they showered bin Laden with faint praise.

The language of the statement also looks like a direct rebuke of western pundits and officials who predicted that bin Laden’s death would demoralize the Taliban. The Shura Command disagrees and so does the data on the level of fighting and security incidents in May. More to follow.


Bin Laden Show 55: Waterboarding for Morons

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Fact Check: No evidence presented waterboarding helped find bin Laden

Phi Beta Iota: An excellent objective piece that  confirms what all of us–and particularly Col Stuart Herrington, USA (Ret)–as well as some of those actually involved in the CIA campaign–have been saying.  Waterboarding does not work.  It leads to fiction that wastes time and money and has a political risk cost.  Any politician or media person who sounds off in favor of waterboarding–and this now includes Trump and Huckabee–is an ignorant fool on this specific topic.  Panetta is either being lied to by the counter-terror aides, or abusing the truth for political ends, essentially demonstrating his figure-head status.

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Bin Laden Show 54: Destroying Hooch, No Forensics

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Osama Bin Laden Compound to be Destroyed

LadyBlogr, 9 May 2011

Pakistan officials have stated their are going to destroy the Osama Bin Laden compound. They feel it may lead to be worshiped as a shrine in honor of bin Laden. People are flocking to see the compound. As of yet they do not know how to destroy the place but will do so soon. They feel this is an embarrassment to the country.

Phi Beta Iota: Broadcast media have focused on the wealth of forensic evidence that could be available within the compound if it were indeed Bin Laden’s final headquarters and if it were not slated for immediate destruction.

Bin Laden Show 53: Bin Laden Logs “Left Behind”

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US officials: Pakistan hasn’t shared detailed bin Laden logs left behind

By Jim Miklaszewski, NBC News chief Pentagon correspondent, and Robert Windrem, NBC News investigative producer for special projects

The U.S. Navy Seals who killed Osama bin Laden recovered a number of the former al-Qaida leader’s journals at the Pakistan compound where he was hiding, but they were forced to leave behind detailed logs of bin Laden and al-Qaida activity that the Pakistanis have not yet shared, senior U.S. officials told NBC News on Wednesday.

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Phi Beta Iota:  We doubt that serious forensics and graphalogy will be brought to bear on this “treasure trove,” and consider the “left behind” series of logs to be inherently suspect.  It is impossible to know the truth of the matter at this time, the major reason why the Bin Laden Show has been posted in so many pieces, to enable others to connect dots and offer up missing pieces.

Bin Laden Show 52: Chinese Inspect the Pieces

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China seeks access to wreckage of Seals’ copter

US helicopter used in bin Laden raid grips aviation world

Technology in US helicopter not so secret: expert

Phi Beta Iota: As of 2100 broadcast media are reporting that Chinese scientists have examined the surviving wreckage.  We are reminded that the Tomahawk attack on Bin Laden in the Clinton era yielded one dysfunctional Tomahawk arriving in time for Bin Laden to sell it to the Chinese for US$10M.  The “true cost” calculations of such misadventures are analytically stimulating.

Bin Laden Show 51: 1997 Tenet Kills Global Coverage

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OSS.Net Posts CIA Report on Global Coverage from July 1997 – George Tenet Blew It Off, Giving Bin Laden Free Rein to Attack

WASHINGTON, Nov. 22 /PRNewswire/ — Robert David Steele Vivas, CEO of OSS.Net, a global open source intelligence (OSINT) provider, has posted to a copy of the unclassified report written for then Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet, on “The Challenge of Global Coverage.” Delivered in July 1997, the report represents a consensus view across all Assistant Secretaries of Defense and State, and U.S. Intelligence Community agency heads, that the U.S. Intelligence Community was failing to cover the “rest of the world” beyond seven denied area countries, and this was a serious mistake.

The report calls for $1.5 billion a year for open sources of information, roughly $10 million a year for each of the 150 “lower-tier” (CIA code for “we can ignore”) issues such as terrorism, poverty, disease, and crime, as well as lower-tier countries such as Yemen, Somalia, and Indonesia, where terrorism is spawned.

Tenet blew off this report, saying that he was in the business of producing secrets for the President. With that one decision, he gave Bin Laden free rein to attack America and sentenced America to ignorance.

America may not be interested in reality, but reality is most definitely interested in America. Terrorism is the least of our worries. The end of cheap oil, the end of free water, the rise of pandemic disease and the proliferation of corruption among failed states and U.S. corporations, are, in the aggregate a clear and present threat to the Republic.

There is one solution: the establishment of a national Open Source Agency that is outside the U.S. Intelligence Community, under the auspices of the Department of State, with a director appointed for life as are the Supreme Court Justices.

This report spells out, in clear and precise terms, why America needs such an organization, one committed to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, as it can be known from all information, in all languages, all the time.

This report will be distributed in hard-copy at IOP ’06 in January 2006, where the author of the report will speak about his findings. See for information about this international conference.

Phi Beta Iota: It took nine years for the “fact of” Tenet’s 1997 decision, and the unclassified version of the report, to reach the public domain.  Nine years during which open source information across all languages could have made a difference, not only in detecting foreign threats, but in detecting lies from within the US Government.  Tenet will never be held accountable for this decision, or his “slam dunk” support of Vice President Dick Cheney’s elective war on Iraq.  We are long over-due for a mature intelligence profession that works in real time with M4IS2, relying almost exclusively on open sources of information in 183 languages, leveraging the distributed intelligence of the global collective, and welcoming–demanding–transparency as a foundation for creating trust where now there is none, and rightly so.

Bin Laden Show 50: Loose Ends (Arab View)

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Counterpoint: Loose ends about Osama Bin Laden’s death

Special to Al Arabiya

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

There are many loose ends about the last days, and death, of Osama Bin Laden.

The loose ends continue to pile up as time passes. There was an alleged firefight at the compound; so where are the signs of flash grenades? Even the room in which Bin Laden made his last stand had no bullet holes in the wall! As daily videos pour out from the now most famous house in Pakistan one cannot help notice the lack of signs of a firefight at the compound.

The plot thickens when one considers that according to intelligence, Bin Laden needed two dialysis treatments a day for his failing kidneys. There was no evidence of medical equipment in the compound that would suggest such an ill man was being treated for a kidney condition as bad as alleged for Osama Bin Laden. Was he cured through a kidney transplant? When? Who performed the operation and where?

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Phi Beta Iota: The US Government generally, and the US Intelligence Community specifically, really do not understand “crowd sourcing” or collective intelligence as it has evolved in accelerated fashion just in pasts two years.  The Bin Laden Show is important because it has–no doubt to the surprise of its producers–focused massive distributed eyes and brains on every detail from 9-11 forward.  There is no other thing the US Government could have done to mobilize the rest of the world into paying attention to “loose ends.”  We pray this is the beginning of transparency, truth, and trust as we go into the future.

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Bin Laden Show 48: PK ISI Chief Hamid Gul: Theater

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General Hamid Gul

Former Pakistani intelligence chief Hamid Gul went on the Alex Jones Show today and characterized the unverified assassination of Osama bin Laden as symbolic theater.

Kurt Nimmo, May 2, 2011

Gul said the event was a “make believe drama” designed to be used for Obama’s upcoming re-election campaign.

The supposed hit as described by the government and the corporate media is the “stuff of folk lore, for legend-making and the ballad,” Gull explained.

Hamid Gull went on to cite the late Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto, who told David Frost in late 2007 that Osama bin Laden was murdered by Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, who is also one of the men convicted of kidnapping and killing journalist Daniel Pearl.

The BBC had excised Bhutto’s comment but was forced to reinsert the footage in its version after the unedited version appeared on YouTube.

She was assassinated on December 27, 2007, after a political rally in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

Source article with embedded 14:06 video of interview with former Pakistan intelligence chief Hamid Gul

Phi Beta Iota: Pakistani officers, whether active or retired, do not break ranks or they get assassinated.  This could well be an early Pakistani counter-attack on being “caught out” with Bin Laden, but all evidence that we have seen points toward this being the correct view:  CIA theater with JSOG as unwitting dupes.

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Bin Laden Show 47: Eye, Ear, Nose Forensics

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Osama bin Laden’s Nose and Left Ear

by Joe Quinn May 10, 2011

I’m sure we’re all very tired by now of the Osama bin Laden nonsense, I know I am, and I really wish it would just go away. Sadly, that seems an unlikely prospect in the near future.

I’ve already provided more than enough evidence for all rational people to seriously doubt the authenticity of the “Osama bin Laden is dead” story. I’ve also exposed the many faked images and videos of the alleged terrorist mastermind that were released over the past 10 years. But the US government and CIA aren’t ready to quit just yet. It would appear that they’re determined to push the boundaries of belief and exploit public credulousness to the max (and perhaps beyond).

Full report with numerous photographs and links…

Phi Beta Iota: Over 15 individuals are contributing to the Bin Laden Show series.  This one wishes to remain anonymous but observes that the reported details all defy credibility, and that forensics is a science that is not being applied by the gullible (or co-opted) mainstream media.