Journal: Is US Destabilizing Baluchistan to Take Over Gwadar Port? Is the Terrorist Iran Just Captured a CIA Asset? Is China Going to Sit Still?

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Webster Griffin Tarpley

The Battle for Baluchistan: Iran Nabs Top NATO Terrorist with Help from Pakistan

February 25, 2010

On Tuesday Feb. 23, Iran announced the capture of Abdulmalek Rigi, the boss of the terror organization Jundullah, which works for NATO. The capture of Rigi represents a serious setback for the US-UK strategy of using false flag state-sponsored terrorism against Iran and Pakistan, and ultimately to sabotage China’s geopolitics of oil.

Strategic Port Gwadar

Phi Beta Iota: Dr. Tarpley’s complete overview is well worth reading and we also recommend watching the short video of his interview with Russian television.  To the right  is a snapshot of the Port of Gwadar linked to its Wikipedia page–we have felt for some time that the USA is over-extended, out-foxed, and fooling no one, least of all the Chinese.

Strategic Port Gwadar

When US supply ships start going dead in the water from electromagnetic scrambling of their propulsion and navigation systems, we will know that China has had enough of this foolishness.  The days of secure non-attributable false flag operations are OVER.

Journal: Individual Dignity & Collective Defense

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Google execs convicted in Italy for Down syndrome video

MILAN (Reuters) – A Milan court convicted three Google Inc executives on Wednesday for violating the privacy of an Italian boy with Down’s syndrome by letting a video of him being bullied be posted on the site in 2006.

Phi Beta Iota: The Italians made a mistake.  Instead of using the video to aggressively convict the bullies of the Down’s syndrome boy, they are shooting the messenger.  This is just as ignorant and ill-advised as the police trying to criminalize Twitter  texts and cell phone video of police brutality.  The right of the people to bear witness cannot be undermined by the courts, IOHO.

Journal: Haiti Update 21 February 2010

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U.N. aid chief ‘disappointed’ with Haiti earthquake relief efforts

UNITED NATIONS — The United Nations’ top humanitarian relief coordinator has scolded his lieutenants for failing to adequately manage the relief effort in Haiti, saying that an uneven response in the month after the devastating Jan. 12 earthquake has undercut confidence in the world body’s ability to deliver vital assistance, according to a confidential e-mail.

The criticism from John Holmes, the head of the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, focuses on the United Nations’ sluggish implementation of its humanitarian “cluster strategy,” which assigns key U.N. relief agencies responsibility for coordinating the delivery of basic needs in 12 sectors, including water and shelter.

Haiti: Earthquake Situation Report #22

WASH partners are currently reaching 850,000 people with 5 litres of water a day, covering 83 per cent of the target population. A 75 per cent gap remains, however, in the provision of latrines.

The Health cluster warns that there is a risk of a large-scale outbreak of diarrhea, given the present overcrowding, poor sanitation and lack of effective waste disposal systems in spontaneous settlement sites.

Rain brings more misery to Haiti earthquake survivors

Aid agencies warn of new humanitarian disaster if shelter and sanitation not improved quickly

Study: Quake damage twice value of Haiti economy

A report by three Inter-American Development Bank economists found last month’s earthquake to be more devastating than the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was for Indonesia, and five times deadlier than the 1972 earthquake that leveled Nicaragua’s capital.

Reference: Haiti Rolling Directory from 12 January 2010

Journal: Modern Obstacles to Spying & Assassination

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Marcus Aurelius

(1)  I’ve seen some of the surveillance video on CNN; here is a link to more.

(2)  Regardless of who ran the operation, sounds like the Hamas guy needed to go;

(3) in addition to surveillance and biometrics, proliferation of commercially-available databases such ChoicePoint  creates additional operational challenges.)

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How spy technologies foil old-school political killings

By R. Jeffrey Smith and Peter Finn

Saturday, February 20, 2010; A13

The practice of secretly assassinating purported enemies of the state — an age-old tool of foreign policy — has run up against steadily improving international police collaboration and the global proliferation of surveillance technologies that make it harder for anyone anywhere to surreptitiously conduct a high-profile killing on foreign soil.

In Doha, London and now Dubai, political killers have been caught on film and tracked, provoking unexpected attention and controversy for the organizers. Because of new biometric technologies, the proliferation of cheap video, and sophisticated monitoring of customs points and airports, the skills of those who specialize in the creation of fictional identities have been tested, and sometimes defeated.

The apparent political killing of Hamas operative Mahmoud al-Mabhouh has ricocheted around the world in recent days after his alleged attackers were spotted by a camera above an elevator at the Dubai Al-Bustan Rotana hotel, in the United Arab Emirates. Four suspects, all obvious weight-lifters, were filmed exiting in pairs and heading for Mabhouh’s room.

Shortly after the killing, they were again filmed, this time more nervously boarding the same elevator, wearing the same baseball caps. Then they were filmed again, leaving the airport on flights to Europe, Africa and Asia. On Thursday, Interpol issued warrants for 11 suspects after the Dubai police conducted a careful study of their videotaped movements at nearly a dozen locales. Their mug shots had already been flashed on television screens around the world.ed to this report.

Journal: US Rubin-Summers Tungsten Gold Round II

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Phi Beta Iota: We first displayed a post on the US cheating others with gold wrapped around tungsten on 18 November 2009, at Journal: Fake Gold Bars from China to India, Made in the USA–Federal Reserve and Bank of NY Accused–Meanwhile, Prison Planet and Bullion Vault Say No.  The story is now resurfacing, and in the course of looking it over (with some skepticism, but confident that the matter has not been properly investigated by the US Government which is evidently culpable on multiple fronts.

Is the Dollar “Good as Tungsten”? (FOFAO,November 15, 2009)

This is the best overall summary we have found, with devastating looks at Larry Summers’ past published speculation on how manipulating the gold price downwards could improve the value of Treasury issues, the connections with Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin–it all hangs together and is elegantly brought together.

Journal: Haiti Net Assessment as of 11 February 2010

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Phi Beta Iota Net Assessment: The US Government succeeded at what it set out to do:  evacuate Americans and stabilize the US Embassy.  The US Coast Guard, specifically, distinguished itself, but it was not properly managed by the White House.  The US Government has failed terribly at the strategic level (not recognizing that massive aid is necessary in order to avoid a boat-lift exodus); at the operational level (failing to implement a regional traffic management plan, both air and sea, and a reverse TPFID; at the tactical level (failing to carpet bomb the place with water, food, and tentage; to include drive by touch and go deliveries by every available National Guard C-130); and at the technical level (failing to recognize–as we anticipated–that weather would make this disaster worse, and not ramming every Red Hat, Sea Bee, and Army engineering battalion into play, along with landing craft delivery of building supplies to each of the six open ports.  The US Government–from the White House to the CIA and DIA to USSOUTHCOM–has failed the US public by not recognizing the gravity of the Haiti situatioin; by not putting in Peace Jumpers and getting a grip in detail on the situation grid square by grid square; by failing to create a net assessment out 90-180 days so as to compellingly justify a massive peaceful preventive response.  We’ve blown it in Haiti.  Again.

Disease, starvation rising in Haiti (Baltimore Sun)

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — – Fourteen-month-old Abigail Charlot survived Haiti’s cataclysmic earthquake but not its miserable aftermath. Brought into the capital’s General Hospital with fever and diarrhea, Abigail literally dried up.  Sometimes they arrive too late,” said Dr. Adrien Colimon, the chief of pediatrics, shaking her head.  The second stage of Haiti’s medical emergency has begun, with diarrheal illnesses, acute respiratory infections and malnutrition beginning to claim lives by the dozen.  And while the half-million people jammed into germ-breeding makeshift camps have so far been spared a contagious-disease outbreak, health officials fear epidemics. They are rushing to vaccinate 530,000 children against measles, diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough.

Rain pours new misery on quake-struck Haiti (Reuters)

PORT-AU-PRINCE (Reuters) – Rain drenched quake survivors in the tent camps of the Haitian capital on Thursday, a warning of fresh misery to come for the 1 million homeless living in the street one month after the devastating earthquake.

Haiti offers conflicting counts on number of quake deaths (Boston Globe)

TITANYEN, Haiti – Haiti issued wildly conflicting death tolls for the Jan. 12 earthquake yesterday, adding to the confusion about how many people died – and to suspicion that nobody really knows.  A day after Marie-Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue, communications minister, raised the official death toll to 230,000, her office put out a statement quoting President Rene Preval as saying the government had hastily buried 270,000 bodies following the earthquake. A press officer withdrew the statement, saying there was an error, but reissued it within minutes. Later yesterday, the ministry said that because of a typo, the number should have read 170,000.

A System Designed to Fail Haitians (Huffington Post)

Conditions in Haiti remain unbearable for many. Nearly a month after the quake, there is still a shortage of basic necessities, including food, water, and shelter. The potential death toll is staggering and there is a shortage of medical staff to deal with the injured. There is no way to know what other difficulties or particular risks might face some Haitians who are returned. While it may be no surprise that some Haitians have opted to flee by boat, what may come as a surprise to some is the U.S. policy for dealing with those who do.

Journal: Haiti Rolling Directory from 12 January 2010