DefDog: IAEA Veteran’s Letter “No Iran Bomb” Being Ignored

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I know nothing about the science, but this seems credible–certainly worth considering.

World Renown Nuke Expert Nails Bibi to the Wall on Iran Bomb Threat

Jim W. Dean

EXTRACT (Letter Only, Editorial Hyperbole Detracts)

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu:

Iran may be in your red zone, but can not score.

Sure, Iran could divert a few tons of 3.5% or a ton of 20% enriched uranium hexaflouride gas for enrichment to 90+%. But what then?

No one has ever made a nuclear weapon from gas. It must be converted to metal and fabricated into components which are then assembled with high explosives.

Iran lacks experience with and facilities for these processes which are very dangerous because of potential for a criticality accident or nuclear explosion. Iran would not jeopardize its important, fully safeguarded nuclear programs by an attempt to have a deliverable, one kiloton yield nuclear weapon ten to fifteen years later.

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Mini-Me: Earthquakes, East Coast, Fukushima Redux + Meta-RECAP

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Who? Mini-Me?


In Japan during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami? Radiation exposure estimates now available

The Pentagon says that none of the nearly 70,000 members of the DoD-affiliated population (service members, DoD civilian employees and contractors, and family members of service members and civilian employees) who were on or near the mainland of Japan between March 12 and May 11, 2011, are known to have been exposed to radiation at levels associated with adverse medical conditions.

East Coast earthquake created a ‘new normal’

The quake was centered 3 to 4 miles beneath Mineral, a town of fewer than 500 people about 50 miles northwest of Richmond. Yet it was believed to have been felt by more people than any other in U.S. history.

Last Year’s Quake Shook Up Virginia Nukes

It was the first time ever in this country that a nuclear power station had gone through an emergency shutdown because of an earthquake. In this case it was a rare 5.8 magnitude seismic event with an epicenter a few miles away that ruined Louisa County school buildings, cracked the Washington Monument and shook the North Anna beyond what it was designed to deal with.

Why quake forecast maps often fail

Click on Image to Enlarge

Three of the largest and deadliest earthquakes in recent history occurred where earthquake hazard maps didn’t predict massive quakes, scientists say.  A combination of bad assumptions, bad data, bad physics, and bad luck is why hazard maps have failed to predict three of the largest and deadliest earthquakes in recent history.

Earthquake Damage: Are Bad Maps to Blame?

A new study argues that earthquake-hazard maps didn’t give engineers and seismologists a full picture of several recent quakes’ dangers.

Study links fracking and earthquakes

In hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, millions of gallons of water, mixed with sand and chemicals, are injected into rock thousands of feet underground to extract natural gas. Frohlich said the most likely explanation for the quakes is that once injected, the fluids apply pressure to faults in the area and unstick them.

Fukushima Hangs by the Devil’s Thread

The molten cores at Units 1, 2 & 3 have threatened all life on Earth. The flood of liquid radiation has poisoned the Pacific. Fukushima’s cesium and other airborne emissions have already dwarfed Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and all nuclear explosions including Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

But at Unit 4, more than 1500 rods remain suspended in air. Called “a bathtub on the roof” by CNN anchor Jon King, the damaged pool teeters atop a building decimated by seismic shocks and at least one hydrogen explosion. The question is not if, but when it will come crashing down.

See Also:

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John Steiner: Global Fallout from Fukishima

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John Steiner

Following is a link to the most detailed, in-depth article I have yet to read on GLOBAL Fukishima fallout…including fallout in the southern hemisphere (yes, dorothy).

Time to really start being careful about what you eat and drink…in most countries, and both hemispheres.

Read the article. Be informed. This is real.

No Place to Hide – Fukushima Fallout Findings Widespread

Mini-Me: Fukushima 3.7X Higher than Chernobyl 28.3X More Toxic

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We can see by comparing the subsets of figures below that the radioactive particle emission through the air from Fukushima is not only 3.7 times higher than Chernobyl; but, more importantly, 28.3 times more radiotoxic with every breath you take.

Fukushima’s Melted Reactors 500 Days On

Radioactive Inventory Numbers

…by Bob Nichols

(San Francisco) – Dr. Paolo Scampa, PhD, a well-known physicist in the European Union, has prepared a radioactive inventory of Fukushima Daiichi’s destroyed  nuclear power plants 500 days after the meltdown of three disemboweled, mangled reactors.

The violent extinction level event occurred Mar 11, 2011. The deadly meltdown and dispersion of radioactive fuel throughout the world is on-going to this day.

Because of the nature of long-lived and short-lived radioactivity, this summation of the radioactive Fukushima inventory is valid for many years. Dr. Scampa’s inventory is current as of Friday, June 29, 2012.

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Owl: China Delivered Turn-Key Nuclear Ballistic Missile System to Saudi Arabia from 2003

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Who? Who?

The most interesting item mentioned in this article about this self-published book from a CIA contractor, is the following:

“ALEXANDRIA, Va. (CN) – Former CIA contractor Jonathan Scherck published a book “containing intelligence-related information” without the CIA’s permission and in violation of his secrecy agreements, the United States claims in Federal Court…In the excerpt from his book, Scherck writes: “As I will lay out in much greater detail, I believe the People’s Republic of China delivered a turn-key nuclear ballistic missile system to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the course of several years beginning no later than December 2003. This illicit transfer, a flagrant violation of the Non-Proliferation Treaty, occurred while Dick Cheney was managing both the intelligence and foreign policy portfolios of the George W. Bush administration.”  Scherck says in the book that he worked as a collection management officer in the CIA from mid-January 2005 to April 3, 2007.  “I was one of only a few individuals in Washington with access to what was being said overseas at the time about Saudi Arabia’s procurement of a new ballistic missile system from China,” according to the book. “I read things, I heard things, I saw things. Admittedly, I did not see all – but I saw enough.”

CIA Contractor’s Online Book Brings Suit

BOOK: Patriot Lost (CreateSpace, 2010)

YouTube: Saudi Arabia’s Missile Program Warrants United Nations/IAEA Inspection (2011)

Phi Beta Iota:  He is not making money on the book — it has sold under 500 copies at Amazon, yielding 45% of retail to the author.  either the CIA is clueless on how its lawsuits actually promote books that would otherwise remain obscure, or someone on the political side has decided Israel needs an assist in publicizing Middle Eastern threats, however nominal, to Israel.

John Steiner: Coalition requests UN intervention to stabilize Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 at Fukushima

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John Steiner

Below now circulating within US green community.

Coalition requests UN intervention to stabilize Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 at Fukushima — Endorsed by nuclear expert

Title: Urgent Request to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
Source: Green Action Japan
Date: May 1, 2012


Nearly all of the 10,893 spent fuel assemblies at the Fukushima Daiichi plant sit in pools vulnerable to future earthquakes, with roughly 85 times more long-lived radioactivity than released at Chernobyl.

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