Robert Steele: Future-Proofing the City

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

As Wyoming plans for federal collapse (where, exactly, they will put the aircraft carrier remains unresolved), it behooves all of us to spend a little time thinking about “what if” the national supply chains for food and fuel implode.

I am not that enthused about the terms “smart city” or even “intelligent city,” but recognize both among the links below. Neither smart nor intelligent equates to agile, adaptive, resilient, or sustainable.

In the course of my cursory evening of exploration, the coolest term I found was “future-proofing,” and here is the title and link to the online lecture, “Future Proofing Cities: Planning and Designing for Future Resilience” (Craig Applegath).

Runner-up terms included the “self-sufficient city,” “off-the-grid city,” and “living architecture.”

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