Review: The Constitution Needs A Good Party & rConstitution Papers

5 Star, America (Founders, Current Situation)
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Our government’s out of control: undeclared wars, abortion, agency after agency. Meanwhile, our government people have strong powers to not execute unconstitutional laws, to veto, and to repeal. What we’re missing is a good party with separated powers, enumerated powers, and offsetting powers, and with strong controls on the quality of its brand. Build a self-limited party and we’ll get a self-limited government.

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Babette Bensoussan: Commercial Intelligence Choke Points — Why Businesses Fail to Make Good Decisions?

5 Star, Commercial Intelligence, Intelligence (Commercial)

Business and Competitive Analysis: Definition, Context, and Benefits

with Craig S. Fleisher


Most organizations today are not structured or organized properly to make good decisions that will help them outperform their competition in the marketplace.12

It is commonplace for this book’s authors to hear from decisions makers who lament in retrospect: “If only I’d known that, I’d never have made that decision or taken that action.” Such comments reflect an absence of intelligence supporting the decision maker and the lack of greater insight behind their decisions and subsequent actions.

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Review: Triggered – How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us by Donald Trump Jr.

5 Star, America (Anti-America), America (Founders, Current Situation), Biography & Memoirs, Democracy, Leadership, Misinformation & Propaganda, Values, Ethics, Sustainable Evolution, Voices Lost (Indigenous, Gender, Poor, Marginalized)
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Donald Trump Jr.

5 Stars – Authentic, On Target, Reconciles with His Father

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From the early use of normal language, calling a moron a moron and using the vernacular as in “I don’t give a shit,” this book is authentic, charming, and informative.

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Review (Guest): Google Archipelago – The Digital Gulag and the Simulation of Freedom

5 Star, Crime (Corporate), Information Society, Information Technology

5 Star – Deep Look at New Form of Tyranny

Google Archipelago: The Digital Gulag and the Simulation of Freedom begins with familiar cultural politics as points of entry to the book’s theme regarding the reach, penetration, and soon the ubiquity of the digital world. In a book about enormous sea changes brought about by digital technology, Google Archipelago begins and ends with the political, in particular with the objectives of the Big Digi­tal conglomerates as global corporate monopoly capitalists or would-be-monopolies.

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Review: Haig’s Coup – How Richard Nixon’s Closest Aide Forced Him From Office

5 Star, Crime (Government), Military & Pentagon Power, Power (Pathologies & Utilization)
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Ray Locker

5 Star — WARNING NOTICE FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP — Could History Repeat Itself?

Roger Stone recommended this book to me when we were talking about the possibility of President Trump being in a similar situation, where the Attorney General and selected aides in the White House might be conspiring against the President. And then boom, WhistleGate from a CIA person that may not exist, with a document that appears to have been drafted with direct advance complicity and guidance from Adam Schiff, who should probably be impeached lnstead of the President.

QUOTE (xv): Haig eased Nixon out of office not to save the military or the presidency but to save himself.   . . .  Haig had leaked the White House secrets, obstructed justice, and abused power.

The book is a solid indictment of Al Haig, Henry Kissinger, and then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Thomas Moorer, as outright traitors.

Watergate was not done at the President’s behest, that was an out of control CIA unit and may well have been compromised deliberately as part of a CIA coup against Nixon, jointly with JCS.  Sound familiar? We’re there again.

Worth a Look: Local is Our Future – Steps to an Economics of Happiness

5 Star, Complexity & Resilience, Culture, Research, Democracy, Economics, Nature, Diet, Memetics, Design, Philosophy, Survival & Sustainment, Values, Ethics, Sustainable Evolution

From a renowned pioneer of the anti-globalization movement, a primer on working towards a localized world

From disappearing livelihoods to financial instability, from climate chaos to an epidemic of depression, we face crises on a number of seemingly unrelated fronts.  This well-referenced book traces the common roots of these problems in a globalized economy that is incompatible with life on a finite planet. But Local is Our Future does more than just describe the problem: it describes the policy shifts and grassroots steps – many of them already underway around the world – that can move us towards the local and, thereby, towards a better world.

Review: Adopting Mission Command: Developing Leaders for a Superior Command Culture by Donald E. Vandergriff

5 Star, Leadership

Donald E. Vandergriff, Adopting Mission Command: Developing Leaders for a Superior Command Culture (Naval Institute Press, 2019)

5 Star Potentially Epic – Could Turn US Military Into an Effective Force

Reviewed by Robert David Steele

I met the author through Col Dr. Doug Macgregor, USA (Ret), whose various books, but most recently and especially Margin of Victory, set the gold standard for strategic thinking. Just as Margin of Victory makes the point that wars are won or lost ten to twenty years before they are fought, by the good or bad decisions made in longer-term strategy, acquisition, and training (e.g. tracks versus wheels, integrated versus stove-piped), so also can this book by Maj Don Vandergriff, USA (Ret) be said to be a 20-years and out war winner (or war loser if you ignore it).

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Worth a Look: When Plants Dream: Ayahuasca, Amazonian Shamanism and the Global Psychedelic Renaissance by Daniel Pinckbeck and Sophia Rokhlin

5 Star, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence, Environment (Solutions)

In When Plants Dream, Pinchbeck and Rokhlin explore the economic, social, political, cultural and environmental impact that ayahuasca is having on society. Part 1 covers the background; what ayahuasca is, where it is found, and its cultural origins. Part 2 explores the role and practices of the ayahuasquero in both Amazonian and Western cultures. Part 3 examines the medicinal plants of the Amazon, looking particularly at the ingredients in ayahuasca and their therapeutic qualities, covering the most up-to-date biomedical research, psychedelic science and psychopharmacology. It also covers all the legal aspects of ayahuasca use. Lastly in Part 4 Pinchbeck and Rokhlin question the future of ayahuasca.  When Plants Dream is the first book of its kind to look at the science and expanding culture of ayahuasca, from its historical use to its appropriation by the West and the impact it is having on cultures beyond the Amazon.