Journal: Webster Tarpley Flags Cindy Sheehan, Peace, and the Silent Liberals

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Three Items Below the Fold:

IGNORED BY MEDIA:  Sheehan Announces First Draft of International People’s Declaration of Peace

IGNORED BY LIBERALS:The Silence of the Antiwar Movement is Deafening Cindy Sheehan’s Lonely Vigil in Obamaland


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Journal: MILNET Flags Managing Oversight–the Breakdown of Congress

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Full Story Online
Full Story Online

Managing Oversight

By Shane Harris

August 26, 2009

Congressional oversight of intelligence is broken. That was the dismal conclusion of a 2006 report by the Center for American Progress, as well as the bipartisan 9/11 commission, both of which scoured the histories of congressional watchdogging — real and imagined — and concluded that the system set up to guard against abuses and keep intelligence in line with U.S. policies was not working the way it was intended.

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Journal: MomsRising & Kraft Dumping of Toxic Chemicals in USA Foods

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Child Friendly Public Intelligence
Child Friendly Public Intelligence

Click on the logo for the index of campaigns, the latest of which is against Kraft Foods for dumping toxic ingredients into food sold in the USA, ingredients not allowed in Europe and not included in Kraft products sold in Europe.

Most Americans do not realize that the USA is now a dumping ground for both toxic chemicals in food and other products, and unsafe products, because the Congress and Executive of the USA have been bribed to look the other way.  The Federal Government, for example, now sets CEILINGS on environmental controls rather than floors, and this is one reason so may states are beginning to exercise their rights of nullification (one step down from secession from the United STATES of America.

Europe is more responsible, and hence a safer environment, for humanity.  For the USA to become a dumping ground for toxins and products not allowed in Europe is an indictment of Congress  and secessive Executives, and the two-party tyranny that has consistently betrayed the public trust and helped transfer the public dollar from the payer to the special interests looting the public treasury with Democratic and Republican party line voting that has been bought, not won on the merits of public intelligence.  ENOUGH!

Journal: America Is Fed Up: Two Wings, Same (Corrupt) Bird. ENOUGH!

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Listen to Audio of Interview
Listen to Audio of Interview

Gerald Celente on Financial Newshour Aug 21 2009

The Republicans and the Democrats are the same club , People have had it and won’t take it anymore

The people have had it and won’t take it anymore, people are losing everything , they are losing their homes , they have lost their jobs , they have lost their pension, they can see and smell a crook when they can see and smell them, and the crooks are in Washington and Wall street , people are not that stupid when we bailout banks and give them hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars and then they scheme of the top and gave themselves bonuses after losing billions, this is about The People have had it and won’t take it anymore….this is going to last and continue to build in momentum …the second American revolution has begun and the media is missing it  the first three shot have been fired, The Greatest depression is on hold for now , the democrats and republicans are the same club.

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Journal: Beyond Partisanship on Health Care

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Non-Partisan Health Dialog
Non-Partisan Health Dialog

The White House and Congress are betraying the public trust on the current health care “debate” which is both uninformed and duplicitous–the White House KNOWS it has not done its homework; it KNOWS it does not have a Whole of Government strategy for governance within our means; and it KNOWS the planned bill is unaffordable, unexecutable, and good ONLY for the profits.  Until we take the profit and the waste out of health care, and address health care in four parts (see the illustration below that leads to the chapter on The Substance of Governance by Robert Steele), AND as part of a twelve-policy harmonization of means, ways, and ends, what passes for a government in the USA will continue to be criminally insane or insanely criminal.  It is what it is.  Time to change that.

Health Policy 101
Health Policy 101

Journal: Col Danny R. McKnight, USA (Ret) on Leadership

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With a tip of the hat to Marcus Aurelius, who flagged this, we have loaded an original document summarizing the lessons learned on leadership from the “Black Hawk Down” engagement (19 hours of intense combat) and list the highlights below.  Click below for the full document (5 pages).



White House gutted the mission before it started by limiting the force to 450 instead of the normal 600, meaning they went in with 25% less ORGANIC strength and skills than they trained with.

White House gutten the mission before it started by forbidding AC-130 Gun Ships, the absolute core air fire support element of all Ranger missions.

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Journal: Tom Atlee Needs Your Help

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Tom Atlee
Tom Atlee

Tom Atlee is the single most important person responsible for introducing Robert Steele to the emerging concepts of Public Intelligence and Collective Intelligence.  Apart from all the books (Smart Mobs, Here Comes Everybody, Groundswell, Army of Davids , Here Comes Everybody, etcetera), it is Tom Atlee who has been the catalyst for convergence across all the issue areas.  He is to People what Paul Ray is to polling.  Tom is the god-father of the American Public Renaissance, and if we do ultimately take back the power and restore sanity to the Republic and the federal government that is a SERVICE, nothing more, it will be because Tom Atlee was himself.  Please support him.  Below are a number of headlines from his latest effort to raise funds for the Co-Intelligence Institute.  Tom Atlee personifies the center of gravity for America the Good.  Please donate as little or as much as you are inspired to give to this national hero.

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