Journal: Up to 90 percent of US paper money [in large cities] contains traces of cocaine

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Traces of cocaine exist in up to 90 percent of banknotes in many large US cities, a new study reports. Credit: The American Chemical Society
Traces of cocaine exist in up to 90 percent of banknotes in many large US cities, a new study reports. Credit: The American Chemical Society

Reports are glossing over the fact that this pertains to notes from large cities, not all across America, but it is none-the-less an interesting signal of “contamination.”  Noam Chomsky would say this is another indicator that the USA is moving toward “failed state” status.

We draw two different conclusions: 1) that Canada is as much if not more of a threat to the USA because of its extraordinarily ineffective policing of its borders and its illegal alien and underground criminal populations, both Arab and Asian; and 2) the cross-contamination of bills is probably as much an indicator of increasing sophistication of money-laundering by gangs, to include increasing use of halawa and other “off-banking” means of international transfer.

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Journal: It’s Time to Legalize Drugs and Re-Design the Entire National Strategy-Policy-Budget Process

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It’s Time to Legalize Drugs

By Peter Moskos and Stanford “Neill” Franklin
The Washington Post, Monday, August 17, 2009

Undercover Baltimore police officer Dante Arthur was doing what he does well, arresting drug dealers, when he approached a group in January. What he didn’t know was that one of suspects knew from a previous arrest that Arthur was police. Arthur was shot twice in the face. In the gunfight that ensued, Arthur’s partner returned fire and shot one of the suspects, three of whom were later arrested.

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Journal: A Marine’s Eye-View of Afghanistan

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AF Burning
AF Burning

11 August [sic]

Tip of the hat to MILINET

I received this from a friend who didn’t know that Mitch “Taco” Bell is the son of very good friends from my church.  He is an airline pilot who was in the USMC reserves and several years ago volunteered to return to active duty and requested service in Iraq.  He’s got a great web site, the link to which he provides in his message, that is well worth looking at.  I’m not sure who is the original sender of Mitch’s message.   Best, Jim

1. Mitch “Taco” Bell, our area Marines For Life Commander, gives his AARep/SitRep  of the situation in Afghanistan.  This is not some superficial product of a dilitante, but rather an insightful, unvarnished, and candid analysis that shows the military professionalism that exits in our field grade officer Corps.

These are some of my thoughts on Afghanistan.  It’s long, but if you think the others would like to read it, please pass it on or send the link

Semper Fi,


“How do you fix a problem like Maria???”

The song from the Sound of Music reverberates in my head as I sit here thinking about the situation in Afghanistan. How do you fix a problem like Afghanistan? When I tell folks that I served in Kabul, I think the number one question asked of me is, “What do you think will happen in Afghanistan?” I hate to say that my reply isn’t always positive. Our job there, and in Iraq, has come at a great price for America and her allies, and I firmly believe there are still lots of bad guys there who need to be given the chance to meet their maker, but maybe we need to change how we do business. These are my personal insights on the war there, good, bad or indifferent. They do not reflect the opinions of the Marine Corps or the administration.

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Journal: US Attorney General Homegrown Terror Threat Increasing

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Eric Holder
Eric Holder Full Story

In ABC News Exclusive, Attorney General Eric Holder Says ‘American People Would be Surprised by the Depth of the Threat’


WASHINGTON, July 29, 2009

Attorney General Eric Holder told ABC News in an exclusive interview today that he is increasingly concerned about Americans becoming radicalized and turning to terrorism.

“I mean, that’s one of the things that’s particularly troubling: This whole notion of radicalization of Americans,” Holder told ABC News during an interview in his SUV as his motorcade brought him from home to work. “Leaving this country and going to different parts of the world and then coming back, all, again, in aim of doing harm to the American people, is a great concern.”

Holder said the ever-changing threat of terror and the pressure to keep up with it weighs heavily on his mind as he tries to ensure that the government has done all it can to anticipate the moves of an unpredictable enemy.

“In some ways it’s the most sobering part of the day,” Holder said of his morning intelligence briefing, in which he gets the latest report on the landscape of “the organizations, the people who are bound and determined to do harm to our nation.”

+++++++Phi Beta Iota Editorial Comment+++++++

NEWS FLASH FOR THE ATTORNEY GENERAL:  There is a “Harvest of Rage” buidling up in America, and is is not from jihadists against the Nation, but rather normal, sober, average Americans full of common sense who are angry at the long list of high crimes and misdemeanors committed by a corrupt Congress and a White House that–regardless of occupant–represents Wall Street instead of Main Street.

The Watts riots by people of color will look like a kiss on the cheek if the white people of Middle America ever decide to march on New York and Washington.  With all due respect to the good intentions of the Attorney General, he is out of touch with reality and with America.  This is a Republic.  The government is failing.  It is time to fix it or abolish it.  We favor the fix, and the fix is easy: the Electoral Reform Act of 2009.

American is going clinically insane because the federal government as a service of common concern to the United STATES of America is so busy transferring wealth from the individual taxpayer to the banks and special interests that it has failed to do its job: mind the public interest, nurture the public soul, and guard the public commonwealth.

Cheney and Rice equated informed patriotic objections to the elective war on Iraq at “treason”–General Tony Zinni in particular was tarred with that brush.  Today the Obama Administration seems to equate opposition to its sophmoric efforts to do good while continuing to loot the Treasury for Goldman Sachs as “the radicalization of Americans.”  Yes, America is being radicalized.   The public intelligence question to be asked and answered is this: are We the People being radicalized by external or internal circumstances?  Phi Beta Iota believes that our radicalization is caused by a government that has lost touch with the public it is meant to serve.  Our good people trapped in a bad system have forgotten that their oath is to the Constitution, to defend America against all enemies, domestic as well as foreign, and that sometimes it is the integrity of the individual in the chain of command who remembers the Constitution, that prevents the abuse of power by political appointees who have been bought and paid for by Wall Street.

2005 Reference: Results and Implications of the Minuteman Project (Narco Sector, Arizona, US-MX Border)

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Full Report Online

Key Finding:

A successful immediate replication of the Minuteman Project would require an average 12 –24 enforcement personnel per mile, or around 36,000 total additional personnel to adequately secure the entire 2,000 mile southern border. An additional 12,000 support personnel may be necessary to provide services over an extended deployment.

2004 Palmer (US) Achieving Universal Democracy by Eliminating All Dictators within the Decade

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Mark Palmer
Mark Palmer

Ambassador Mark Palmer is one of the most thoughtful, focused, practical, and hence impressive professional diplomats we have ever encountered.  His book, Defeating the Real Axis of Evil, made a profound impression on all of us thinking about how to create a prosperous world at peace, and was the final nail in the coffin of U.S. foreign policy–no foreign policy that relies on supporting 42 of 44 dictators can possibly have morality, legitimacy, reciprocity, or transparency, all vital attributes if we are to nuture humanity toward clarity, diversity, integrity, and sustainability.  Our review of the below book is entitled: Single Most Important Work of the Century for American Moral Diplomacy, and was posted November 30, 2003.  We still believe that.

Mark Palmer
Mark Palmer

Below is his presentation to OSS ’04.

Mark Palmer
Mark Palmer

2004 Ray (US) Values in America and the New Political Compass

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Paul Ray
Paul Ray

Paul Ray came to our attention as a result of his writing, with his life-long partner Sherri Ruth Anderson, CULTURAL CREATIVES: How 50 Million People Are Changing the World.

Cultural Creatives
Cultural Creatives

In 2004 he was well into his new work, and had introduced the avant guarde to the “New Political Compass,” which can be seen in full page color size at where it is the third side in from the cover.  Clicking on his photo above leads to the 2004 article that captured a great deal of respect everywhere except within the two-party tyranny that has been “Running on Empty” and in “Breach of Trust” since at least the 1970’s.  Below are his two presentations to OSS ’04.

Paul Ray on Values
Paul Ray on Values
Paul Ray on New Compass
Paul Ray on New Compass