Journal: What Voters Want

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Webster Griffin Tarpley

In a depression, voters want populism.  If they can find potent New Deal economic populism, they will vote for it every time, as US elections between 1932 and 1944 show without a shadow of a doubt.  But if they do not find economic populism, they can easily fall prey to the cynical demagogy of cultural populism.  That is what has happened in Massachusetts.

The only way to be an economic populist is the shift the cost of the world economic depression and the tax burden generally onto Wall Street financial interests, that is to say onto the malefactors of great wealth who created this crisis in the first place.  That is the recipe for winning elections in a depression.

Most Democrats appear to be too far gone on the road to plutocracy to learn that lesson.  It therefore may well be time to create a new party to represent the one major political current in American life which is not represented by either of the two big parties of the day.  In other words, we desperately need, one way or another, a New Deal economic populist party to lead this country and much of the world out of the world economic depression.

Journal: Focus on Amb David Johnson’s Crime Ideas

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The Escalating Ties between Middle Eastern Terrorist Groups and Criminal Activity

Original Online Source

Featuring David Johnson    January 19, 2010

Ambassador David Johnson is the assistant secretary of state for the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs. In this position, Ambassador Johnson advises the president, secretary of state, related State Department bureaus, and other relevant government agencies on international narcotics and crime. In addition, he has served as deputy chief of mission for the U.S. embassy in London and as U.S. ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Download Ambassador Johnson’s prepared remarks. (PDF)

Fighting Networks with Networks: Partnership and Shared Responsibility on Combating Transnational Crime

David T. Johnson  Honolulu, Hawaii   November 10, 2009

Keynote Address at the Trans-Pacific Symposium on Dismantling Transnational Illicit Networks

Phi Beta Iota: Tip of the Hat to Berto Jongman in Europe for isolating these as worthy of study.

Journal: Europe is Reading….

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Full Story Online

Blackwater/XE behind terrorist bombings in Asia and Africa?

ByWayne Madsen Online Journal Contributing Writer

Jan 18, 2010, 00:25

WMR’s intelligence sources in Asia and Europe are reporting that the CIA contractor firm XE Services, formerly Blackwater, has been carrying out “false flag” terrorist attacks in Afghanistan, Somalia, the Sinkiang region of China, Pakistan, Iran, and Iraq, in some cases with the assistance of Israeli Mossad and Indian Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) personnel.

Fingers are being pointed at Blackwater/XE and Mossad operatives for the motorbike bomb in Tehran that killed Tehran University nuclear physicist Dr. Moussad Ali-Mohammadi.

General Sir David Richards

Gen Richards’ views come ahead of a defence review and potential cuts

A “radical” shift in defence spending is needed, the head of the British army has said.

General Sir David Richards said priority should be given to troops working on the ground on winning over hearts and minds.

He told the International Institute for Strategic Studies there was too much emphasis on cutting-edge technology and not enough on cheaper troops and staff.

The UK was behind its enemies in being prepared for modern warfare, he added.

‘Minds of millions’

Gen Richards said current and future conflicts would focus on using communication to drum up support and would need more British troops to work among populations such as that in Afghanistan.

In his speech in London, he said: “If one equips more for this type of conflict while significantly reducing investment in higher-end war-fighting capability, suddenly one can buy an impressive amount of ‘kit’.

United States Attorney [in NY]  Plans Drug-Terrorism Unit

The United States attorney in Manhattan is merging the two units in his office that prosecute terrorism and international narcotics cases, saying that he wants to focus more on extremist Islamic groups whose members he believes are increasingly turning to the drug trade to finance their activities.

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Reference: Walter Dorn on UN Intelligence in Haiti

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Walter Dorn on UN Intelligence in Haiti
Walter Dorn on UN Intelligence in Haiti (MINUSTAH U-2)

UPDATE:  Superceeded by final published version a tReference: Intelligence-Led Peacekeeping

Phi Beta Iota: Dr. Walter Dorn is one of a tiny handful of truly authoritative academic observers of UN intelligence, a pioneer in his own right, and perhaps the only person who has followed UN intelligence from the Congo in the 1960’s to the creation of new capabilities in Haiti and elsewhere in the 21st Century.  He is the dean of UN intelligence authors.  See also Who’s Who in Peace Intelligence: Walter Dorn.

Worth a Look: Contractors in Stability Operations

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Stability Operations for Dummies: The Role of the Prvate Sector in Iraq (YouTube Briefing)

Doug Brooks, founding President of the International Peace Operations Association (IPOA) has a video circulating that offers the soft sales pitch for outsourcing “contingency support.”  It is all positive and completely avoids all of the negatives, such as:

1.  Pillaging and disrupting existing intelligence and special operations ranks by incentivizing early retirement.

2.  Cost 3x to 10X that of a uniformed or civil service source.

3.  Profit motive rather than mission motive.

4.  Pretends contractor mistakes are not politically accountable.

5.  Pretends contractors actually favor low-cost locals (which radically reduces overhead profits)

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Journal: Citizen Cyber-Detectives on the March

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Video 9:40 Min
Video 9:40 Min

The Internet Detective – Switzerland

There is a new breed of super-sleuth emerging in the virtual world of the web. For both petty criminals and major terrorist groups, internet detectives are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with.  Making it his business to track down criminal activity through the web, Guido Rudolphi, the Sherlock Holmes of the cyber world, considers himself a legal hacker. “So much more information can be accessed, quite legally, than the individual user would ever imagine.” Rudolphi has taken advantage of this new free-flow of online information to catch paedophiles, fraudsters, and even unearth international cells of Al-Quaeda. He demonstrates how it takes less than twenty minutes to establish a persons credentials, locate them and hand them over to the police. “People seem to think theyre anonymous online, that nothing can happen to them there thats very naive.”

Reference: Are Hackers Pioneers with the Right Stuff or Criminal Pathological Scum? Mitch Kabay Reprises

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Full Story Online
Full Story Online

Why Criminal Hackers Must Not Be Rewarded
Part 1: The Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

By M. E. Kabay, 11/30/2009

In 1995, I participated in a debate with distinguished security expert Robert D. Steele, a vigorous proponent of open-source intelligence. We discussed the advisability of hiring criminal hackers. Perhaps readers will find the polemic I published back then of interest today. I’m sure it will provoke vitriolic comments from the criminal hacker community.

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Journal: China May Demand Physical Gold

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Gold could be about to get disorderly also as it approaches the key $1200 call option strike. The strong rumour is the large $1200oz Dec call owner is the Peoples Bank of China. Gold traders increasingly believe that China will force physical delivery of 2.8moz of gold instead of the usual cash settlement. My contacts suggest short-term mayhem may be about to break out in gold for a few days as those who have sold the call and get exercised scramble to buy physical for delivery.   To put this in context 2.8moz is around 80 tonnes of gold. Yes, it’s that big and you can see why there is short-covering everywhere in gold.

Phi Beta Iota: If John Mack becomes Secretary of the Treasury, we anticipate China having a subtle but respected influence on the US Treasury as a condition for selective cover-ups, and China managing the situation so it ultimately gets compensation for all the gold stolen by Japen and confiscated by the US to create the Treasury Black Eagle Trust and Golden Lily slush funds.  China did NOT sign the San Francisco Treaty and is on solid ground.  We respect John Mack, he might possibly be the first truly multinational Secretary of the Treasury, and if he can make a commitment to Open Money and Real Wealth as a future path for the global economy, he could conceivably be the single most important person in the 21st Century.  For background see

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Journal: Gold, Treasury, Wall Street, & Stuff

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Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Home
Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Home

Below are six flagged Alerts from a source we have learned to trust.

Morgan Chase CEO touted as Geithner’s replacement

What is very interesting about this is that Mack is the only guy on Wall Street the Chinese leadership really trusts.  There is no real difference between Goldman Sachs, Citi-Bank (the original Black Eagle Trust holder) and Morgan, although Mack does seem considerably more classy, and perhaps more able to get a grip on reality going into the future.

Welcome to Stage Two of Gold’s Bull Market

CNBC’s Santelli blurts it out: Central banks suppress gold

Scenes from the Munich precious metals conference

Developing world’s central banks have plenty of room for gold

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Worth a Look: Berto Jongman Recommends….

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Researcher Berto Jongman recommends 6 monographs, 5 articles, 3 books.

EDIT of 24 Nov 09: 6 monograph recommendations added.

Russia: A Promising Market for Islamic Finance
21/11/2009By Lahem al Nasser

Riyadh, Asharq Al-Awsat- There are around 47 million Muslims in Russia, which means that Muslims make up around one third of Russia’s overall population. This figure is expected to rise to 50 percent by 2050 due to the high birth rate among the Muslim community, the decrease in the non-Muslim Russian population which is decreasing at a rate of 1 million people per year, as well as the immigrations of Muslims from central Asia into the Russian Federation. The Islamic presence in Russia is centered in the Caucasus, Siberia, and Moscow.

Survey of Pakistan’s Young Predicts ‘Disaster’ if Their Needs Aren’t Addressed
By SABRINA TAVERNISE,   November 21, 2009

LAHORE, Pakistan — Pakistan will face a “demographic disaster” if it does not address the needs of its young generation, the largest in the country’s history, whose views reflect a deep disillusionment with government and democracy, according to a report released here on Saturday.

Crime and Terrorism Small Wars Journal
4 November 2009 by Colonel Robert Killebrew

According to a panel of experts at a recent conference sponsored by the Center for a New American Security, terrorism and crime have now merged, to such an extent that all terrorist movements – all of them — have become partly criminal organizations to fund their operations, expand their reach – and incidentally make the people on top extremely rich, while lower-level zealots continue to be recruited for suicide missions.

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Journal: Federal Financial Difficulties

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Wave of Debt Payments Facing U.S. Government


WASHINGTON — The United States government is financing its more than trillion-dollar-a-year borrowing with i.o.u.’s on terms that seem too good to be true. But that happy situation, aided by ultralow interest rates, may not last much longer.   Treasury officials now face a trifecta of headaches: a mountain of new debt, a balloon of short-term borrowings that come due in the months ahead, and interest rates that are sure to climb back to normal as soon as the Federal Reserve decides that the emergency has passed.

Revisiting a Fed Waltz With A.I.G.


‘A government report on the bailout of A.I.G. is must reading for taxpayers looking to know why the $182 billion “rescue” is the most troubling episode of the financial disaster.’)   …  The Fed, under Mr. Geithner’s direction, caved in to A.I.G.’s counterparties, giving them 100 cents on the dollar for positions that would have been worth far less if A.I.G. had defaulted. Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Société Générale and other banks were in the group that got full value for their contracts when many others were accepting fire-sale prices.


WASHINGTON — Suddenly the Federal Reserve is everybody’s punching bag.  …  Strip the Fed of its bank regulation powers, some in Congress are demanding. Get probing audits of its behind-the-scenes operations, others say.

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