Reference: Are Hackers Pioneers with the Right Stuff or Criminal Pathological Scum? Mitch Kabay Reprises

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Full Story Online
Full Story Online

Why Criminal Hackers Must Not Be Rewarded
Part 1: The Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

By M. E. Kabay, 11/30/2009

In 1995, I participated in a debate with distinguished security expert Robert D. Steele, a vigorous proponent of open-source intelligence. We discussed the advisability of hiring criminal hackers. Perhaps readers will find the polemic I published back then of interest today. I’m sure it will provoke vitriolic comments from the criminal hacker community.

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Worth a Look: Ushandi Open Source Crowd-Sourcing

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Ushandi Home Page
Ushandi Home Page

The Ushahidi Engine is a platform that allows anyone to gather distributed data via SMS, email or web and visualize it on a map or timeline. Our goal is to create the simplest way of aggregating information from the public for use in crisis response.

Usahndi Visual Concept
Usahndi Visual Concept

This is a huge development, one that could lead to a more rapid creation of the World Brain with embedded EarthGame as a means of connecting all human minds with all information in all languages all the time.

See our briefing given in Denmark to think about how this might apply to the global harmonization of gifts from the one billion rich to needs of the five billion poor at the household and item level.

Journal: Afghanistan & Iraq–Opportunity Knocks for an Afghan Airlift and a Six-Month Muslim-Centered Multinational Multiagency “Advise & Assist” Transition Toward Departure from Both Countries

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NIGHTWATCH Special Report:  October in Afghanistan 27 November 2009

Taliban and other anti-government fighters have begun to go to winter quarters, in Pakistan or in Afghanistan. The fighting will drop somewhat during the winter, but in the core provinces of the Pashtun south, weather is not a factor.

Based on Taliban public statements, their attacks will remain focused on disruption of the overland truck lifeline for Afghan and NATO forces, mainly by using improvised bombs. In the face of renewed NATO resolve, the Taliban also will wait for the next opportunity to attempt to take power.

Taliban cannot defeat NATO forces, but NATO forces cannot defeat Taliban, especially without combat air support. The government in Kabul cannot survive without NATO forces, but by this time next year the Afghan forces will need more logistics and air support rather than combat soldiers, if the US and European NATO trainers are competent.

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Journal: Right on the Left and Left on the Right

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Incoherence Left and Right
Obama, Palin, and Paul

Phi Beta Iota: The incoherent insanity of BOTH the left and the right, of both those in power and those without power, is cresting.  While the Obama Administration does everything it can to emulate and extend the Constitutional violations of the Cheney-Bush regime, the far right is losing its mind completely.  Below are two items, just a taste of what happens when gerbils learn to read and write.

What Is Sarah Palin?

It seems that Palin– the attractive, outdoors-loving “hockey mom”-is popular solely because of her personality, not any specific policy positions. Notes columnist Steve Chapman “Who needs policy? In her world – and the world of legions of conservatives who revere her – the persona is the policy. Palin is beloved because she’s (supposedly) just like ordinary people, which (supposedly) gives her a profound understanding of their needs.” When dissecting political cults of personality, it would seem that Palin has become the Republicans’ Obama–handsome, charming and a human comfort blanket for partisans.

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Search: The Future of OSINT [is M4IS2-Multinational]

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COIN20 Trip Report
Paradise Found

The future of OSINT is M4IS2.

The future of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is Multinational, Multifunctional, Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information-Sharing & Sense-Making (M4IS2).

The following, subject to the approval of Executive and Congressional leadership, are suggested hueristics (rules of thumb):

Rule 1: All Open Source Information (OSIF) goes directly to the high side (multinational top secret) the instant it is received at any level by any civilian or military element responsive to global OSINT grid.  This includes all of the contextual agency and mission specific information from the civilian elements previously stove-piped or disgarded, not only within the US, but ultimately within all 90+ participating nations.

Rule 2: In return for Rule 1, the US IC agrees that the Department of State (and within DoD, Civil Affairs) is the proponent outside the wire, and the sharing of all OSIF originating outside the US IC is at the discretion of State/Civil Affairs without secret world caveat or constraint.  OSIF collected by US IC elements is NOT included in this warrant.

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Search: InfoOps (Information Operations (IO))

InfoOps (IO), Searches

Search: The Future of OSINT is M4IS2

Search: Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield

Reference: Information Operations (IO) Newsletters

Reference: Congressional Research Service (CRS) Report on Information Operations (IO), Electronic Warfare (EW), and Cyberwar: Capabilities and Related Policy Issues

Reference: Chinese Information Warfare

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Journal: Marcus Aureleus Recommends…

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Marcus Aurelius

CIA’s Lost Magic Manual Resurfaces

Q&A: Climate cash controversy

Global warming industry becomes too big to fail

UN: fight against Congo rebels failing

More Troops to Afghanistan, But What Will They Do?

Where Has the Thrill Gone? The Harder They Fall

Phi Beta Iota: “Too Big to Fail” is industrial era idiocy.  REALITY tells us that the more complex a system gets, the more it DEMANDS self-healing from the bottom-up.  Feedback loops at all levels, each with their integrity intact.  What all of the headlines above have in common is precisely the opposite: degraded feedback loops lacking integrity.

Journal: Common Sense on Palestine & Israel

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Gershon Baskin
Gershon Baskin

Encountering Peace: Getting serious about ‘economic peace’

More than 10 months have passed since President Barack Obama entered the White House and seven months since Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu took over the reins in Jerusalem and there is still no peace process worth mentioning.

Full Story Online
Full Story Online

Phi Beta Iota: Imagine an “Information Wall” available online and projected on walls around the world, showing the stark contrast between the day to day conditions of the Palestinians and of the Israelis.

Worth a Look: Prediction Market Cluster

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Web Site
Web Site

The Prediction Market Clusters founded in 2004 in Silicon Valley, are a global  commons and open community for prediction markets and collective intelligence networks worldwide. The open and agnostic community is a focused action/research collaboration network of vendors, academia, traders, users, developers, markets, regulators and stakeholders. All are welcome. The goal is to provide Next Practices, awareness, diffusion, adoption and pull-through for enterprise, institutional and consumer prediction markets. PM Clusters conduct popular, distributed leadership retreats for enterprise prediction markets, Wisdom of Crowds, collective intelligence networks and collaborative forecasting worldwide.

Reference: Deep Secrecy–Complete Draft

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Abstract & Download
Abstract & Download

Phi Beta Iota: David Pozen, JD Yale 2007, has provided advance access to the complete draft on his paper forthcoming in the Stanford Law Review, and we are both appreciative of this offering, and impressed–deeply impressed–by this seminal work.  At a time when the U.S. “security clearance” system is so totally hosed up (and 70,000 clearances behind) that we might do better with with “spin the bottle,” the author is highlighting the reality that most of the secrecy we buy with $75 billion a year in taxpayer funds is not really that important–not only have others, such as Rodney McDaniel, made it clear that 809% to 90% of all “official” secrecy is about turf protection and budget share rather than national security, but it is administrative secrecy rather than “deep secrecy” that is leveraged by a very few with their own informal system for assigning trust, generally at the expense of the larger mass of uninformed individual who are treated as “collateral damage” that is of little consequence.  The download options are at the top of the linked page

See also:

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Journal: Web War II

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Full Story Online
Full Story Online

Web 2.0 Expo: O’Reilly Warns Of Web War

Paul McDougall November 17, 2009

Internet visionary fears an end to openness as Internet rivals consolidate power.

The Web, which began life as an open community where information and tools were freely shared across geographic, political, and social boundaries, is in danger of becoming segmented into a federation of closed camps led by a handful of increasingly powerful vendors, said Internet pundit Tim O’Reilly.”We’re heading back into an ugly time,” said O’Reilly, during a keynote address Tuesday at the Web 2.0 Expo in New York City.

O’Reilly said efforts by Google (NSDQ: GOOG), Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT), Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN), Apple, and other tech vendors—as well as publishers like Rupert Murdoch’s Dow Jones—to create closed communities around their products and services are jeopardizing the freedom, and the spirit, of the Web.
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