Review: Deep Survival – Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why by Laurence Gonzales

5 Star, Complexity & Catastrophe, Decision-Making & Decision-Support, Intelligence (Spiritual), Nature, Diet, Memetics, Design, Values, Ethics, Sustainable Evolution
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5 Star – Provocative Chance to Reflect

I was given this book by a very educated person who has been attacked over the years for telling the truth about medical fraud including cover-ups of what amounts to electromagnetic genocide and ecocide. He said it saved his life.

Although the book focuses on surviving in the wilderness and in the face of totally unanticipated breakdowns and combinations (e.g. luxury car breaks down a hundred miles from anywhere at same time that a freak storm comes in), it is in many ways a good starting point for reflection about one's inner tool-kit for surviving just about anything.

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Review: A Politics of Love by Marianne Williamson with Additional Links

6 Star Top 10%, America (Founders, Current Situation), Best Practices in Management, Capitalism (Good & Bad), Civil Society, Complexity & Resilience, Congress (Failure, Reform), Consciousness & Social IQ, Crime (Government), Decision-Making & Decision-Support, Democracy, Disease & Health, Economics, Education (General), Education (Universities), Empire, Sorrows, Hubris, Blowback, Executive (Partisan Failure, Reform), Justice (Failure, Reform), Leadership, Nature, Diet, Memetics, Design, Peace, Poverty, & Middle Class, Power (Pathologies & Utilization), True Cost & Toxicity, Values, Ethics, Sustainable Evolution, Voices Lost (Indigenous, Gender, Poor, Marginalized), War & Face of Battle, Water, Energy, Oil, Scarcity
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Marianne Williamson, A Politics of Love: A Handbook for a New American Revolution (HarperOne, 2019)

6 Stars – The Only Authentic Democratic Candidate

Reviewed by Robert David Steele

This is a six page summary review of a political-cultural-economic-social transformation that is both needed and possible, by the one person seeking the Democratic nomination for the presidency who appears authentic, inclusive, and truthful. Links to free online supporting documentation for the author's radically humanistic and deeply spiritual proposals are included in the formal review. An additional five pages of links and one paragraph extracts are appended to give the reader easy access to a range of mass media depictions of the author that range from angelic to whacko.

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Robert Steele: Book Review Essay – UNHINGED? Donald Trump, His Family, His Appointees, and Everyone Else

5 Star, America (Founders, Current Situation), Cultural Intelligence, Decision-Making & Decision-Support, Ethics, Executive (Partisan Failure, Reform), Government, Officers Call
Robert David STEELE Vivas


Review Essay

UNHINGED? Donald Trump, His Family, His Appointees, & Everyone Else

San Francisco Review of Books, 13 January 2017

Robert David Steele

Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, by Michael Wolff, New York, Henry Holt and Company, 2018, 356 pp., US$18.00 (hardcover), ISBN 1250158060.

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Review: TRUMPED – A Nation on the Brink of Ruin – And How to Bring It Back

5 Star, Banks, Fed, Money, & Concentrated Wealth, Best Practices in Management, Complexity & Resilience, Congress (Failure, Reform), Crime (Corporate), Crime (Government), Decision-Making & Decision-Support, Economics, Executive (Partisan Failure, Reform)
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Some books are so far out of my personal ability to digest in detail that I very rapidly convert to my scanning mode with one big question that I ask on every page: does this book and its author pass the smell test with me, and would I, if President, want to trust this author to help implement his ideas without necessarily understanding them in detail?

Not only is the answer for this book and this author a resounding YES, but on pages 31-32 I have a note, “Holy Shit! Could DT be doing all this?” Those two pages outline ten great deals that Donald Trump could be pursuing: peace, jobs, sound-money, Glass-Steagall, federalist, regulatory, liberty, health-care, fiscal, and governance.

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Pre-Order Review: The Art of Peace – Engaging in a Complex World by Juliana Geran Pilon

5 Star, Complexity & Resilience, Decision-Making & Decision-Support, Diplomacy, Humanitarian Assistance, Peace Intelligence, Peace, Poverty, & Middle Class
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5 stars

Compelling, Insightful, Useful – Glosses Over Some Fundamentals

This book excels at offering a compelling overview of the severe deficiencies in US national security strategy, policy, and operations – it is one of the strongest indictments I have seen of our total inability to wage peace instead of war. Among the many high points covered by the author and included in my extensive notes:

01 USA has no Grand Strategy and no process for creating and executing a Grand Strategy. Deep in the book the author observes that not only is Grand Strategy the only means of fully employing all sources of national power, but it is also how one anticipates and avoids unintended consequences.

02 The elements of the US Government (USG) nominally responsible for waging peace – the Departments of State and Commerce, the US Agency of International Development (USAID), the US Information Agency (abolished in 1999) are under-trained, unsynchronized entities unable to deter conflict or build a lasting peace.

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Review: Designing Regenerative Cultures

6 Star Top 10%, Atlases & State of the World, Best Practices in Management, Change & Innovation, Complexity & Resilience, Consciousness & Social IQ, Cosmos & Destiny, Culture, Research, Decision-Making & Decision-Support, Economics, Education (Universities), Environment (Solutions), Future, Intelligence (Public), Intelligence (Spiritual), Intelligence (Wealth of Networks), Nature, Diet, Memetics, Design, Priorities, Public Administration, Science & Politics of Science, Stabilization & Reconstruction, Strategy, Survival & Sustainment, Technology (Bio-Mimicry, Clean), True Cost & Toxicity, Values, Ethics, Sustainable Evolution, Water, Energy, Oil, Scarcity
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Daniel Christian Wahl

6 Star Handbook for Saving Civilization & Earth

This book makes the jump from 5 stars (generally I don't bother to review a book if it is not a four or five star read) to 6 stars — my top ten percent — because of the combination of Questions Asked, glorious color graphics, and the total holistic nature of the book — this is easily a PhD thesis in holistic analytics, true cost economics, and open source everything engineering. Indeed, this book could be used as a first-year reference across any humanities and science domain, they would be the better for it.

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Review: Big Data, Little Data, No Data – Scholarship in the Networked World

5 Star, Decision-Making & Decision-Support, Information Operations, Information Society, Intelligence (Public), Intelligence (Wealth of Networks)
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Christine L. Borgman

5 Stars Major Contribution with Some Oversights

This book is extremely well-developed and and a major contribution, not least because it it one of the best explorations of information ecologies that are vastly more intricate and cover vastly more time, energy, and locational space, than most realize. It was recommended to me by Stephen E. Arnold, my most trusted IT advisor and author of the book not sold on Amazon, CyberOSINT: Next Generation Information Access.

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