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Gordon Cook

The COOK Report serves an international community of thought leaders focused on strategy affecting the Internet as a global utility that is critically important to the advancement of education, science, and the economy of every nation that it touches.  The COOK Report sponsors an international community of interest limited to 200 industry visionaries.  Subscribers gain access to the Economics and Architecture of IP Networks mail list [Arch-econ] now in its seventh year. Arch-econ is a private creation space offering a unique online discussion where industry leaders share knowledge and develop ideas.

Testimonial (one of many):  “Gordon Cook is fiber in a world of dial-up. He asks timely and provocative questions, invites leading practitioners and experts on all sides to debate them online for several weeks, cuts to the heart of the debates, and publishes the results in language that serious lay readers can understand. No other online journal matches the Cook Report's combination of richness of content and accessibility.”

The Cook Report on Internet Protocol: Technology, Economic, and Policy (A Practical Navigator for the Internet Economy)

Phi Beta Iota: A member of our collective met for four hours with Gordon Cook, and came away deeply impressed.  He is a very difficult man to interview, with so much knowledge of the Internet across the spectrum from governance to corruption, from technical to standards, from abuse to world-saving potential, that focusing in on any particulars is a time-consuming task.  Having said that, when he does produce a product, it is brilliant, replete with detail not to be found anywhere else, and for those who care about an Autonomous Internet, priceless.  We strongly recommend his private list which is by subscription (link immediately above).

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Reference: Building National Knowledge Infrastructure–How Dutch Pragmatism Nurtures a 21st Century Economy (The Cook Report on Internet Protocol)

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P2P Foundation Post on the Book

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Reference: Cook Report on Internet Protocol V4 E Pluribus Unum* Resurrected: How Human Ingenuity, DIY Technology, and Global R&E Networks Are Remaking the World Part 1 of 2 Parts

Who’s Who in Collective Intelligence: Gordon Cook

Autonomous Internet [Open, Free, Distributed]

Range Networks: The ONLY OpenBTS Real Deal

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The Dutch, unaffected by the corruption that plagues the US government and its corporate patrons (aptly documented in Matt Tabbi's GRIFTOPIA), have done it right.  They have built Roger Karraker's  “Highways of the Mind, done so from the bottom-up, and recognized the massive efficiencies that come from a combination of optical paths and clever holistic architectures that allow data to move at lower levels when the fit is right.  The Dutch are deep and holistic; the US is superficial and corrupt.  That's the story.

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We need to ignite a Layer-1 revolution

Security: Risk and Reward By Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Network World March 02, 2011 10:57 AM ET

John Seely Brown’s New Culture of Learning and US Unified Community Action Network (US UCAN)

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Gordon Cook

in a world of constant flux a person who is not curious is screwed.

John Seeley Brown

In the past eight weeks as I have become more familiar with Internet2’s award to build a backbone to connect upwards of 200,000 unified community anchor institutions into a national network and have put this knowledge alongside that of the peer to peer open knowledge resource Commons represented by Michel Bauwens, I had a gut feeling that somehow someway there is a connection yearning to be made between these two very disparate groups. There is nothing overly obvious in my construct. It is just a tacit feeling that there is a huge potential here.

One thing that I observed from listening to the lecture that I did not get out of the book is that there are ever evolving ways of interpreting one’s surroundings and what is happening. JSB used the same two examples of self-taught surfers in Hawaii and World of Warcraft generation of knowledge that he did in his April 2010 Power of Pull lecture. But by late June 2010 he had evolved these concepts in new interesting and refreshing ways. One point in the lecture that was quite critical indeed was the concept of study groups in the learning 21st-century terms as opposed to education the 19th century term. Success now is found to be dependent to a very large extent on one’s ability to form study groups and that these groups could enable a self-motivated socialized learning experience that a more solitary approach to some rigid curriculum could not. And of course in the world of constant technology change the idea of a rigid curriculum is found wanting.

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Design Principles for Survivable Networks

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Gordon Cook

As Milo points out to build survivable networks  we “should look to an Internet era architecture where you have multiple independent networks of different capabilities that inter-operate with each other because they are IP networks. “

That is the exact premise and design of the Greenstar network – which is the worlds first Internet network where all nodes are powered by renewable resources such as solar panels and windmills. Reliability and resiliency is maintained by having many diverse interconnected Internet networks rather than depending on highly resilient nodes.

Green IT/Broadband and Cyber-Infrastructure

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Who’s Who in Collective Intelligence: Gordon Cook

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Gordon Cook

Dr. Gordon Cook is a Hacker inspired by Dave Hughes to create a living document, The Cook Report on Internet Protocol, that manifests itself in both a Blog, Cook's Collaborative Edge, and a document, now in Version 4, E Pluribus Unum* Resurrected: How Human Ingenuity, DIY Technology, and Global R&E Networks Are Remaking the World (February 2011).

His background includes two years as Senior Analyst at the US Congress Office of Technology Assessment (1990-1992), three years as Senior Editor at the John von Neumann National Supercomputer Center (1987-1990), and long period at Policy Analyst and Technical Writer for Delta Data and Computer Sciences (1977-1986).
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His education includes a BA from Columbia (1965), an MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics (1966), a PhD from Duke University (1972), and an MLS from Rutgers (1976).

Tip of the Hat to Contributing Editor and Who's Who in Collective Intelligence: Venessa Miemis for the pointer.

Review: Unvaccinated, Homeschooled, and TV-Free–It’s Not Just for Fanatics and Zealots

6 Star Top 10%, Change & Innovation, Civil Society, Communications, Consciousness & Social IQ, Culture, Research, Disease & Health, Education (General), Nature, Diet, Memetics, Design, Values, Ethics, Sustainable Evolution
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5.0 out of 5 stars Beyond Six Stars–a Game Changer, Pure Public Intelligence

March 15, 2010

Julie Cook

This book will join the Six Stars and Beyond group at Phi Beta Iota the Public Intelligence Blog, where I can group my reviews in the 98 categories in which I read and you can do a whole lot of other things such as search all my reviews for specific terms.

This book is deeper than most will give it credit. The author has done a great deal of research, presents verifiable notes, and offers up 27 short section with adequate but not excessive white space. I especially like the quotes, several from Albert Einstein, used throughout the book to highlight a point. I also especially respect the reality that the author speaks to directly: when Western commerce and medicine have been so corrupted by the profit motive, it is very difficult to find research that upholds the truth of natural and alternative cures, or that presents the truth about the dangers of our peverted health system that ignores all but the “profitable” quarter of health, surgical and pharmaceutical remediation.

See for example:
Prescription for Natural Cures
Betrayal of Trust: The Collapse of Global Public Health
The Blue Death: Disease, Disaster, and the Water We Drink

This is a revolutionary book, and it joins others that make the case for rejecting the big government – big banks – big business triumverate that commoditizes people, loots the treasury, and rapes the Earth for short-term gain by the few against the public interest.

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