Review: When Google Met WikiLeaks

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It has been very distressful for me, as a professional intelligence officer committed to truth and transparency, to find so many of my colleagues absolutely livid – constipated with anger, impotent in every sense of the word – when confronted with the success off WikiLeaks.

Julian Assange is the epitome of truth, transparency, and trust, the sub-title of The Open Source Everything Manifesto that places Julian and the good works of his thousands of volunteers in context. The post-Western, post-Google Internet begins and ends, in my view, with Julian Assange, myself, William Binney, and John McAfee. The WikiLeaks “model” – while it can be broadened and scaled up – is the perfect manifestation of what Tom Atlee has called The Tao of Democracy. WikiLeaks is Collective Intelligence in its purest form: no barriers, no lies.

This book by Julian Assange is unusual because it juxtaposes Julian Assange, arguable the angel of truth, with Eric Schmidt, the Ashkenazi Jew and architect of #GoogleGestapo, the Deep State / Zionist system for censorship, crowd-stalking, and digital assassination. This is  the system that includes PayPal, which cancelled WikiLeaks’ donor channel without due process of law, and MeetUp, which cancelled my $77,300 professonal network of 435 #UNRIG MeetUps (at the same time that it waived fees for 1,087 #RESIST MeetUps co-sponsored by the Zionist secret police, the Anti-Defamation League or ADL).

In agreeing to meet with Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen, both archtypes of the 1% servant class, the first creating a system that can censor and ultimately label dissidents as domestic terrorists; the second a dabbler in covert operations and regime change endeavors sanctioned by the US Government and generally in the service of Zionist Israel, Julian Assange demonstrated intelligence with integrity.

This quote from page 190 captures the essence and ethics of Julian Assange:

“Organized groups of people who do not lie and cheat and deceive find each other and get together. Because they have that temperament, they are more efficient, because they are not lying and cheating and deceiving each other.  That is avery old struggle between opportunists and collaborators.”

What Julian does not say in this book, whose high points I will outline below, is that the Western economic, information, and engineering model is based on 50% waste and 90% profit for the 1%. He does not say – this is my unique contribution – that holistic analytics, true cost economics, and Open Source Everything Engineering (OSEE) make it possible to create a prosperous world at peace for the 99% at a cost of 10% of the failed Western model dominated by the Khazarian Mafia that uses the Deep State and the Zionist – Vatican – Freemason – Knights of Malta – City of London – Wall Street networks as their fixers and enforcers.

WikiLeaks – and Donald Trump leveraging the 99% of the NSA data that William Binney and I pointed out to Trump and Session on 26 May 2017 as not having been properly processed –are two stakes in the heart of the Deep State. Catherine Austin Fitts and her exemplary work on finding $21 trillion in “missing money” stolen from the US 99% by the US 1% (much more if this is looked at globally), is the third stake in the heart of the Deep State. The book now available free by the chapter and as Amazon Kindle Shorts, Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State, will be the fourth stake. The fifth stake will be, I speculate, definitive evidence of how the Zionists and Dick Cheney conspired to plan and execute 9/11 – a version of the USS Liberty (under a Democratic Adminstration) 1000 times more atrocious, 1000 times more deserving of universal public condemnation of the treasonous web of deceitful unconstitutional governance that now prevails in the USA and most other countries. See Zionism in America, Seven Strikes and Counting….

Now here are highlights in pagination order:

QUOTE (7): “The more a power faction relied on the US to prop up its power, the more it whispered into American ears about its factional rivals. This pattern was repeated in capital cities all over the world; a capricious global system of secret loyalties, owed favors, and false consensus, of saying one thing in public and the opposite in private.”

QUOTE (10): “Alongside the changes on the streets [referring to the Arab Spring], the Internet was rapidly transitioning from an apathetic communications medium into a demos – a people with a shared culture, shared values, and shared aspirations. It has become a place where history happens, a place people identified with and even felt they came from.”

QUOTE (25): “Since at least the 1970’s, authentic actors like unions and churches have folded under a sustained assault by free-market statism, transforming ‘civil society’ into a buyer’s market for political factions and corporate interests looking to exert influence at arm’s length. The last forty years have seen a huge proliferation of think tanks and political NGOs whos purpose, beneath all the verbiage, is to execute political agendas by proxy.

My comment: my body of work over 40 shows shows that the public and the US Government are working with at best 2% of the relevant information, and according to General Tony Zinny, the US secret intelligence community is producing “at best” 4% of the needed decision-support. The reality is that from Big Data (Mary Meeker) to NSA to DoD and all NGOs, 96% or more of the relevant information is not considered – decisions are made on the basis of money, deepening our catastrophic divorce from humanity, nature, and reality. All NGOs and  all think tanks, without exception, are retarded at best and as a general statement pathologically dysfunctional in their sources, methods, and conclusions.

This book is much more than an account of the conversation between Assange and Schmidt and sycophant Cohen – it is deeply documented with utterly superb footnotes (and clever links) that make this the seminal reference of our time on the conflict between good (WikiLeaks/OSEE) and evil (#GoogleGestapo).

QUOTE (47): “See also Yasha Levine, “Surevillance balley has put a billion bugs in a billion pockets,” Pando Daily, 7 February 2014,

While this book includes a devastating critique of the book by Schmidt and Cohen, I take that as a given. Schmidt and Cohen are two pandering sluts in the service of Zionist Israel, clearly traitors to the US Constitution, and easily eligible for investigation, indictment, and incarceration. My focus is on the promise of WikiLeaks 21, not the self-evident Satanic sideshow known as #GoogleGestapo (which, by the by, has steadfastly protected pedophile and Satanic ritual sharing across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, while digitally assassinating those seeking to expose the complicity of #GoogleGestapo as a covert and overt sharing network for the filthiest elements of the Deep State).

QUOTE (67): Humans are invariant – the playing field is what human have access to. “But what they know can be affected in a nonlinear way because when one person conveys information to another they can convey it on to another, and another, in a way that is non-linear [all seven billion can access the information within 21 days]. So you can affect a lot of people with a small amount of information. The question then arises as to what kinds of information will produce behavior that is just and disincentivize behavior that is unjust?”

This is where Julian Assange and Alvin Toffler (RIP) and I meet. Alvin wrote a chapter on “The Future of the Spy” in his book War and Anti-War: Survival at the Dawn of the 21st Century that my idiot colleagues just could not grasp because it was so contradictory to their corrupt, insular, myopic, unaccountable culture of secrecy for secrecy’s sake. Later he wrote PowerShift: Knowledge, Wealth, and Violence at the Edge of the 21st Century, and examines how information is shifting the power away from the 1% who use traditional institutions including religions to stove-pipe and control what the people know and believe, toward the 99% who are finally learning to avoid being divided and conquered by “purple” and other color revolutions that are nothing less than hegemonic treason and genocide. [My first truly comprehensive articulation of the open source alternative was published by Howard Rheingold as “E3i: Ethics, Ecology, Evolution, and Intelligence,” in Whole Earth Review, Fall 1992.]

QUOTE (69): WikieLeaks was, and is, an attempt – although still very young – at a total system.”

Here also we meet, along with Vladimir Putin (who has announced a post-Western Internet as a goal for August 2018), Kim Dotcom, John McAfee, Tim Berners-Lee (disowning his own child as beyond salvation) and others. My own vision is four crypto networks interwoven with one another: crypto-valuation, crypto-forums including voting, crypto-tools, and crypto-intelligence. The death of Microsoft is assured.

QUOTE (83): “This issue of preserving politically salient intellectual content while it is under attack is central to what Wikileaks does, because that’s what we are after. We’re after those bits that people are trying to suppress because we suspect, usually rightly, that they’re expending economic work on suppressing those bits because they perceive that those bits are going to induce some change.”

QUOTE (116): We are in a repeat of the 1960’s liberation movements. “The political education of apolitical technical people is extraordinary. Young people are going from apolitical to political.”

QUOTE (124): So what we want to do is get as much into the record, prevent as much as possible being deleted from the record, and then make the record as searchable as possible.”

QUOTE (126): Citing with admiration Greg Mitchell, So Wrong for So Long, “the press has never been very good….fine journalists are an exception…you look to see what is reported in the mainstream press and you see naked lie after naked lie.”

QUOTE (126): “I have been pushing this idea of scientific journalism—that things must be precisely cited with the original source and as much as possible of the information should be put in the public domain…”

QUOTE (127): “…population don’t like wars and they have to be lied into it. That means we can be ‘truthed’ into peace. That is cause for great hope.”

QUOTE (138): “You can lower the courage threshold. That’s one of the nice things that anonymity does.”

QUOTE (162): “We are creating our own computational network of human beings that can think in the same way [about process and commitment to truth], that can trust each other on a point-to-point basis.”

QUOTE (164): We will united our human network “Around a set of principles. That’s the unifer. And then we will have a computational network – in terms of human computation – which can observe, plan, and act.”

On page 171 Eric Schmidt admits that #GoogleGestapo ranks are highly subject to pressure groups (e.g. Zionist troll armies) that radically affects rankings and visibility for individuals and threads.

On page 176 Julian Assange discusses Bank of America offering up to $2 million a month to anyone who can take down WikiLeaks.

On page 177 a footnote discusses the Pentagon public relations budget as being on the order of $4.7 billion dollars a year as of 2009. My comment: for $2 billion a year, twice approved by the Office of Management and Budget contingent on Presidential or Cabinet demand (CIA has blocked me for 30 years), I could end the need to DoD PR while cutting the US budget in half – we can start with closing all US military bases overseas, followed by the creation of the Open Source Agency.

QUOTE (182): “…the technology permits the subculture…the temperament of young people—the desire to find allies and friends and share in a process and to remove power from old people.”

Implicit in the above from the book as a whole is that the youth subculture values truth.

The book concludes with a well-deserved slam on Schmidt and Cohen.

In my own mind this book confirms my view that the post-Western post-Google Internet must be designed by and nurtured by, among others, Julian Assange.

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