Review: When Google Met WikiLeaks

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It has been very distressful for me, as a professional intelligence officer committed to truth and transparency, to find so many of my colleagues absolutely livid – constipated with anger, impotent in every sense of the word – when confronted with the success off WikiLeaks.

Julian Assange is the epitome of truth, transparency, and trust, the sub-title of The Open Source Everything Manifesto that places Julian and the good works of his thousands of volunteers in context. The post-Western, post-Google Internet begins and ends, in my view, with Julian Assange, myself, William Binney, and John McAfee. The WikiLeaks “model” – while it can be broadened and scaled up – is the perfect manifestation of what Tom Atlee has called The Tao of Democracy. WikiLeaks is Collective Intelligence in its purest form: no barriers, no lies.

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Julian Assange: Google Is Not What It Seems – Regime Change & Digital Repression…. [#GoogleGestapo]

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Google Is Not What It Seems

Regime Change & Digital Repression….

by Julian Assange

In this extract from his new book When Google Met Wikileaks, WikiLeaks’ publisher Julian Assange describes the special relationship between Google, Hillary Clinton and the State Department — and what that means for the future of the internet. WikiLeaks readers can obtain a 20 percent discount on the cover price when ordering from the OR Books website by using the coupon code “WIKILEAKS”.

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Michel Bauwens: Recommended Reading – Cypherpunks on Freedom and the Future of the Internet

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Michel Bauwens
Michel Bauwens

Book of the Day: Cypherpunks on Freedom and the Future of the Internet

Excerpted from a review by Cryptome:

“This is a highly informative book, perhaps the best published on the substance of WikiLeaks, its technology, philosophy, origin and purpose, rooted in the Cypherpunks resistance to authority through encryption and anonymizing technology. The trenchant and salient, wide-ranging discussion among Assange, Appelbaum, Müller-Maguhn and Zimmermann, is derived from a four-part RT series with additional editorial material and a summarizing prologue by Assange, “A Call to Cryptographic Arms.”

Amazon Page
Amazon Page

It is an excellent introduction to the struggle for control of digital communications, economics and governance. A prime candidate for inclusion of reading lists of the enemies of authoritarian institutions, corporations and governments heavily invested in the Internet and aiming to control it by secret collusion for their purposes — at the global public’s expense, loss of privacy and reduced democracy. It claims to be a “watchman’s warning” against the threat posed by the Internet and cellphone technology.

The panel asserts [11 points in all]:

1. The internet is a threat to human civilization because of its panoptic surveillance and profiling of users.

2. “Strategic surveillance” gathers all online and cellphone data as distinguished from tactical surveillance with is specifically targeted.

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Wikileaks V Rolling Update CLOSED

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Yvette Carnell

30 December 2010

Cyber-sabotage and espionage top 2011 security fears (BBC)

The WikiLeaks War on America (Commentary)

The Dark Side of Wikileaks (Atlanta Post)

Assange: I’ll reveal info that will spark Arab world coups (YNETNews)

Assange: Many Arab Officials Work With CIA (CBSNews)

WikiLeaks founder vows to release all files in case of death or incarceration (The Star)

Floyd Abrams Whizzes on WikiLeaks (Slate)

Wired journalists deny cover-up over WikiLeaks boss and accused US soldier (Guardian)

53 letters: Response to Wired’s accusations (Salon)

FBI Raids Texas Server Farm for Clues to Anonymous Group, Operation Payback (eweek)

If Wikileaks Is About Cyberwar, Was The Pentagon Papers About A Wood Pulp War? (techdirt)

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