John Robb: The Future of Food — Total Transparency & The Beginning of True Cost Economics

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John Robb
John Robb

Here’s How to Build a More Resilient Food System…

By John Robb

Want to get a glimpse of the future of food?

This is the page from Gulf Wild program. When you buy a fish that has a Gulf Wild ID number on it, you can find out everything about it.

Simply enter this ID number on their website or (cell phone) and it will provide you with:

Click on Image to Enlarge
Click on Image to Enlarge
  1. The bio and history of the fisherman who caught the fish.
  2. What the fish is, where the fish was caught (with a map) down to 10 miles, and when it was caught.
  3. Info on fishing practices (e.g. was it caught as part of a sustainable fisheries program?).

NOTE: Canada has a similar program called “This Fish

I believe we’re going to see programs like this for all of the food (and an increasing number of products) we buy, from meats to vegetables.

Why? Info like this is addicting. Once you get it, you want it on everything.

Fortunately, it’s also really easy to put a service like this together for local producers, and that’s a good thing.

Here’s why: This type of insight would positively differentiate fresh, high quality local produce from the generic products of indefinite age, quality, and origin we get from the global industrial system.

That would be a good thing, since it would help make local food more plentiful and that makes us ALL more resilient.

Resiliently Yours,

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The two together comprise the only persistent global recognition endeavor with respect to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

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The “True Cost” of the World Cup

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The costs of hosting the World Cup in South Africa were said to be justified by the economic growth that the event was supposed to generate. Expenses are expected to surpass original estimates by 757 percent. The expected growth in infrastructure and small local businesses has not come close to offsetting the funds that have been diverted from long-term priorities such as healthcare and education. FIFA and international corporate sponsors such as McDonald’s and Coca Cola are the biggest beneficiaries of the event with much of the local South African population unable to even attend the matches.

By Liepollo Lebohang PhekoAlterNet June 22, 2010

When South Africa was announced as the host for FIFA’s premier event, justifications of the cost were made on the basis that it would grow the local economy, provide opportunities for small and local business, act as a buffer against the economic meltdown, that it would contribute to the urban regeneration programs of the major cities particularly Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town and bring smaller cities closer to the center of economic and social activity.  It was vaunted in fact as a great expression of the so called Rainbow Nation to bridge social, economic and political interests.

Here is the reality: The trade unions have been instructed not to strike for the duration of the World Cup even though some of the concerns are from exploited construction workers who helped build the stadiums; the matches are not accessible to most local people due to relative remoteness and prohibitive cost; an unofficial ‘blind eye’ has been turned to human trafficking and the victimization of sex workers leading up to World Cup; and while welcoming the world with open arms, South Africa’s sometimes shameful behavior  towards other Africans is rearing its head with reports of renewed hostility towards Mozambicans, Senegalese, Zimbabwean and Somali refugees, professionals and business people. Frankly the government was asking a lot from a small leather soccer ball to resolve the country’s complex social dilemmas.

Soccer is historically the sport of the black working class majority and it is this majority who have greatest need of any benefits derived from this event. Unemployment stands at over 40% and youth unemployment stands at nearly 70%.

The almost R800 billion (US$107 billion) set aside for infrastructure development in roads, airports, highways and stadiums, is many times the amount spent on the World Cups by Korea and Japan (2002) or Germany (2006). Despite a comparatively positive economic environment, return on investment for those countries has been negligible. Today’s climate is much less favorable for South Africa. The total cost of South Africa’s hosting the World Cup still remains to be seen.


+ Video – World Cup Soccer In Africa: Who Really Wins
+ Video – South Africa: Fahrenheit 2010. Who actually benefits from the millions of dollars invested?
+ The flipside of the Worldcup excitement: South African street view from Google Maps
+ Anti-rape condom distributed during WorldCup in high rape-prone South Africa
+ Assasination attempt on Faustin Kayumba Nyamwasa, former Rwandan army chief in exile in South Africa

Event Report: 9 Sep 09 GMU N Va Economic Liberty Series

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Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Mr. Rockwell is a very gracious and well-spoken person.  He delivered a prepared speech that will be posted online by the Ludwig von Mises Institute at some point.  Our bottom line up front: the hard-core Libertarians are a one-trick-pony with an obsessive focus on one thing and one thing only: all against the State.  Sadly, despite a great deal of hand waving about Austrian economists, there is not much in the way of economic reflection visible, and the gentlemen was specifically unable to address a question about a natural alliance between the Libertarians armed with scarcity-centered Austrian economics, and the Greens, armed with Ecological Economics, Natural Capitalism, and “true cost” accounting; nor was he able to engage with a subsequent question on a natural alliance with those interested in Evolutionary Living.

Mr. Rockwell, who served as Chief of Staff to Congressman Ron Paul and is now Chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute at a time when it is experiencing extraordinary growth and drawing a great deal of attention, sought to do several things with his planned remarks:

Continue reading “Event Report: 9 Sep 09 GMU N Va Economic Liberty Series”

Journal: True Cost of Hybrids, Dumb Government

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Full Story Online
Full Story Online

Steve Gorman

Sun Aug 30, 2009

As hybrid cars gobble rare metals, shortage looms

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The Prius hybrid automobile is popular for its fuel efficiency, but its electric motor and battery guzzle rare earth metals, a little-known class of elements found in a wide range of gadgets and consumer goods.  . . . . . . .Worldwide demand for rare earths, covering 15 entries on the periodic table of elements, is expected to exceed supply by some 40,000 tonnes annually in several years unless major new production sources are developed.

Phi Beta Iota: The peresistent refusal of the White House and Congress in particular, all governments in general, to create strategic centers that can provide unclassified decision-support in the context of a strategic analytic model that embraces “true cost” accounting and “cross-policy cost harmonization” means that the USA in particular, and all governments generally, are “dumb” and are therefore in automatic betrayal of the public trust. Current references:  Intelligence for Everyone; Fixing the White House; Human Intelligence; The Ultimate Hack.

Honour Society: Chapter Creation and Affiliation

Chapter Affiliation

Phi Beta Iota is an Epoch B organization in which individual membership and chapter affiliation are free and the global virtual network thrives on the basis of information-sharing, aggregate sense-making, and trust.

Below are three depictions:

Collective Intelligence (Humanities side of the World Brain) and Cognitive Science (Science side of the World Brain)

Human Intelligence
Human Intelligence

Organizational Intelligence and the three “junior” quadrants of knowledge management, social networking, and external information acquisition

Organizational Intelligence
Organizational Intelligence

Human Intelligence (HUMINT) as a “Full Spectrum” approach to engaging all minds all the time

Full Spectrum HUMINT
Full Spectrum HUMINT

Any organization, both formal and informal may become a Phi Beta Iota affiliated chapter.  All that is required is contact information, an affirmation of commitment to the highest standards of integrity in creating public intelligence in the public interest, and the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for the Chapter home page on the web, which is authorized the use of Phi Beta Iota for so long as the site is linked from this website.  Acceditation consists of visual acknowledgement through the direct link.

True Cost Meme

True Cost Meme

The “true cost” meme as established by Paul Hawken and other leaders in ecological economics (such as Herman Daly) is an analytic concept that is embraced by Phi Beta Iota and should be clearly understood by all who wish to associate with or claim affiliation with Phi Beta Iota.

Exxon, to take one example, did not “earn” $40 billion in profits in 2007.  It externalized $12 in costs for every $3 gallon of gasoline it sold in the USA (and equivalent amounts everywhere else).  In other words, Exxon’s leadership oversaw the theft of $40 billion in just one year of  Earth resources and services, including clean air and water, stealing this money from the public commonwealth and future generations.  Since changes to the Earth that used to take 10,000 years now take three years, the public urgently needs to achieve a World Brain and EarthGameTM so as to “get a grip” on “true costs” at every level in every clime and place.

War is a form of theft as well–its steals blood, treasure, and spirit from the commonwealth of nations, while enriching the few at the expense of the money.  General Smedley Butler, in his time the most decorated Marine in hitory, has denounced the use of the military as “enforcers” for banks that make bad investments and corporations that aspire to loot emerging communities that lack the ability to resist organized predators.  Here also public intelligence in the public interst is the ethical, legal, non-violent means of confronting, resisting, and ultimately vanquishing those who seek to destroy and deprive.

Phi Beta Iota explicitly and passionately subscribes to the principles of non-violence as so ably represented by Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela, among others.  Public intelligence in the public interest is how we ethically, legally, and peacefully achieve “truth & reconciliation” among all individuals, groups, and organizations.

The related memes of “biomimicry,” “green to gold,” “cradle to cradle,” “zero waste,” and “sustainable design” are helpful in crafting solutions, but the immediate and continuing public intelligence challenge–the challenge that Phi Beta Iota and its affiliated human minds strives to address–is the credible, documented, replicable calculation of the “true cost” of each and every product and service on the planet.

Examples of “true cost” include, for a designer cotton blouse with high-tech color designs:

  • hundreds if not thousands of liters of water (e.g. from Bangladesh in growing cotton)
  • toxic chemicals in the coloration and cleansing
  • sweatshop labor including child disease and mortality
  • tax avoidance


Financial Affairs

Financial Affairs

Phi Beta Iota as an international honour society in being, this website, the online Journal of Public Intelligence, and the publication of additional books relevant to public intelligence in the public interest are all sponsored by the Earth Intelligence Network, a Virginia C Corporation with certified status as a 501c3 Public Charity.

As the Journal of Public Intelligence matures it will be offered in hard-copy where desired at cost of production plus shipping.  Taylor & Francis, publishers of the International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence (IJIC) and of Intelligence and National Security (INS), under the editorial direction respectively of Richard Valcourt and Dr. Professor Loch Johnson, has been offered first option on the Journal should they wish to subsidize its international outreach for substantive content, and market it to stakeholders in the public interest.

As chapters are formed and members begin to desire certifications, badges, and other regalia typical of honour societies, the volunteer directors will agree on fees and the international service element will establish designs, order production, maintain inventory, and fulfill orders from chapters and individuals.

Any individual may self-select membership, which is open to all.  The creation of a chapter and affiliation with a chapter are not conditions for membership.  This honour society seeks to embrace the distributed intelligence of humanity–all humans, all minds, all the time–in order to stop corruption, fraud, waste, abuse, and the information asymmetries and data pathologies that are associated with “rule by secrecy” and the now defunct hierarchical command and control paradigm, which is only applicable (and essential) where elected voluntarily by its members as being necessary to the good order and discipline of specific mission areas.



Phi Beta Iota Organization

The Phi Beta Iota Honour Society is comprised of volunteers at all levels.  Unlike all other honour societies, Phi Beta Iota recognizes that diversity is the heart of Collective Intelligence, and no human being is excluded for lack of artificial criteria.  Sharing and Sense-Making in all their forms, including artistic, mystical, and cosmic, are the essential role of all humans regardless of age, education, income, race, or creed.

Volunteers are invited to establish tribal, district or county, province or state, national, or diaspora chapters.  As the organization matures, a natural leadership network will emerge that can establish protocols and self-organized funding strategies for appropriate activities.

Member Organizations

  • Local chapters may form regional chapters that are affiliated with a national chapter or directly with this global hub in service to all and especially to the five billion poor.
  • Regional chapters shall form a regional committee of local chapter advisors in order to govern the affairs of the region. Officers shall be elected for each region annually
  • Regional chapters may form state chapters hat are affiliated with national chapter or directly with this global hub in service
  • State chapters shall form state committee of regional officers in order to govern the affairs of the state chapter. Officers shall be elected annually
  • All regional chapters shall provide contact information to the national office or to this global hub
  • All regional chapters may appoint two individuals with Editor status at this global website
  • Any individual may be a contributor or subscriber, with or without belonging to any chapter
  • Confirming local, state or regional chapter affairs with the national office of not necessary
  • All state and regional chapters shall declaring affiliation shall post short monthly updates at this global hub
  • Other websites are encouraged to improved localized information sharing and sense-making across all boundaries.  This global website will link to affiliated websites upon request
  • The purposes of chapters are to sponsor conventions for local chapter members and to engender novel projects at a region and state level that combine the practice of public intelligence with public service



Phi Beta Iota Objectives

  • Encourage and recognize public intelligence in the public interest
  • Advance public knowledge of the proven process of intelligence (decision-support)
    • Requirements definition
    • Collection management
    • Source discovery & vetting
    • Advanced machine-speed automated processing
    • Advanced desktop analytic tool sets
    • Value of Free/Open Source Software (F/OSS) over partial proprietary “entrapment”
    • “Full-Spectrum” Human Intelligence (HUMINT) harnessing distributed knowledge
    • Critical thinking in historical, multi-cultural, and multi-dimensional contexts
    • Appreciation for collaboration across all boundaries (cultural, disciplinary, domain)
    • Understanding of how to deliver “just enough, just in time, just right” decision-support
  • Communicate with the public and with all sources and methods relevant to public intelligence
  • Advance the use by Civil Society of the legal ethical sources and methods of public intellignece
  • Encourage students to practice the art and science of public intelligence as both a form of applied learning and complex adaptive collaboration, and as a public service

Open Membership

Individual Membership
Free Card
Free Card

The above is a depiction of the free card that can be printed off and laminated by anyone.  Click on the card to reach a printable version with instructions for trimming and  lamination.  A French version will be posted shortly, and then other languages as they appear.  Giving your card away over and over is encouraged.

Will Keepen Describes Twelve Principles
Will Keepen Describes Twelve Principles

Clicking on the Phi Beta Iota mascot will produce Will Keepen’s explanation of his twelve principles as we are applying them to the craft of public intelligence (decision-support) as manifested in the discipline of M4IS2 as incorporated into the membership card.  Originally a Swedish military concept, it has been enhanced by Phi Beta Iota and stands for

Multinational, Multiagency Multidisciplinary Multidomain

Information-Sharing and Sense-Making

2009 Honour Society – Societe d Honneur & Journal of Public Intelligence – Journal de l’Intelligence Publique

Honour Society
Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Honour Society/e d'Honneir
Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Honour Society/e d'Honneur

Phi Beta Iota is an open honour society intended to recognize any individuals or organizations that commit themselves to creating public intelligence in the public interest.

Le Phi Bêta Iota est une société ouverte d’honneur prévue pour identifier tous les individus ou des organismes qui se commettent à créer l’intelligence publique dans l’intérêt public.

At this time Robert David STEELE Vivas is the primary author.  Lead authors are invited to volunteer for each of the eight “tribes” of intelligence: government, military, law enforcement,  academia, business, media, non-profit and non-governmental, and civil society including labor unions, religions, and citizen councils or advocacy groups.

Actuellement Robert David STEELE Vivas est l’auteur primaire. Des auteurs importants sont invités à offrir pour chacun du ” huit ; tribes” ; de l’intelligence : société de gouvernement, de militaires, de police, de milieu universitaire, de commercial, de médias, sans but lucratif et non gouvernementale, et civile comprenant les syndicats, les religions, et les conseils ou les groupes de pression de citoyen.

The intent of the Society is to publish a Global to Local Journal of Public Intelligence free online to allow for easy tailoring of selections to any of the eight tribes in relation to any issue and/or any location.

L’intention de la société est d’éditer un journal de l’intelligence publique global au local libre en ligne pour tenir compte de concevoir en fonction facile des choix les huit tribus l’unes des par rapport à n’importe quelle issue et/ou à n’importe quel endroit.