John Steiner: Hackers for Public Justice?

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John Steiner

From: Dan Drasin

Some say the internet is the only field of effective protest-activism left — in the face of intractable establishment power, the growing militarization of local police and so forth. That may be a bit melodramatic, but the hacker group Anonymous has been giving it a shot with their actions that started in June of this year. What I didn't know until I saw this video (uploaded July 7th) is that Anonymous claims to be rolling out a one-year, three-phase plan, of which the first phase recently concluded.  Here's their video manifesto — full of sound, fury and gung-ho chest-beating, but also entertaining and provocative.

YouTube “What Are We Capable Of?

[Anon Press, 13 Minutes, 1 of 27 Videos]

Phi Beta Iota:  The video is a blast–very professional, deeply developed.  We are ALL “anonymous” in the face of tyranny.  Anonymous Attack is the alter ego of Public Intelligence.  When no one goes to jail for crashing the US Economy, the US Government loses all legitimacy and credibility.  Lies are neither patriotic or helpful.  Epoch A is crashing.  Epoch B is emergent.  Our focus is on non-violent intelligence (decision-support) with integrity in the public interest.  In the face of the vastly more destructive actions of the governments and corporations, and the benign corrupt neglect of non-governmental organizations, we can understand digital destructive attacks in the name of public justice.   Learn more about our public intelligence plan below.  May God Bless and Preserve the American Republic as it was originally conceived, not as it has been corrupted.  “Ideas are bullet-proof.”

Reference: Intelligence for the Spirit of Assisi

ON INTELLIGENCE: Open Letter to the President

2012 Manifesto for Truth: Intelligence with Integrity . . . in the Public Interest (Evolver Editions, July 2012)

2010: Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Trilogy Updated

2010 INTELLIGENCE FOR EARTH: Clarity, Diversity, Integrity, & Sustainability


Koko: Crowds Fund Science Directly…

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Koko the Reflexive

Scientists Turn to Crowds on the Web to Finance Their Projects


New York Times, July 11, 2011

In January, a time when many scientists concentrate on grant proposals, Jennifer D. Calkins and Jennifer M. Gee, both biologists, were busy designing quail T-shirts and trading cards. The T-shirts went for $12 each and the trading cards for $15 in a fund-raising effort resembling an online bake sale.

The $4,873 they raised, mostly from small donations, will pay their travel, food, lab and equipment expenses to study the elegant quail this fall in Mexico.

. . . . . . .

In the crowd funding genus, MyProjects is a different species from Kickstarter. All projects on the site have been vetted by scientists and already receive financing from Cancer Research UK. And the funds are guaranteed regardless of whether the MyProjects goal is reached. Mr. Bromley calls it “substitutional funding.”

. . . . . . .

The quail project was one of thousands that Cassie Marketos, a community editor at Kickstarter, has approved. “It’s one thing to buy a book about quails,” she said. “But to know that you played a small part in making it happen is a much different experience.”

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Phi Beta Iota:  The world is in an intermediary stage toward governing without government.  The era of outrageous fraud, waste, and abuse–massive investments by the government of tax-payer funds on the basis of ideology or special interests, not intelligence with integrity–is coming to an end.  Participatory democracy, alternative localized or specialized currencies that cannot be taxed, and intelligence-driven self-governance that is open to all stakeholders (Panarchy), are all emergent.

Open Source Insurgency = System Disruption

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John Robb

Thursday, 30 June 2011

WAR NERD: How the IRA used Systems Disruption

I've enjoyed The War Nerd for years.  Great, colorful writing.  The author of the column, “Gary Brecher,” was never on the same page as me when it came to warfare.  However, that's changed.

He now thinks, and makes an excellent case for global guerrilla thinking.  In short: that blood and guts warfare is counter productive and that systems disruption (hiting network systempunkts/nodes to generate high ROI‘s and publicity) is a potential path to long term victory for guerrillas.  In short: in the modern context, if you keep the blood/guts to a min, and keep the cost ratio massively in your favor while staying alive, you will eventually win.

To demonstrate this, he has a great article on how the IRA eventually adopted systems disruption:

“In 1994, they took the idea of non-lethal warfare a notch up by doing one of the most revolutionary things any guerrilla army has ever done: IRA mortar teams dropped shells on the runways at Heathrow Airport, totally stopping air traffic… but the shells weren’t even designed to explode. Intentional duds. That’s amazing; I’ve never heard of anything like that. It shows how far they’d come by that stage, away from the simple Al Qaeda maximum-blood crap I bought into in that earlier article.  In contemporary urban guerrilla warfare, at least in Western Europe, killing civvies is counterproductive. What you want to do, what the IRA had mastered by the 1990s, was messing with the incredibly fragile and expensive networks that keep a huge city going. Interrupt them and you cost the enemy billions of dollars, and they don’t even have any gory corpses to shake in your faces. Fucking brilliant, and I was too dumb to see it!

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Resiliency Wiki & Open Source Insurgency

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John Robb

JOURNAL: The Resilient Community Wiki

The great part about starting out small, simple, and a little cheesy is that it can only get better from there.  Using that logic, my friends and I have launched a wiki called Miiu (pronounced me-you).  Miiu is a visual wiki.  Essentially, a catalogue of things (products, tools, etc.) and places (homes, businesses, gov't buildings, etc.).

The Resilient Community Wiki

To start off, our goal is to do what lots of people have asked me to create: a wiki that catalogues everything related to resilient communities.  We'd like to create a visual catelogue of the things (from DIY solar stills to an inventory of homes, farms, businesses in your community) that will be useful in the development of resilient communities.

JOURNAL: Lulzsec as an Open Source Insurgency

Lulzsec has some claims to being an open source insurgency.  It operated as a foco by generating a plausible promise: its hacks were high profile and successful, proving that it's possible to successfully attack/damage all big organizations despite the billions they spend on computer security.   This promise has also generated copycats/clones around the world.  Finally, it is now disbanding (forgoing any formal leadership role).  If they can disband in a way that lets them escape unscathed, that only adds to the promise. Quote from their website:

“For the past 50 days we've been disrupting and exposing corporations, governments, often the general population itself, and quite possibly everything in between, just because we could.  We hope, wish, even beg, that the movement manifests itself into a revolution that can continue on without us. The support we've gathered for it in such a short space of time is truly overwhelming, and not to mention humbling.  Please don't stop. Together, united, we can stomp down our common oppressors and imbue ourselves with the power and freedom we deserve.”

Avaaz People Power: Slams Bahrain & War on Drugs

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Formula 1 cancels Bahrain race for 2011

UN established new task force toward ending criminalization of drugs

Within 72 hours, more than 1 million of us joined two unlikely campaigns: one to break the taboo on the global war on drugs, and another calling on F1 refuse to hold the Grand Prix in brutal Bahrain — and we won!! People power works. We see it everywhere, every day.

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Panera (bread) “cares cafes” pay what you can

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John Steiner

Ron Shaich Lets Panera Bread Customers Pay What They Can

Lucas Kavner

Huffington Post, 15 June 2011

Ron Shaich, the founder and chairman of Panera Bread, has sculpted his company into one of the most successful small restaurant chains in the country. He's also done something no other chain has done before.

By creating a unique, pay-what-you-can model at three “Panera Cares” cafes around the country — and more are coming soon — he has proven an idea that seems revolutionary for a large corporation, but is actually very simple: trust people; they'll often surprise you.

. . . . . . .

“It worked,” Ron said. “20 percent would leave more than the suggested donation, 60 percent would leave the suggested amount, and 20 percent would leave less.”

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Future of Multinational Intelligence & Operations

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Robert David STEELE Vivas

I am just back from a phenomenal conference on UN Air Operations put together by Professor Walter Dorn and Major Bill March.  The highlight of that event was Senator Romeo Dallaire, LtGen (Ret), author of Shake Hands with the Devil as well as the more recent They Fight Like Soldiers, They Die Like Children.

Here are my notes on points made by Senator Dallaire, followed by some additional  personal views of my own with respect to the future of the UN, NATO, and regional organizations long overdue as stewards of their respective regions peace and prosperity.

+  Drawing on history we can project into the future (not in a linear fashion, but from an informed foundation).  We need to do both, we cannot go on as we are with our short-term perspective.

+  We must achieve a communion of humanity in the larger context of the planet as a whole–this is a grand strategic vision in which nation-states are actually limiting elements.

+  National and regional planning must be integrated into a larger global planning and forecasting process; we must go global.

+  The will to intervene in important, and should be but is not, common sense.  Refugees and displaced persons are vectors for disease and root sources of rage.

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