Anthony Hall: When War is a Remedy for Terror?

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When War is Promoted as a Remedy for Terror

by Anthony J. Hall

Obama pulls bin Laden from hat

The You Tube of my San Francisco presentation on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 is being presented to the public here for the first time in early March of 2012.

Anthony J. Hall is Professor of Globalization Studies. His recent book, Earth into Property, sets 9/11 and the 9/11 Wars in the context of over 500 years of globalization. The publication of the American Library Association called Earth into Property “a scholarly tour de force” The Independent in the UK chose it as one of the best books of 2010. Professor Hall worked recently with Splitting The Sky, Cynthia McKinney, Ramsay Clark, Joshua Blakeney and others to pressure law enforcement officials in Canada to arrest George W. Bush for war crimes. Professor Hall’s recent work includes seminal investigation and publication on the nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima.

Full lecture with images, videos, and links below the line.

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Owl: 33 “Conspiracy Theories” Proven True — Many with Government Betrayal of Public Trust as Central Feature

Who? Who?

So many smug people claim conspiracy theories don't exist, they are something less educated people believe. Next time someone tells you this, direct them to this compilation of 33 conspiracy theories that turned out true.

Phi Beta Iota:  “Conspiracy theory” is one step up (a big step) from “watch your language.”  A huge piece of the “control fraud” with active government participation in suppressing the truth, a clear betrayal of the public trust.  The list is useful but not as complete or structured as is now possible, while also too US-centric.  The video series Core of Corruption, is recommended.

33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True, What Every Person Should Know… (Updated, Revised and Extended)

By Jonathan Elinoff, New World Order Report

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If you enjoy this article, please check out my documentary film series, Core of Corruption.

Go directly to lengthy article with interspersed videos.

Below the Line: Complete List.

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Jon Lebkowsky: Clay Shirky on SOPA as Keeping Us Passive Not Producing and Not Sharing

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Jon Lebkowsky

Clay Shirky has the best overview I’ve seen/heard/read of PIPA and SOPA and the context from whence they emerged; the bottom line: the legilsation’s about wanting us to be passive consumers, not producing and not sharing.

Phi Beta Iota:  To this we would add it is also about a criminally negligent and corrupt Congress exercising its power against the public interest (treason), and a criminally negligent and corrupt combination of Hollywood and Internet Service Providers seeking to legitimize vigilante arbitrary untempered attacks on anyone anywhere without due process.

Mini-Me: Occupy 9/11 Emergent – War by Deception 2011 – The shadow government and shadow economy

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Who? Mini-Me?

Occupy 9/11 is emergent. This film, loaded on 1 February 2011, is now going viral. At 2:28:42, this is one of the best documentaries on the topic, and it is free online.

YouTube War by Deception 2011

Phi Beta Iota:  This is an extraordinary contribution.  It is highly recommended for students as well as adult learning clubs; it provides the best “overview” in one place.

See Also:

9-11 Truth Books & DVDs (33)

Robert Steele: ON REVOLUTION

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UPDATE:  I was not happy with these, the first one got a lot of views, the other two did not, so I have removed them.  Instead I recommend the below mid-1990's condensation of my 1976 thesis.

Learn more:

Download Single-Page Graphic

2011 Thinking About Revolution in the USA and Elsewhere

Charles Faddis: Governor Buddy Roemer Merits a Look..

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C/O Charles Faddis

Governor Buddy Roemer merits a look.

Buddy Roemer is a candidate for the Republican nomination for president. He served in Congress from 1981-88 as one of the last truly conservative Democrats who crossed the aisle to back the Reagan agenda. He later was governor of Louisiana and switched party affiliation to the GOP. A longtime business executive, Mr. Roemer founded and was CEO of Business First Bank, a small community lender with $650 million is assets.

Memorable Line: “I'm a Methodist boy, and I believe in miracles.”

Memorable Line:  “I want Washington DC to stop being the capital for corruption.”

Governor Buddy Roemer's Campaign Website

Kristan Wheaton: Intelligence Analytics – Three Sources

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Kristan Wheaton

VIDEO (8:19)  Applying Scenarios, Wargames and Advanced Intelligence Analytics (Part 1 of 2)

Generic is worthless–focus on real specific threats and opportunities.  Do the collection rather than just speculating without data.  Do not extrapolate from the past — instead intuit and shape the future.

VIDEO (7:12) Applying Scenarios, Wargames and Advanced Intelligence Analytics (Part 2 of 2)

First, study your business model. Then simplify it. Then innovate.

In passing (PDF): The impact of competitive intelligence on products and services innovation in organizations

Competitive Intelligence (CI) is not impacting on innovation.