Review: Saucers, Swastikas and Psyops: A History of A Breakaway Civilization: Hidden Aerospace Technologies and Psychological Operations

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Jospeh P. Farrell

5.0 out of 5 stars This is an Information Operations / Counterintelligence Hidden Gem, December 23, 2012

The cover does this book a dis-service. This is a SERIOUS book that should be used in serious courses of instruction for both Information Operations (IO) and Counterintelligence (CI). The book lacks an index, a terrible mistake on the part of the publisher, but I have to say the notes are world-class and this book earns my intuitive respect quickly.

This book is a bit rough but I put it at a solid five stars and even considered six (my top ten percent across 1800+ books) because this book does something extraordinary:

01 It makes the case for UFOs being a terrestial Information Operations (IO) Psychological Operation (PSYOP — never plural).

02 It connects US underground tunnel civilization (a possible explanation for the Pentagon's missing 2.3 trillion) and advanced technologies including “Nazi physics” versus “Jewish physics”

03 It connects the Rockefeller-Morgan Nazi-philes, Latin America, Switzerland, the Bank of International Settlements, and the drug cartels — in other words, this is also an excellent reading for Counterintelligence (CI).

I draw two major insights from this book:

01 Perhaps the Pentagon really is not 50% waste — perhaps 30% of what we think of as waste (including the unaccounted for 2.3 trillion that Rumsfled was being grilled about on 10 September 2001) has gone to pay for an entire underground complex not just in the USA, but world-wide. I am dubious but this really does need an honest Inspector General's look.

02 The US Government, and particularly the national security establishment including the Armed Services, the CIA, and the FBI, are so heavily penetrated by a mix of Nazis (this book) and Zionists as well as Pentecostals (other books) that an honest President would have no alternative but to eradicate the existing institutions — retire everyone — and start over, this time with a new FBI that is actually capable of doing 21st Century counterintelligence. The US Government is full of good people trapped in a bad system, but this book helps refine and deepen my concern about the US Government having become a host to parasites that are using the US Government to neglect, omit, and pervert all that is America the Beautiful.

An alternative to 02 is for each state to cut the federal government off on tax revenues, and do a state by state inventory above and below ground (and offshore), get a grip on what we have both covert and overt across the country, and then repossess any capabilities, technologies, stores of water (the underground “civilization” and the digging of tunnels with water could be one explanation for why our aquifers have been dropping so radically) for the public good.

I confess to not having given attention to the post war Nazi phenomenon, and while I am severely skeptical that it is as wide-spread, well-funded, and capable as this book suggests, this book is more than enough to demand a proper look by competent ethical authorities who are not muzzled or handicapped, as the US Government is, by special interests.

Here are my notes from reading this excellent work, followed by ten book links, mostly books the author relied on that I have not read, that need to be recognized as available to the public.

THIS IS NOT A BOOK ABOUT EXTRA-TERRESTIALS OR UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS. This is a book about black program technology — both government and private — associated with Nazi, CIA, NASA, and other shadow government elements — that has created a “break-away” civilization able to treat the rest of us as a disposable after-thought.

The book earns instant credibility with me because it is founded on the analytic model established by Carroll Quickley in The Evolution Of Civilizations.

Focusing on the USA and Quigley's seven levels of civilization (Mixture, Gestation, Expansion, Age of Conflict, Universsal Empire, Decay, and Invasion) the author posits, and I agree, that the USA is heavily into the DECAY phase and the INVASION phases has started (predominantly Latino but Somali, Chinese, and other as well). A new civilization is in the making in the USA, it may or may not lead to the break up of the now largely corrupt federal government, but the point of this book is that the parasitic element is so well entrenched here and elsewhere that what happens above ground in the USA is of no concern. I am personally skeptical of the extent of the underground and undersea alternative “zone” but actively interested in seeing a wide net cast to bring all available information together for deeper evaluation.

The key to the demise of the USA is that the fruits of empire that created “net surplus” were stolen by the financial mafia in league with the drug cartels led by the City of London banking family (within which this book places the Rothchilds as peripheral — another story in itself).

KEY INSIGHT: Closed systems of finance and closed (black) systems of science came together with the closed system of Nazi/Fascist successors to create a break-away civilization that views all of us as lesser beings, disposable commoditized humans who are largely “useless eaters” and to whom eugenics (Henry Kissinger's favorite word) can be “morally” applied.

The author spends a lot of time on the early UFO “contactees” (different from the abductees), and posits their being dupes of a very well orchestrated US military PSYOP intended to “bracket” the closed black technologies, especially hyper-flight, between “other worldly” UFO explanations that would be dismissed by most, and mundane explanations (e.g. weather balloon) that would be accepted by most. The “deep secret” is that black technologies have gone to a whole new level, and the public is being deprived of what it has paid for that it most needs now — for example, new technologies of energy, clean water, and non-polluting transport. Put crudely, this break-away civilization has sucked the USA dry, pooped in our milk-bowl, and is now ready to “cast off” for cleaner lands such as Argentina and Chile and — I posit, Australia, where a miraculous transformation of the Australian desert will take place, at the same time that the Australian Navy continues to sink Indonesian refugee boats just outside their domestic water line.

CAVEAT: I am committed to public intelligence in the public interest, and as one of the pioneers of both IO and Collective Intelligence, I belive that Truth & Reconciliation, on top of a pervasive public attentiveness that will expose “deep secrets” and “closed systems” with time, will eventually lead to a prosperous world at peace with no vigilante campaigns against the bankers and other corrupt elements. I may be wrong, but that is my working ethos.

One of the areas where the author excels is in finding and integrating quotes from both Nazi rocket scientists and US contractors, notably Ben Rich from Lockheed's skunkworks. His work illuminates what John Lewis Gaddis and others have pointed out (see my online “Itemization of Information Pathologies”) with respect to history being a “denied area” or lost because (my view) the academy, media, and others have all lost their integrity and become slaves to the present shallowness.

Page 45. Seven Memes (advanced IO):

01 Extra-terrestials concenred about human nuclear weapons.

02 Extra-terrestials superior beings

03 Extra-terrestials will “invite” selected humans into an inter-planetary cabal

04 Extra-terrestials are the new religion, same false gods, new clothing

05 Extra-terrestials are a new elite, inviting suspicion of all others

06 Extra-terrestials are a new inter-planetary “brotherhood” to which respect, allegiance, and servitude is owed

07 Eventually there will be a “disclosure” moment (the ultimate PSYOP — obey us closet humans or ET's will zap you)

I learn (buyer beware of course) things about CIA asnd Nazis I did not know, two things in particular:

01) There are roughly 15,000 Nazis with direct connections to the Nazi hydra in the USA, not the 1,500 I thought we had from CIA's import program.

02) The entire CIA Soviet program (clandestine and analytic) was a complete adoption of the Nazi program and network, still run by the Nazis when Allen Dulles insitutionalized it during his tenure as Director of CIA.

The author has done some good work with WWII news clippings and WWII interrogation reports, and what keeps coming back to me as an intelligence profession is this: our own intelligence community — both in terms of intelligence (what do we need to know) and in terms of counterintelligence (who is an enemy of the public interest) is simply not serious or outrageously corrupt, or both. The topics this book covers — like the 9/11 truth, the truth about JFK and MLK and Israeli co-optation of the USA (imagine, TWO parasitic civilizations at war with each other and the USA today is the collateral damage) — need to be professionally scrutinized, publicly scrutinized, and conclusions by consensus established and then laid to rest. “The truth at any cost lowers all other costs.”

The author, citing others, believes there is a deeply buried renegate group of believers with extreme political and religious beliefs within the US intelligence community, the Pentagon, and the US Government at large. I agree — and this is one reason I am frustrated with the FBI's lack of integrity, their Director has clearly chosen to play along, and the FBI's “most wanted list” (there are actually multiple most wanted lists) is in my view as a professional a joke — lightweight criminals, a public farce, while the heavy duty criminals own the store.

The author offers some excellent coverage of the banking community that both funded WWII and agreed before WWII that no matter what happened in the anticipated war, the banking community would be above it all, and would actively help the Nazis exfiltrate their wealth and leave Germany hollow — followed by the Marshall Plan, restoring Germany and others at US taxpayer expense.

The author touches on but does not elaborate much with respect to the City of London (the autonomous banking hub) being central to the global drug trade, and the Rockefeller investments in Latin America being central to the integration of Nazi needs, drug cartel cash generations, and Wall Street liquidity needs. Again, with many other books note cited by the author supporting this view, for example, Dope, Inc: Britain's Opium War Against the World, and the actual connections of German Pope Benedict XVI alluded to but not discussed in detail, there is much work to be done on this topic, in the public interest.

The author ties in Texas oil, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Saudi family, and my own addition, Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticutt. There is a truly terrible DNA spiral between great wealth and great terror, and lacking direct knowledge as I do, all I can say is that everyone with a brain to date, a few authors not-with-standing, has failed to be as responsible as they could be about illuminating the truth.

The author posits Argentina as the chosen site for hidding wealth and technology not to be shared with the US Government. I am personally skeptical, with the observation that I do expect Argentina and Chile to be the next big thing is socio-economic development in the Western Hemisphere, long before Canada gets its act together in the warming Arctic, which will become Russian.

I will end from my notes, highly recommending this book to anyone and everyone, with two minor notes and a quote.

Note 1: Morgan killed Tesla's work in wireless transfer of energy. The rich have deliberately withheld liberation technologies from the poor, and this in my mind is their greatest crime.

Note 2: The US military is deliberately used to recruit the 20% of society that has not internalized the prevailing social control memes. Although this is an over-statement in my own mind, I do think it needs to be considered with DVD Why We Fight. I favor the universal draft with TWO periods of national service, one before or after college and one at mid-career, and I also favor the eradication of 80% of all that is secret in how the US tax dollar is spent. Of course I have other reforms that I would advise any future honest President to consider, I have them all online at We the People Reform Coaltion (BigBatUSA).

QUOTE (217-218): Mr. Bud Rich, head of Lockheed Skunkworks, speaking in 1993 to the UCLA School of Engineering Alumni Association:

“We already have the means to travel among the stars. But these technologies are so locked up in black programs, it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity.”

With my remaining eight links, here are books the author relies on that I consider relevant to a necessary National Intelligence Retrospective (the National Intelligence Council stinks at looking forward, this is how I would train my National Intelligence Council, by first getting them to understand the past with a series of Truth & Reconciliation retrospectives).

REVELATIONS: Alien Contact and Human Deception
America's Nazi Secret: An Insider's History
Science of Coercion: Communication Research and Psychological Warfare, 1945-1960
Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion: Tesla, UFOs, and Classified Aerospace Technology
Sinister Forces-The Manson Secret: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft (Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft)
The Rise of the Fourth Reich: The Secret Societies That Threaten to Take Over America
Underground Bases and Tunnels: What Is the Government Trying to Hide?

I found this book to be ABSORBING. It has rough edges, the cover detracts from the seriousness of the book and it desperately needs an index, but my bottom line is clear: if I had the authority or influence to get a retrospective study done, the author would be among those commissioned to do a foundational Truth & Reconciliation survey.

Semper Fidelis,
Robert David STEELE Vivas

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