Reference: Michael Ostrolenk on Transpartisanship

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Transpartisan Center

Preamble from Jim Turner

Jim Turner’s remarks practically had me [Teri Murphy] leaping to my feet from my little red mushroom stool as he described politics as lurching from walking solely on one’s left foot, becoming exhausted, and then walking solely on the right foot until exhausted again. He called for a recognition that each of us has politics as individual as our fingerprints, but under-girding our views are the same competing poles: particularly of freedom vs order. And we’re not going to get anywhere until we can address the concerns of both poles in a way that frees them to recognize their own need for the opposite pole.

VIDEO:  Michael Ostrolenk onIntroduction to Transpartisan Thinking

VIDEO:  Michael Ostrolenk on Transpartisan is Greater than Bipartisan

Reference: Social Networking–The Future (Mark Suster)

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Mark Suster

TechCrunch 5 December 2010

Social Networking: The Future

Editor’s note: This is the third of a three-part guest post by venture capitalist Mark Suster of GRP Partners on “Social Networking: The Past, Present, And Future.” Read Part I and Part II first. This series is an adaptation of a recent talk Suster gave at the Caltech / MIT Enterprise Forum on “the future of social networking.” You can watch the video here , or you can scroll quickly through the Powerpoint slides embedded at the bottom of the post or here on DocStoc. Follow him on Twitter @msuster.

In my first post I talked about the history of social networking from 1985-2002 dominated by CompuServe, AOL & Yahoo! In the second post I explored the current era which covers Web 2.0 (blogs, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook), Realtime (Twitter), and mobile (Foursquare). Is the game over? Have Facebook & Twitter won or is their another act? No prizes for guessing … there’s always a second (and third, and fourth, and fifth) act in technology.  So where is social networking headed next?  I make eight predictions below.

Phi Beta Iota: As is customary, when persistent links exist, we point to the original.  Below we list the eight points, each point is amplified in the original source that we strongly recommend, along with the first two parts and the video.

1. The Social Graph Will Become Portable

2. We Will Form Around “True” Social Networks: Quora, HackerNews, Namesake, StockTwits

3. Privacy Issues Will Continue to Cause Problems: Diaspora

4. Social Networking Will Become Pervasive: Facebook Connect meets Pandora, NYTimes

5. Third-Party Tools Will Embed Social Features in Websites: Meebo

6. Social Networking (like the web) Will Split Into Layers: SimpleGeo, PlaceIQ

7. Social Chaos Will Create New Business Opportunities: Klout, Sprout Social, CoTweet,, (next gen) Buzzd

8. Facebook Will Not be the Only Dominant Player

Read the full original:  Social Networking: The Future

Reference: Saving the World–Some Perspectives

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More on Venus Project

The Venus Project, Inc is an organization that promotes Jacque Fresco‘s visions of the future with the goal to improve society by moving towards what they call resource-based economy and the design of sustainable cities, energy efficiency, natural resource management and advanced automation, focusing on the benefits they claim it will bring to society.

More on Zeitgeist Movement

The Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) is a worldwide grassroots organization that serves as the communication and activist arm of The Venus Project, founded by industrial designer and social engineer Jacque Fresco. It describes itself as a “sustainability advocacy organization” and is focused on raising awareness for a global social change, by transitioning society from a Monetary-Based Economy to a new, sustainable social design called a “Resource-Based Economy”

TEDxDUCTAC – Erika Ilves & Annie McQuade – Project Planet Inc. (YouTube). What do we, as a human race, need to

More on Ken Wilbur

accomplish in the 21st century? Tune into the most ambitious project in the history of Team Humans.  Erika Ilves and Annie McQuade are the Co-Founders of Source Integral, a management consulting firm that build strategies for 21st century challenges, and the minds behind Project Planet Inc and the Planet Inc. CEO. Together they have over 25 years of experience in strategy consulting addressing global challenges and leading large-scale change. They designed “The Planet Inc. CEO Thought Experiment” to help their clients – the world’s CEOs, Presidents, and Prime Ministers – punch through to the next level of thinking needed to address the most significant challenges facing the human race.  Disciples of Ken Wilbur.

Reference: Crash Course on Reality

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Chris Martenson Home

Chris Martenson not only paid attention to all of the early warning signals, but acted upon them, leaving a Fortune 50 job, selling his Connecticut home, getting out of the stock market, and buying gold and silver.  Now he has produced the single best, down-to-earth, detailed free video (38 minutes), inexpensive video (208 minutes), forthcoming book, and a 50 hour week-end course for concerned citizens.  This is essential education for all–it also demonstrates the fraud, waste, and abuse inherent in the continued support by the two-party tyranny of Wall Street.  Wall Street STILL OWES twice the capital it actually has–the bail-out was a flim-flam to perpetuate the short-term bonuses and positions of the criminals who have looted America and the rest of the world.

Short Free Video

Amazon Page
  • Crash Course by Chris Martenson – 38 minute condensed version
  • DVD Release Date: March 5, 2009
  • Run Time: 203 minutes
Amazon Page
  • Hardcover: 288 pages
  • Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (March 22, 2011)

Phi Beta Iota: In a perfect demonstration of the Hacker Principle that for every piece of information you share, you get back 100 pieces of which 10 are priceless (10:1 noise to signal and 10:1 return on investment), the below was brought to our attention by Dr. James C. Spohrer, Director, IBM University Programs World-Wide (IBM UP), IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA 95120 USA.  We like IBM, we like it even more after seeing that this kind of thinking is well-understood by IBM.  Bottom line: a number of others have sounded the alarm, Chris Martenson does it better than everyone else, in the most concise non-partisan manner possible.  He is the Paul Revere of the Republic, the Commonwealth.

Reference: Bruce Schneier on Cyber War & Cyber Crime

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YouTube 26 Minutes

In this address, Bruce examined the future of cyber war and cyber security.  Mr. Schneier explored the current debate on the threat of cyber war, asking whether or not the threat had been over-stated. He then explored the range of attacks that have taken place, including the Latvian DOS attack and the Stuxnet worm. The address concluded with an exploration of the future of international treaties on cyber war.

Phi Beta Iota: This is utterly brilliant stuff, a historical contribution.  A power struggle between military and police over cyber-security, in US military won–this has consequences.  The weak aspect is the proponency for treaties among states–states are but one of the eight tribes, any “treaty” environment that does not adapt to the reality of eight tribes and hybrid networks is not serious.

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2010: OPINION–America’s Cyber Scam

1994 Sounding the Alarm on Cyber-Security

1993 War and Peace in the Age of Information–Superintendent’s Guest Lecture, Naval Postgraduate School (NPS)

Reference: Cultures of Resistance–A Look at Global Militarization

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Fri, Oct 22, 2010 4:32pm EST

In 2009, the United States government spent some $650 billion on its military. This is more than the next 46 highest-spending countries combined. Much of this treasure ended up in the hands of profit-driven weapons manufacturers. In the following short film, Cultures of Resistance takes a brief look at the current state of what President Eisenhower famously called the “military industrial complex.” With the U.S. waging two wars overseas at the same time that millions of people are out of work at home, those pushing to reel in government spending and balance the budget would be wise to look carefully at bloated and unchecked military spending.

Watch 4 Minute Video

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Graphic: Medard Gabel’s Cost of Peace versus War

Worth a Look: Book Reviews on Corruption

Worth a Look: Book Reviews on Dereliction of Duty (Defense)

Worth a Look: Book Reviews on Empire as Cancer Including Betrayal & Deceit

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Reference: The Future of Physics Lecture I

Nima Arkani-Hamed

Setting the stage: Space-time and Quantum Mechanics (Video Lecture Online)

Renowned theoretical physicist Nima Arkani-Hamed delivered the first in his series of five Messenger lectures on “The Future of Fundamental Physics” Oct. 4.

Formerly a professor at Harvard, Arkani-Hamed currently sits on the faculty at the prestigious Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, where Einstein served from 1933 until his death in 1955.

The Messenger lectures are sponsored by the University Lectures Committee. The lectures were established in 1924 by a gift from Hiram Messenger, who graduated from Cornell in 1880.

Tip of the Hat to Brandin Watson at Facebook.
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Reference: Journalism in the Age of Data

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Text Overview of the Concept

Journalism in the Age of Data: A Film

What bad writing has to do with war casualties and traffic over North America.

Description of Video:  Journalists are coping with the rising information flood by borrowing data visualization techniques from computer scientists, researchers and artists. Some newsrooms are already beginning to retool their staffs and systems to prepare for a future in which data becomes a medium. But how do we communicate with data, how can traditional narratives be fused with sophisticated, interactive information displays?

Reference: Clinton Global Initiative Webcast Archives

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Permanent Archives

Enhancing Access to Modern Technology

Clean Technology and Smart Energy: Deploying the Green Economy

Democracy and Voice: Technology For Citizen Empowerment and Human Rights

Mobile Revolution: Transforming Access, Markets, and Development

Reference: Peggy Holman Free Video on Emergence

Peggy Holman on Emergence (Web Site, Video, Slides)

Clicking on the portrait photo of group change leader Peggy Holman will take you to a website where you can–if you are patient–listen to an emergence among a collective.

View or download the Handout before you start the Video.

We think it is worth watching when you have time to reflect.

Amazon Page

We recommended the book when it first went public. . . .

Worth a Look: Engaging Emergence

Worth a Look: New Book Engaging Emergence

Peggy was one of the 55 pioneering authors of the book, COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE: Creating a Prosperous World at Peace (EIN, 2008)

Who’s Who in Collective Intelligence: Peggy Holman

We recommended her earlier book:

Review: The Change Handbook–The Definitive Resource on Today’s Best Methods for Engaging Whole Systems

See Also:

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Reference: Invisible Empire New World Order DVD + RECAP

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Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined Full

2 hours, 14 minutes, 1 second — free online, click on title above

Jason Bermas [creator or Loose Change movie] presents Invisible Empire: A New World Order Defined produced by Alex Jones. The film can be ordered here or viewed free online (click on title above).

Summary and See Also Below the Line.

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