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Robert David Steele

5.0 out of 5 stars End Result of Quarter Century Walk-About,June 5, 2012

Updated 27 June: Why on earth is this book in top 100 for Espionage? I can only speculate that because I am a former spy, trained over 7,500 intelligence professionals, and have been an arch critic of secret intelligence ever since my 1988 conversion experience, that those who know me or know of my work have tane an interest in the book. They are correct to do so. As the image I have loaded above with the cover, entitled “Intelligence Maturity,” clearly depicts, the craft of intelligence must evolve away from an obsession with spies and secrets and move rapidly through open sources and methods to M4IS2 (Multinational Multiagency Multidisciplinary Multidomain Information-Sharing and Sense-Making). Smart Nations and public intelligence in the public interest are the center of gravity for creating a world that works for all, not spies and secrecy that work more often than not for the 1% instead of the 99%.

Now that Look Inside the Book is up, I have deleted the table of contents and the list of opens I provided early on, and thank all those who went ahead with buying the book (Amazon has the lowest price I know of)—you helped put the book in Top 100 for Democracy most days since the book came out — Top 50 on 17 June. Although fleeting, these rankings are a small sign that the Open Source Everything meme has arrived.

The book evolved from my January 2007 keytone to Chris Prillo's Gnomedex in Seattle, the 64 minute video (and various shorter remixes including one that has gone around Anonymous circles) easily found by searching for < YouTube Steele Gnomedex 2007 > without the brackets. Contact Random House Special Markets to buy the book by the case at whatever discount is the norm for them. I am very eager to receive invitations to talk about this topic, especially in relation to the November 2007 “election” that pits one wing of the two-party tyranny against the other wing, with no difference for We the People.

I have to credit Tom Atlee, Jim Rough, Harrison Owen, Buckminster Fuller, Russell Ackoff, David Weinberger, Lawrence Lessig, Kent Myers, among many others, for the raw material that helped me flip the tortilla–this book is a rejection of tyranny, toxicity, and theft in favor of transparency, truth, and trust. I list a few books below, but point to all 1800+ of my non-fiction rewviews as relevant to the evolution of my thinking since I recognized the pathology of secret intelligence and rule by secrecy.

At Phi Beta Iota the Public Intelligence Blog I have and will continue to post three short excerpts from each chapter (up to Chapter 5 as of this update), and also posted the 33 graphics as color slides, and an interview by Warren Pollock of myself, 11 minutes long. He is a gifted interviewer and video editor, extracted with precision and presented with flair.

This book completes the circle I started walking in 1988.

Robert Steele
ON INTELLIGENCE: Spies and Secrecy in an Open World

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List of Opens and Online Ordering Links Below

Chapter 2 Open-Source Everything (Extracted List)


Open Access. Generally legal right to view, read, transit.

Participation. Generally open right to contribute or utilize.

Transparency. General visibility of detail to any who wish access.

Shareability/Forkability. Peer property, sharing economy.


Open-Access Publishing. Unrestricted public access.

Open Code. Excludes controlling or restrictive functions.

Open Communication. Open access to communications net.

Open Data. Allows data to be integrated and exploited by all.

Open-Data Protocol. Web protocol for querying and updating.

Open Definition. Reuse/redistribute without technical limits.

Open Facilitation. Open-Space Technology (Harrison Owen).

Open Governance. Panarchy, sociocracy, holacracy.

Open Licenses. Creative Commons is an example.

Open Standards. W3C is an example.

Infrastructure (Physical)

Open-Source Food. Transparency of the food-supply chain.

Open-Source Agriculture. Open DNA and biotechnology.

Open Global Village Construction Set. Actual generic tools.

Open Cloud. Open standards, ease of mix and match.

Open-Collaboration Platform. Technical, e.g. Wiki.

Open-Collaboration Spaces. Hacker spaces, e.g. HackLabs.

Open-Data Grid. Project underway to enhance data storage.

Open Funding. Crowd-sourcing, social lending.

Open Manufacturing. Open software creating the physical world.

Open Media. Video, audio, and text that can be shared freely.

Open Meeting. Organizational meeting open to the public.

Open Mobile. Standards and unlocked devices.

Open Spectrum. Unlicensed spectrum shared by all.

Open Territories. Regions committed to the open meme.


Open Knowledge and Science. Open Knowledge Foundation.

Open and Free Software. LINUX, Ubunto, Debian, etc.

Open Designs. Demotech, Howtopedia, Instructables.

Open Currencies or Money. BitCoin, OpenCoin, etc.

Open Funding. Crowd-sourcing, social lending.

Open Capital. B2B sharing of risk and reward.

Open Hardware. Arduino, Buglabs, OpenMoko.


Open Education. Open Accreditation, Connectivist Learning.

Open Science. Cambia, Bios, BioBrick.

Open Government and Open Politics. Sunlight Foundation.

Open Business. Integration of buyers and suppliers.

Open Skies. National agreements to enable transparency.

Open Spirituality. Anabaptism, Reiki, Yoga.


Open Courseware. Freely available online (but not credits).

Open Government Data. Funded by taxpayer, open to public.

Open Journals. Free public access to archives.

Open Textbooks. Free public access, deliberately organized.

Open Tools. Mix and match, modular, affordable.


Open Coalition. Emerging non-partisan grassroots concept.

Open Materials. Enable do-it-yourself (DIY) production.


Open Spirituality. Integrates open, participatory, commons.

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