Review: The Philanthropy of George Soros – Building Open Societies

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UPDATE 30 June to add link to Notes on, and Video of George Soros and Aryeh Neier discussing the theme.  See also his full essay online with comment: George Soros Nails It: Intelligence with Integrity

Chuck Sudetic

5.0 out of 5 stars 6 Star Special–Soros Out-Grows Broken System, June 24, 2011

On its own merits, without the Foreword from George Soros, this book is a solid five. With the most extraordinary Foreword, a Foreword that draws the lines of battle between a totally dysfunctional global governance and financial system of systems all lacking in integrity–where truth is not to be found–and the need for transparency, truth, and trust, the book goes into my top 10%, 6 stars and beyond.

The essay is a *major* part of the book, the first 57 pages out of just over 335. The essay is available free online and is a “must read” item for any person who wishes to be part of restoring the Republic and laying the foundation for creating a prosperous world at peace. Searching for <George Soros My Philanthropy> will lead directly to both the New York Review of Books and the offerings–select the latter to get the full article without subscription nonsense from the New York Review of Books.

I confess to having lost faith in George Soros–he fell for the Barack Obama Show and wasted a lot of time and money on what ends up being the Goldman Sachs Show–to the point that Goldman Sachs not only continues to own the Secretary of the Treasury, but now has installed its own man in the role of National Security Advisor. The irony does not amuse me.

This essay is phenomenal, and bears on the book at large, because Soros has finally put his finger of the sucking chest wound that I, John Bogle, William Grieder, and most recently Matt Taibbi have been sounding the alarm on: the lack of intelligence and integrity in the system of systems. Soros is halfway there; he is now outside the system looking in, and that is good news for all of us.

“I am looking for novel solutions in order to make an untidy structure manageable.”

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George Soros Nails It: Intelligence with Integrity

George Soros

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

George Soros wrote the introduction to Chuck Sudetic's new book The Philanthropy of George Soros. An excerpt was published in the most recent issue of The New York Review of Books I've also included the text below.

All best,  Michael Vachon

Phi Beta Iota: Emphasis added below the line.  This is an extraordinary statement by George Soros that is a manifesto calling for a restoration of transparency, truth, and trust–public intelligence in the public interest.  Now imagine George Soros linking up with Sir Richard Branson to create a global brand, “The Virgin Truth,” and a global autonomous Internet that allows the hybrid networks envisioned by J. F. Rischard in HIGH NOON.

My Philanthropy

By George Soros

The New York Review of Books

June, 2011

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Reference: World Brain 104

About the Idea, White Papers

World Brain Institute

Original White Paper to DNI (Negroponte)

Corporate Development Submission: “The Virgin Truth” (Sir Richard Branson)

We are pretty sure neither document got to its intended recipient.

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Review: Business Stripped Bare–Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur

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Amazon Page
5.0 out of 5 stars Inspirational and Practical as Well
October 31, 2009
Richard Branson
I picked this up half-price at Copenhagen airport, and I liked it so much I have ordered Screw It, Let's Do It (Expanded Edition): 14 Lessons on Making It to the Top While Having Fun & Staying Green.

I must note that normally I would reduce one star–Virgin Books evidently has no clue–or no interest–in using the many Amazon tools provided to publishers (I am one) and therefore we are not seeing so little as a Table of Contents and the Index (always huge for me in evaluating a non-fiction book for possible purchase) or even better, “Look Inside the Book,” which is no harder than uploading the book pdf via Amazon Advantage. Bad dog.

Here are my fly-leaf notes.

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