Interview: Author of ‘Epic Win for Anonymous’

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One on One: Cole Stryker, Author of ‘Epic Win for Anonymous’


Cole Stryker, a freelance writer and media consultant living in New York, spent years digging into Internet culture and communities, both as a participant and as a blogger covering viral phenomena. He’s the author of a new book called “Epic Win for Anonymous: How 4chan’s Army Conquered the Web.” He discussed with me what it’s like exploring the seedy underbelly of the Internet, the rise of Anonymous, and why it and 4chan, widely considered one of the darkest and most subversive corners of the Internet, may be one of the most important and influential creations to emerge from the modern Web.

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Marcus Aurelius: Israel Plots to Cripple Iranian Cyber

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Marcus Aurelius

(1) Wish the Israelis every success, but their chances are likely decreased thanks to leaks;

(2) Wonder if GEN Alexander of USCYBERCOM will seek to re-negotiate his deal IOT report directly to POTUS?

Israeli Military Reportedly Plotting to Cripple Iran in Cyberspace

Published August 07, 2011


“Israel has two principal targets in Iran’s cyberspace,” said a defense source with close knowledge of the cyber war preparations. “The first is its military nuclear program and its military establishment. The second is Iran’s civil infrastructure. Attacking both, we hope, will cripple the entire country’s cyberspace.”

Phi Beta Iota:  What Israel is saying, particularly with regard to its second target spread, is that it is waging undeclared unjust war against Iran and the people of Iran.  To blithely announce that the civil infrastructure of another country is “fair game” should call into question the sanity and legitimacy of the perpetrators.

DefDog: Inexpensive Drone Do It Yourself Cyber-War

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Wardriving Evolves Into Warflying

Researchers release specs for a DIY radio-controlled plane that hacks systems by air

By Ericka Chickowski, Contributing Editor

Dark Reading, 4 August 2011

BLACK HAT USA 2011 — Las Vegas — Yesterday at Black Hat, two security researchers demonstrated how a radio-controlled model airplane outfitted with a computer and 4G connectivity could be used to create a nearly undetectable aerial hacking device that could perpetrate aerial attacks on targets otherwise unreachable by land.

Created completely with off-the-shelf equipment and open-source software — and with a budget of only about $6,100 — the demo plane they brought on stage with them was capable of wireless network sniffing and cracking, cell tower spoofing, cell phone tracking and call interception, data exfiltration, and video surveillance.

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Phi Beta Iota:  Until integrity in all senses of the word is “root,” society will continue to be vulnerable to all forms of corruption including low-bidder unethical cyber-systems, and high-bidder unethical cyber-attack.

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2014 Peace from Above: Envisioning the Future of UN Air Power

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Steele in Dorn Peace from Above As Published

Finally published in 2014 (Article) originally presented in 2011 (Briefing).

The chapter more fully integrates the DNI spiral between modern mature intelligence (M4IS2) and modern mature Air Power.

Abstract 3.1

Briefing 3.3 (29 Slides With Notes As Presented 40 KB pptx)

Event: 15-17 June Ontario UN Aerospace Power

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Worth a Look: Wings for Peace – First Book on Air Power in UN Operations

TDL-4 Rules–Industrial Era Governments Helpless

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New Botnet, Now 4.5 Million Machines Strong, is ‘Practically Indestructible'

Today in cyber threats: more than four million Windows PCs have been commandeered by a botnet that cybersecurity experts are calling nearly “indestructible.” Known as TDL-4 (it’s the fourth iteration of the malicious program), this particular little nuisance hides in places security software rarely checks and speaks with other infected machines and their overseers in a novel encrypted code. Some are calling it the most sophisticated threat out there today. Watch your back, Stuxnet.

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Phi Beta Iota: Apart from the known fact that the US Government ignored documented warning from Winn Schwartau, Jim Anderson, Bill Caelli, and Robert Steele in 1994, what we have here is the culimination of fifteen years in which governments continue to operate as Industrial Era hierarchies, choosing secrecy to protect incompetence rather than multinational sharing to achieve resilience–they are as a result inept beyond belief.  The cloud–given the plethora of proprietary and therefore generally insecure hardware and software–is not going to be cleaned up on the present course, where spam is 75% of all email despite the best (isolated) efforts of all concerned.  M4IS2, anyone?

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We Told You So in 1994: Government Losing Cyber-War

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Special report: Government in cyber fight but can't keep up

Reuters, 16 June 2011

EXTRACT: Notwithstanding the military's efforts, however, the overall gap appears to be widening, as adversaries and criminals move faster than government and corporations, and technologies such as mobile applications for smart phones proliferate more rapidly than policymakers can respond, officials and analysts said.

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Phi Beta Iota: Duh.  We told you so in 1994.  Not only can the US Government not catch up, ever, but until there are the twin pillars of bottom up open source everything and a global M4IS2 grid, governments will continue to be part of the problem, not part of the solution.

IMF: Cyber-Militia Flexing Its Muscles?

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IMF attack goal said to be network ‘insider presence'

‘It was a targeted attack,' says expert who once worked for organization

Reuters, 11  June 2011

Phi Beta Iota: This is interesting on two levels.  First, all instruments of Empire can expect to be attacked; without any central impetus, we anticipate a global cyber-intelligence and penetration network to develop, similar to what has matured for Free/Open Source Software, but with penetration, understanding, and neutralization of as the objective.  A Cyber-Militia, if you will.  Second, no government, no corporation, no international organization, can muster the global intelligence capability needed to be effective in today's reality–the US Government least of all.  An opportunity is emerging for a multinational decision-support centre and network co-sponsored by a mix of stakeholders who are willing to commit to absolute integrity.  That is all it takes: integrity and a commitment to “The Virgin Truth.”

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Multinational, Multiagency, Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information-Sharing and Sense-Making (M4IS2)